Dont do this me

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This is for donners108 on Big Cat clans, from Hiddenfox.

You may not wanna read it, but hey, you ahead and read it, but if it is you donners, READ IT! I think you might want to know too, I cried when I wrote this.

These are a bunch of versese that feel what I'm feeling. Some sentances are from Rascal flatts, Paramore, Flyleaf, Taylor Swift, & Kenny Chesney (mabey more country artists too). Please coment on it.

Submitted: July 03, 2008

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Submitted: July 03, 2008



I'm better as a memory, than as your friend.

There's no talking this over,

The damage is done.

There's just to much hurt,

Too much to forgive.

When I told you good-bye,

You didn't flitch.

When I looked back,

You didn't budge an inch.

How strong are you now?

Without me around,

Tell me how strong you are now.

Before I left, you told yourself

It can't hurt that much.

No, I ain't coming back,

Not after all you did.

Tell your friends, that I'm obsesive & crazy,

That's fine, you wont mind if I say,

Once a whore,

Your nothing more.

Second chances, they dont ever matter,

People never change.

Just watch my wildest dreams come true,

Not one involving you!

You say your so in love, you finally got it right,

I wonder if you know,

That your all I think about at night.

I drive home alone, and turn out the light,

I'll putyour picture down and maybe get some sleep tonight.

I'll walk away like I dont care,

But deep down inside, I still want you there.

One day you'll find someone,

Right away you know it true,

That I was better as a memory, then as your friend.

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