The Guide to Being a Dog for Dummies

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Jack the border collie is giving you some advice on how the life of a dog is.

Submitted: April 21, 2011

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Submitted: April 21, 2011



Being a dog has its advantages. Sure, we have our fair share of up and down days. Like, we can eat all the food we want; including leftovers. But sometimes, when food is scarce, I try to get on the table to get some of the food. But my humans get mad and scold me. We can play with all the toys we want; but when I try to play with the human toys, they get mad at me.... Selfish humans....

But these aren't my biggest pet peeves. My biggest pet peeve is this, two words: Spring. Cleaning. This time of year, my humans always clean. I admit it, they are cleaning machines. They love to clean. They always bring out the vacuum. The demon thing. They always chase me with it, thinking it's a game. They just don't get us dogs. The biggest thing that I hate the most about Spring Cleaning is when the humans bring out this weird smelling liquid that they spray on windows and glass doors. Oh! I have a funny story about that.

So, people say that border collies are the smartest dogs in the world. Well, I'm not.

My humans brought me home for the fist time as a pup. And coincidentally, it was Spring Cleaning. And apperently, they just sprayed down the sliding glass door. I thought it was open. So I ran full speed into the glass door. So you might not want to come to my house during Spring Cleaning.

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