a sound track to a life

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This is kind of a jumble but i was feeling a lot of different things at the same time. But it about music and the effect that it has on my life

Submitted: November 16, 2007

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Submitted: November 16, 2007



being hit with the violent surf of life
pinned against a cliff side
taking hits till I'm bruised and bleeding
got get out of this ocean of pressure
i'm sinking until I feel another wave

Pulsing against me,

then through me,

then in me

No longer sinking but surfing on the sound waves of my favorite songs
Music giving me life again
The lyrics the most beautiful poetry
It is like all I need to live
Words my nutrition
Melody my water
Notes the air
The beat is the beat of my own heart

The music is what I need to feel like a beautiful girl, to live with confidence, to love with out limits
If the music stops you can kiss me goodbye
Please don't let the music stop and I'll be your everything
Just let me keep the sound track of my life playing

Listen to the music it will save you

My music makes the world make sense

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