lost on mars part 1

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this is the first part of a short story i wrote feel free to read it and tell me your opinion about it accepting all kinds of opinions even criticism

Submitted: April 21, 2016

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Submitted: April 21, 2016



16/5/2065 NASA WORKSHOP 

Monday, evening

Lost On Mars

Part 1

My name is Matthew. I am an astronaut in the NASA trip to mars. Our objective was to reach mars and collect samples from the ground, look for any form of alien life. Today was the day before launch. The project supervisors have given us the day off to visit our relatives and say our goodbyes, and that’s what I and most of my associates did for the rest of the day. The next day was the day everybody was waiting for the launch day. Managers got everything ready for the launch and 3 hours later everything was ready to take off. People at the control center started the countdown, crowds gathered and this was it. “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 take off “we hit the large red button that said take off. Flames burst in a very big explosion of thrust power and we were in the air.  The rocket kept going up more and more into the atmosphere with crazy numbers of speed, a while later we were able to look at our gorgeous plant from space. Words couldn’t describe the feeling off looking at our planet from space it looks so colorful and beautiful, full of life. I decided to take my eyes off Earth for a while and went to check on my teammates. They were Jack, George, Omar and Lamar everyone was from a different country than the other. Jack was from Australia, George from Germany, Omar from Egypt, Lamar from Ireland. We all spoke English to communicate with each other. As I got close to the cockpit “will this was an exciting trip to outer space but I am pretty tired I am going to go to sleep anybody coming” asked Jack. “Take me with you” said Omar. And with him went everyone but I wanted to observe the scenery and supervise on the machines. The ship that we were in had to make a whole lap around the earth before we would be in the path to reach Mars. After the lap was finished and with the most beautiful sights a man could ever watch has seen were ready to head to Mars. Everyone was at his specific place and we were ready to launch out of the earth's orbit. 3…2…1… Max speed. As we went at the speed of light we reached there in a matter of minutes. And we were there. Facing the red planet itself. Everyone in the control center was graduating us for our accomplishment and of course all the citizens of our country was happy for us. But our mission was not yet done. We had to penetrate Mars atmosphere then enter it and finally be one of the few men that stepped foot on Mars.

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