I Need to Get Something Off my Chest...

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this is basically a hate story or something. i hate my dad with lots of passion, and these are stories that really happened to me. please no hate. names have been changed for reasons that i dont know how to explain.

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



I guess my life started being turned upside down June 14, 2011, when I was in 7th grade. I had a best friend named Jack, who I had a huge crush on; but he didn't feel the same way about me. I had another friend named Tiffany who I met in science.

Well, it turns out that all 3 of us had failed science and had to take summer school to make up all the credits we lost in order to pass that grade. Jack was a grade above me, and Tiffany was in the same grade as me. So we all had the same class for summer school.

I chose the seat closest to the door, Jack sat next to me, and Tiffany sat across the room. Everything was going perfect, until...

On the second to last day, Jack and I got into a fight about how I can't keep secrets; when he really wanted to sit next to Tiffany on the last day. I didn't see the point in that.

The next day, we watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy movie. Everyone was sitting on the right side corner of the room, except me. I sat alone on the opposite side, reading a book. That was the first day I really felt depressed, sad, and alone. I cried softly to myself, hoping that no one heard.

Jack didn't even notice me until the end of class, when I was done crying.

"Are you okay?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I lied. He smiled and nodded, and ran out of the building. I slowly got up and texted my mom to get me from the school.

A few weeks later, Jack texted me, asking for Tiffany's number. I hesitantly told him it, and they got together.

I was really hurt. My friend going out with the guy that I've been trying to get since I first met him? I've known him longer! I knew everything about him! But appearently, he wanted a 13 year old who was just barely 4 feet tall...

Tiffany started to spread rumors about me, making my depression worse. I got self-conscious about everything about me: my hair, my make up, my weight, everything. I went anorexic and I'd cut. I'd attempt suicide when I was alone or in my room, but it never worked.

She got all of the friends that we shared to hate me, all except Becka, a friend who has always hated her. She stayed one of my closest friends.

One day, in Feburary 2012, I saw Jack and we started talking. Tiffany was with him, so I ignored her.

"I had some suicidal thoughts..." I said.

"Don't do that." Jack replied.

"Yeah." Tiffany sarcastically agreed. I tried my best to ignore her.

"Well, I have a knife, so it's kinda hard not to..." I said again, looking down.

"You should kill yourself with a gun or knife. If you use poison, it'll hurt too much." Tiffany said all snotty like. The couple laughed and tears threatened.

"So did you hear that the Hunger Games is coming out?" I asked Jack. He nodded.

"I'm so excited!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah. I like that song, 'The Hanging Tree'. Although I can't make a noose..." I said again, still looking down.

"I can make one for you. Or you you could just come over. I have some under my bed I could give you." Tiffany said again, and again, they both laughed. I ran out of the school and under a tree as I started crying.

I told Becka the next day, and she told the Main Office people, who told my parents, which told me I needed to see a psycologist, which I did for 2 months.

To this day, we still hate each other.



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