The Girl in an Explosion

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What if there was only thirteen people left on Earth, and they didn't even love each other?
This is a book I'll be working on soon.

Submitted: September 29, 2011

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Submitted: September 29, 2011



January 1st, 2101

I have been searching for one month since the bomb happened. No sign of any survivors besides me yet.

I wrote in my journal. A month ago, a bomb wiped out the whole human race, leaving animals and plants the dominant race. I think I am the only survivor.

I have blond hair and violet eyes. I have tan skin, and faint freckles.

I put my journal down and continued the search.

The bomb was so powerful, it brought the continents together. I sighed heavily and started the long walk. Then I had an idea....

I ran into a horse pasture and found a beautiful Gypsy Vanner. The black and white draft horse trotted over to me. I touched his pale, velvet muzzle.

"I'll call you.... Ian." I said. I found a rope and tied it around his neck. I clicked my tongue, and the large horse followed me.

I found a barn. I walked in and tied him up in the cross ties. I found a bridle. I put it in his mouth and around his head. I found a saddle pad and a saddle, and put it on his back. I secured the cinch. I found a hoof pick and picked his hooves, getting the muck out of his hooves.

"I think we're ready to ride." I got on his back. Then we ran out of the barn. We ran by the fruit trees, gathering food for the long trip. We passed by stores. I got some meat and other goods.

Being 15 and alone doesn't mix.


January 8th, 2101

I got my new horse, Ian. He is gorgeous. No signs of any other survivors.

I heard a rustling in the bushes. I put my journal down quickly and got calmed Ian down. He was rearing and making this depressing sound.

"Who's there!?" I demanded.

"Is that another survivor?" A tall boy I instantly recognized appeared out of the bushes.


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