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Some stories I made last year... just barely found them! Here they are! Hope you guys enjoy them! :D

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



Story 1: The griffon king looks down to see his palace. All is fair in his kingdom. The White Kingdom has always been known to be Peace-Makers, but excellent fighters. The mighty white griffon king flew to the other kingdom: the Black Kingdom, where his black griffon sister rules.


Story 2: Black cats roam the dark street, Fri 13th Street, that is. Bad luck only happens on that street. In fact, our whole town has bad luck because of that street. "Why us?" you may be thinking. Why did my parents name me lucky?


Story 3: I krept closer and closer to the enemy wolf. Luckily, my armor made no sound. I am a wolf warrior, I repeated to myself. This is my first mission. I had months of training, and in dog years, that's a long time.

The enemy wolf turned his head toward my direction. I retreated, howling the alarm howl. The enemy wolf was too fast. He soon caught up to me, biting my neck. I turned to see who the enemy wolf was.


Dawn appeared out of nowhere, tackling Jason so he'd let go of my neck.

I heard Dawn yell an alarming "Zorro!", but I blocked out.

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