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So this is a dog blog I had to do for an english task a bit ago. After watching the film red dog we had to make our own blogs based on an animal and put it into the their point of view. I chose a dog for my animal hence the title 'Dog Blog'. I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: March 07, 2015

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Submitted: March 07, 2015



Dog Blog 1

Making Master Happy
It’s another day, another boring day. Things have been the same for a while now. The same smells, the same sights, the same days, the same nights. Nothing new has happened since then. Since the night my master started leaving me alone. I rarely see him anymore. Master used to stay with me and play, now he is nowhere to be seen. He leaves home early before I wake up, and comes home late at night long after I have fallen asleep. 
The days that he is here, at home, he is quiet. No noises, no speaking. He sits there on his big fluffy mat saying nothing. He just sits there, staring at nothing. It’s almost like he is tranced by an invisible treat, hanging in front of his face. He seems sad. I don’t understand why. Did I do something wrong? Did I chew the wrong slippers? I cannot be sure. 
Today I have decided to do something though. I don’t care if the day is boring just like all of those other days. I don’t care if anything is boring anymore. I will make master happy. I will make sure he smiles. I will do everything he says. He will be happy. I’m certain of it. I have decided that this day will no longer be boring. This day will be the day that I begin to change his life. The question is, when will I start? The answer?  This afternoon, as soon as he enters the doggy door. 

Dog Blog 2

Waiting to make a change
Not much longer now, I hope. Shouldn’t he have been here by now? I think I’ve been looking out of this see-through barrier for ages! Oh well, just have to be patient I guess. I hear my stomach rumble as I look longingly over at my food bowl. It has been empty for a while now. Does he not care about me? Harsh thoughts start creeping into my mind. Does he really not love me? Perhaps he hates me. I bark loudly and paw at my face, trying to clear my head. No, He definitely likes me. He has to! I reassure myself. I will keep waiting at this barrier. It doesn’t’t matter how long it takes for him to come home, I will wait, no matter what.
I have forgotten how long I have been waiting here for. It's getting dark. The big ball of light is going down. I wish master was here with me. I feel lonely and hopeless. Water is starting to fall from the sky now, just like my invisible tears running from my eyes. If dogs could cry I would have drowned in my tears long ago. I look around my home sadly. Why is it so dark? Why is master not here? Maybe he got lost. Maybe he is in danger. What if he is hurt? I whine and close my eyes tightly. I start licking my paw to keep my mind occupied. It's become really dark in here now. There is no more light left. I hate the dark. It always scares me. I stand up and quickly walk to my sleeping place.
 I lie down on it and feel the warmth and comfort envelop me. I shut my eyes again and wait. It must have been hours before I started falling asleep. The last thing I am vaguely aware of is hearing the click sound of the door opening. 'Good night my master,' I softly bark. 'see you tomorrow. I promise that I will definitely make you happy.'

Dog Blog 3

Changing a life
I awaken to the sound of tweeting birds and children's laughter outside. The big ball of light is back in the sky, its glowing, radiant beauty shining through the see-through barrier. I wonder if master has gotten up and left yet. I get off my warm sleeping area and lazily stretch. Looking around I notice that my food bowl is still empty. I realise that this is the sign that master will stay home today. My heart sings for joy but I have to hold back on barking in happiness as he is probably asleep. I jump around in silent excitement instead. Today is the day. The day I make master smile. 
I quietly walk up to his and nudge it open with my paw. Master always leaves the door slightly ajar for me. He is very kind, although he looks like the type of person with a heart of ice. I start sniffing around the room, looking for his slippers. 'I know they are here somewhere!' I think to myself. I soon find them and place them neatly at the perfect spot at the side of his big mat. Next I look around for his furs or 'clothes' as he calls them. I find them on a pile on the ground and pick them up one by one placing them neatly on the big mat he sleeping in.  All I have to do now is wait. I sit there on the floor waiting for him to wake up. I will not disturb him at any cost whatsoever. No matter how long it takes, I will always wait for him.
I must have fallen asleep again because I wake up to the sound of the blanket moving around. I stand up quickly so he thinks that I haven't slacked off. He sits up and faces me. A sad, lonely expression playing on his face. To most he would appear phlegmatic, but I know what he is really like inside of that hard exterior. I know that somewhere inside him is a burning furnace filled with love and kindness. He just doesn't always show it.  
I look up at him with a big smile on my face. My tail is wagging at what seems like 100 miles per hour. I paw at his mat and put my head on it, waiting for him to pet me and say good morning back. All he does is sit there and stare at me though. I tilt my head to the side to show my confusion, but he does nothing. I whine playfully and paw at the bed again. This seems to get his attention and he slowly pats my head. 'I love you.' I repeat to him over and over again. A small sad smile slowly makes its way on his face.  “Hello.” He says quietly. I lick his hand to say hello back and walk out of room to meet him in the eating room. 
After what feels like a long time he finally comes out to join me. He walks to the cupboard and pulls out a box of food. My stomach growls when I realise that it is mine. I trot over to my bowl and walk around it in happy circles when he starts to pour in my breakfast. As soon as he has finished doing that he leaves to make his own. I am overjoyed that he is staying home today as I haven’t spent time with him for a long time. “Maybe we’ll go for a walk!” I think happily to myself as I eat. “Or maybe he’ll take me for a drive!” I smile happily at the thought and finish eating. I run up to master and bark happily at him, my tail wagging vividly. 
I paw at his leg and nuzzle him to show him that I am happy he is home. He looks down at me and smiles but my heart pangs in disappointment as I realise that he does not share the same enthusiasm as me. The sad smile is still plastered there, like he is being forced to look happy instead of wanting to.
 I will stay happy for him though. Even if I fall, even if I become hurt, Even if the world collapses on my shoulders, I will look happy for him. I want, no, need him to be happy as well. This is the reason for my life. This is the reason I belong here. That is why I will help him, no matter what the consequences. 

Dog Blog 4

A life filled with worth
Master clipped the leash on my collar and we walked outside into the bright sunshine. As we walked the waves of heat hit my dark coat making it shine. My paws padded on the ground as I walked, my claws scuffing up dirt along the grass. I look up at master and smile happily, my eyes filled with joy and excitement. He looked down at me and smiled. Even if it only lasted for less than a second it still made my day. We walk along the path that leads to the park. Just as we are about to cross the road I pick up a scent. It smells nice. It smells! I start pulling slightly on the lead to make sure that master knows I need to go somewhere. My mouth starts to water as we get closer to the smell. My nose is twitching with anticipation but I must resist the urge to take off, just so master is happy. I have to behave myself today. 
We finally reach the edge of the park. Master makes me sit down on the grass. After a few seconds I hear a click and feel a hand rub me between the ears. I stand up quickly and run to the nearest trees. 'So many interesting smells!' I say to master. I start following my nose around the place. It leads me round trees, through a bush, past some children jumping and back around to master. He smiles at me and laughs. My heart leaps in happiness. 
Me and master spend the day at the park. He laughs and smiles. For once in his life he looks happy. Because of me. 

Blog 5

A burning sacrifice
The night after the walk, master is gone again. The doors and windows are locked incase someone gets in so I can't get out. I go to the window and look out. Master should be home soon. I miss him. I look around to the garden and notice a group of people. 'That's funny.' I think to myself. 'Why are there people here?' My coat stands on end. I start barking and growling. 'What are they doing to my house?!' I run around the house frantically. I smell smoke. I see red flames leaping outside of the house. I start panicking. I leap on furniture and bark continuously. The flames get bigger as they enter the house.
 The furniture and rug catches alight. The curtains burst aflame. I run into masters room and jump on his bed. I don't care if he hates it, I don't care about anything anymore! Flames surround the room. I put my head under my paws and whimper. The heat is getting too much to bear. I can't breath properly. The smoke is filling up my lungs. I hear people yelling and banging on the door. I hear a crash and heavy fast footsteps fill the room. There is a figure running towards me. I can't tell who it is because of all the flames  though. 
My eyes are watering and i'm starting to see black everywhere I look. I hear distant crying and yelling even though the figure is so close. I see master now. What is he doing here? If he enters the flames will block him from escaping. I feel his hands cupping my head. His tears falling and burning up on my nose. He looks like he is in agony but it seems that he doesn't care. He puts his head to mine. The flames surround us and form a circle. I hear more footsteps and the crashing of things collapsing. I shakily lift my head and lick him on the nose. Everything is turning black. I can't breathe or hear well at all. 
A piece of our home comes crashing down from the roof, covering us in layers of dust and ash. I nuzzle master one more time as I see people busting into the house. They jump and dash through the flame. They grab master and start yelling at him. They pull him away from me but he tries fighting them off. My heart smiles one last time as I see them pulling him out the house. 'Goodbye, my master. Don't be sad please, don't cry.Smile instead. I'll always be there for you. I love you, master.' Everything has been completed. I saved master from eternal darkness. I made him laugh and smile. That was my duty. My duty as a friend. The duty of a dog. And with that, my heart stops beating and I am buried in an eternal flame.  


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