The Ranch House And The Beast

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A poor family of four recently move into an old broken ranch house surrounded by a dark and evil woodland with barely any belongings and hardly anything to eat, but their time there is not of how they would expect. An evil and dark demonic beast travels round the woodland for flesh to feed on.

Submitted: May 25, 2013

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Submitted: May 25, 2013



The Ranch House And The Beast



Chapter 1 – The Ranch House And The Beast

In the middle of an ancient, moss filled, dead and malicious woodland was an old tattered ranch that contained a poor and helpless family of four that had just moved in with barely any belongings and virtually nothing to eat. The youngest of the four, one of the children, Jimmy, was a weak, slim boy who wore dithering old clothes and had rough, dark brown, longish hair, with light coloured skin, the second of the children was two years older than jimmy, a young girl, Lucy. Lucy was fairly short, that wore ripped and timeworn clothes, blonde, disorganized hair, with pale skin. The father, the oldest of the four Frank, Frank was much like his son Jimmy, dark hair, weak, light coloured skin, dithering old clothes, but he wasn’t very slim, he in fact was rather plump. The mother, Susan was largely identical to her daughter Lucy, she had blonde and disorganised hair, wore ripped and timeworn clothes, pale skin, but unlike Lucy, Susan was rather tall.

One malicious September night, Jimmy heard a peculiar noise unlike any other creature he has heard, it was odd, and sounded considerably angry. To understand further and observe what kind of creature created this astonishing and frightful sound, Jimmy snuck outside as silently as possible. “Hello? Who’s there?” whispered Jimmy.  There it was again, coming from the direction of the moon, but this time it seemed to be louder and coming closer to Jimmy and the ranch. Jimmy travelled further into the woods, following where the tremendous noise was coming from.

Hearing the noise another several times and at least a full mile away from the ranch, Jimmy had finally caught eye upon the creature. The creature that stood in front of him was a terrifying beast that stood eight foot tall. It was nothing like Jimmy has ever seen, not in reality or fiction. The great beast had, piercingly immense teeth, short dark fur covering most of its body, colossal horns that pointed at the night sky that seemed to be 1 foot long, full onyx black eye’s that screamed terror into anyone heart, wings as red as blood and claws sharper than any blade.

Jimmy tried running back to the ranch as fast as he could, but he just couldn’t make it. The beast managed to catch up to Jimmy only moments after he started running. The beast seized Jimmy by his neck. “Help!” Jimmy screamed with immense fright, but no one could hear him. The beast furiously roared into jimmy’s face while crushing Jimmy’s neck. The strength of the beast killed Jimmy instantly, in which the beast with great power slammed the body into the ground crushing every other bone. The beast got on top of Jimmy’s dead body and started to rip into his flesh and consuming his meat. After the beast had finished, it waited until Jimmy’s family were to hunt for the boy and finding the dead body, just so the beast can feed on more human flesh.


Chapter 2 – another victim


The next morning seemed to be very foggy and slightly dark, with very minimal birds flying in the sky and no ground animals were nearby. Lucy, Susan and Frank discovered that Jimmy had gone. “Jimmy, Jimmy. Where are you?” they all called. “Come on Jimmy, where are you? This isn’t funny” shouted Susan. Getting worried and extremely anxious they each split up and started to search round the ranch to see if they could find Jimmy, but there seemed to be no sign of him at all. After a thorough search they each got back together. “He couldn’t of ran away, could he?” said Lucy. “No, no, definitely not. He’s not like that, and plus we are only what he has left” said Frank, while trying not to break down in tears. “He couldn’t have gone far, he might have just been adventuring into the woods and had gotten lost” explained Susan. So they each split up and started to search into woods in hope to find Jimmy and that he was safe.

After 3 daunting hours of searching thoroughly for Jimmy, Frank had finally found him, but it was not what he had hoped to see. There in front of his eyes laid Jimmy’s body with vast amount of scratches and large bites, in which the body was covered in an enormous amount of blood. Frank fell to the ground in grief and crying as he had lost a huge part in his life.

After 5 minutes of grief, Frank heard a beastly and vulgar growl coming from behind him, in which he spun around as fast as he could. Trembling with fear Frank gazed eye upon the beast. Frank tried to get up as swiftly as he could, but he was just too slow. The beast, with his claws picked up Frank and dug his teeth into frank’s helpless neck, causing Franks head to plunge off the rest of his body. The beast then eventually started to consume the meat and flesh from Frank’s dead body.


Chapter 3 – The Final Encounter


“Jimmy, Jimmy, where are you?” called out Susan. Susan suddenly spotted two bodies laid out in front of her, laying dead still, missing large amounts of flesh, and entirely covered in deep, red blood. It couldn’t be Susan thought to herself, but it was, there in front of her laid the bodies of, Jimmy and Frank. “Lucy, Lucy, come quick” shouted Susan in tremendous grief. Lucy followed where the sound of Susan’s voice was coming from and eventually came to Susan and the two bodies.  “Who is that?” snarled Lucy.  “I’m sorry” said Susan, with teary eyes. Lucy fell to the ground, upset and shocked upon what was found. “What happened here?” said Lucy. “I’m not sure, but whatever it was that can do something like this, we have to be careful” explained Susan.

A frightful growl came behind both Lucy and Susan. What was it? They wondered. Lucy and Susan with dreadful fright turned around as swiftly as they could, and in front of them stood the beast, snarling with human and animal blood dripping from its mouth. “Run Lucy” shouted Susan, while she tried to fight off the beast. “But …” said Lucy.  “Just go” interrupted Susan

Lucy started to run as fast and reckless as she could, while Susan tried to fight off the beast. Susan tried everything, thrashing the beast with anything she can find, rocks, sticks and litter, but this made the beast more fuming than it already was. With the full strength of the beast and the sharpness of its claws, the beast struck into Susan’s flesh, slaughtering her in a matter of moments. Susan’s dead body plummeted to the ground, covered in blood. The beast knew that as Susan attempted to fight it off, that Lucy is too far to catch up with, so the beast started to consume the flesh from Susan’s helpless dead body, eating single large chunks of human flesh and meat at a time.


Chapter 4 – The Get Away


Lucy eventually came to road, miles away from the beast, dead bodies and ranch house, signalling for someone to give her a lift to a town, city or county as distant as possible.

Twenty three minutes after signalling and gesturing for someone to give her a lift, a frail and fragile old man, dressed in expensive and modern clothing in a clean, black car pulled over to Lucy. “Hello, good day young madam. Where would you like a lift to?” asked the old man. “As far away as possible, anywhere but here” explained Lucy.  “Hmmm, ok. Is Cambridgeshire good enough? It’s 37 miles from here and it is where I am traveling to” asked the old man. “Yes it is thank you” explained Lucy. “Well get in then” said the old man, while opening his car door to Lucy. Lucy got in to the car, and closed the door. After Lucy got into the car and buckled up her seat-belt, the old man started to drive off to Cambridgeshire. Finally Lucy was safe and the only survivor of the beasts attacks, but she had lost everything, her home and even worse her family.

By Michael Charalambous

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