Through the Forest

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Twins Jason and Carry go through a forest, but find themselves in Renaissance times. But in order to get home, they have to defeat an undefeated jouster, Seth Lancelot.

Submitted: June 03, 2011

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Submitted: June 03, 2011



Jason- Carry and I were walking home from the bus stop, as usual. Everything was the same. Getting up, taking a shower, and getting ready for school. Even eating breakfast was the same! Lucky charms mixed with fruit loops with ice cold milk. Weird, right? You would think that a 9th grader wouldn't mix cereal. Carry makes me, though.

Anyway, we were walking past the forest. All of a sudden, the wind started blowing. Hard. We ran in the forsest for protection. It felt like a tornado was forming or something. Then, the trees started swirling around us. We were wobbly on our feet, so it looked like we were drunk. We fell to the ground. We started screaming.

"I love ya bro!"Carry yelled through the howling of the wind.

"Weird and gross..." I yelled back.

Carry slapped me. "Not in that way, Stupid." It was my nickname she gave me.

Just as fast as it appeared, the wind stopped. We got up and stepped out of the forest, only to nearly get trampled to death by a herd of sheep. The owner didn't even look our way. I don't recall our town having sheep.

"What a retard." I joked. Carry only gave me the 'You better shut up before I break a bone in your worthless body' look. Which, she has broken a bone in my worthless body. For a little sister, she scares the living daylights out of me.

We continued walking. Not even 5 minutes later, we came to a fair thing or something. But it was a weird one. Like, The girls wore dresses that the sleeves covered their arms, even though it was the first day of September, and it was nearly 80 degrees.

"Jason, I don't think that we are in Utah...." Carry said.

"Yeah, no kiddin', Genuis." She slapped me again. I glared at her.

I turned and saw 3 hot girls giggling. No more that 2 seconds later, a guy with HUGEmuscles came, put his arms around 2 of the girls, and glared a stoney glare and me and Carry.

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