The Space Between Two Doors

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The world can be a cruel and heartless place. One person knows that especially well. That person is a young boy called Yakunan. He is part demon and part human. The question is, will the world that he lives in ever need his help or should he have never been born? It's up for you to decide...

Submitted: January 11, 2014

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Submitted: January 11, 2014





Chapter 1


It was one of the worst nights that had ever happened to me. The lightening flashed outside the window causing me to shake with fear. The wind blew like a tornado and the thunder made such loud noises I couldn't even hear myself talk. I watched the rain splashing and sliding down the window.


I felt cold, depressed and soulless.  I looked outside at the sky. Tears started running down my face. I hoped that someone would come and comfort me, but I knew that would never happen. Ever since I turned six, my family started hating me.  They said that I was a monster and that I should just drop dead. That way they wouldn't have to see me anymore.


My family treated me like I wasn't their son or brother. I was slapped, bitten, punched, smacked on the head with hard objects, given broken bones and abused in many other ways. After becoming too scared to look at me, they locked me up in a small, dusty, old attic. The only other thing that was up there with me was the thing that kept me in there, a huge metal collar with heavy steel chains coming out of it are attached to the walls. I am still in that attic; living with only a hope that someone out there in the world won't care about my differences.  I huddled up in a corner and tried to keep myself warm. I eventually fell into a deep restless sleep.


Chapter 2

A few days later.....


The storm still raged on. It hadn't stopped for about a week. I was scared and alone. I didn't care about dreams or love anymore. I had given up all my hope. I had forgotten what it was like to have friendship, love and happiness in my life. The only thing I could remember of my past was all the horrible things that I had experienced throughout life. The only thing that I was now concerned about was the demon inside of me. I was always worried about what would happen to me if I accidentally did something to release it.


I heard the door downstairs below me slam open. I jumped in surprise. It couldn't be my younger brother or sister because they would be at school, so it had to be my parents. I crawled over to the door and got as close as the chains would let me and layed down. I leaned my head to the side and kept quiet. I knew for sure that what they were talking about would be interesting, even if it was complaints against me or death threats for me. I slowed my breath and kept still. I could hear yelling and screaming coming from downstairs.


I sighed. I couldn't hear anything they were saying because they were making too many loud noises. Then all of a sudden it was quiet. I layed down and put my head to the floor again, this time with even more curiosity. I heard a different person talking. It was a voice that I had not heard before.


It was a quiet, calm, soothing voice. I crawled further and somehow made it to the door, for once in my life. I heard feet walking up the stairs. I suddenly vaulted upright and moved as fast as I could to my original spot in the corner. But before I could make it, my foot tripped up on a chain and I crashed to the floor. I scurried across the room, made it to my goal and huddled up as close to the wall as I could. I sat up and held my legs to my chest. I heard the key in the lock turn and a padlock fall to the ground.


I knew that there were five padlocks on the door. I had recently heard them hit the ground before my dad walked in and smacked me across the head with a plastic cricket bat for still being alive. Coincidentally it was my birthday that day. At least they remembered.

Four left, thump, three left, thump, two left, thump, one left to go. I tried blending in with the room so that no one would see me, but it failed. So I hurriedly grabbed the tattered blanket at my feet and flung it over me. It blended in perfectly. I heard the door handle turn around. I heard footsteps inside the room.  I held my breath and realised that they would easily be able to find me because all they had to do was follow the chains, at least being covered by a blanket made me feel safer.


 I felt someone tug hard on the chain, pulling me towards them. I closed my eyes and slowly and silently let out my breath and breathed in silently again. Someone flung the blanket off me. "Maybe he's finally dead!" It was my dad. To disappoint him greatly, I opened one of my eyes.


My dad let out a loud groan. I grimaced at his reply. I opened my other eye and breathed out. I looked at both my parents with an icy stare. I wasn't going to show any weakness towards them this time. I snarled at them and they backed off. I followed them with my eyes. Never blinking or showing any sign of defeat or backing down. I saw them look at the other person standing in the doorway. I blinked and looked down at the floor. Then I looked directly at the person. It was a man. Not much taller than me. He was wearing a business suit, dark glasses and expensive looking black, leather shoes. He looked like he was in his early thirties.


He started walking towards my parents. My eyes traced his every movement, every step and every time he looked at me. The man whispered something to my parents and they left the room, shutting the door quietly behind them. Now it was just me and the mysterious person. The man looked at me and started walking closer. Then, he kneeled down about two meters away from me and smiled.


My eyes expanded with shock. I jumped backwards and smacked my head on the wall. I grabbed my head with my hands and moaned. After my pain had dimmed I lifted my head and looked at the man. He looked happy, too happy. I frowned deeply at him.


"What are you so happy about? Do you like seeing people chained up and alone do ya?" I asked fiercely. The man did not reply. He simply sat there in silence. I stood up shakily under the weight of the chains and walked towards the man. He looked up at my creepy, frustrated face. Then, he smirked at me. I lifted my hand and smacked him across the face so hard that he went flying into the wall that was opposite to me.


The man stood up groggily and looked at me. The smile was now replaced with a look of concern. I stood there and watched him walk towards me. He stopped about three feet away from my face. I looked at him with anger and confusion. My eyes wavered not knowing where to look. I lifted my hand and shoved his head backwards.  He stumbled and fell down onto his back.


"Something wrong?" I asked him cruelly as I circled him. He tried to get up but I swung my leg forward and kicked him in the side, making sure he stayed down on the ground. The man was quiet. He wasn't saying anything. I snarled and slammed my foot onto his stomach. He coughed. I then grabbed the collar of his shirt and lifted him up so that he was face to face with me.


I stared at him with an evil, murderous glare. The man stared back in pain. "I knew it. It is true, isn't it?" He asked sadly. My arm that was holding onto his collar started shaking. The hand by my side was curling into a fist of hate.


"What's true?!" I snarled at him. The man just turned his head away. "Tell me!" I yelled as I punched him in the gut. The man went spiralling to the floor. I started to kick him repeatedly. Again and again I smacked my foot into him.


"Tell me, tell me, tell me!" I screamed as I hit him. With a final blow of my foot, he smashed into the wall, causing a big dent and crack to appear. I felt tears running down my face. I watched them splash onto the floor, creating small puddles around me. I started wiping the tears off my face with my hand, but the tears still flowed.


I watched the man slowly pick himself up and limp stiffly towards me. This time he stood about three metres away from me. He looked at my teary eyes and carefully, but slowly, walked a few steps towards me. He then repeated this until he was a good arm’s length in front of me. "Why are you so persistent? Why can't you just hurry up and leave me alone? I do not want you here so go away and never come ba....." I didn't get to finish my sentence. His hand was tightly clamped over my mouth. I hadn't realised how close he had actually gotten to me.


He stood as little as thirty centimetres away from me. I felt his other hand grip the back of my head, pushing it into his hand so that I couldn't talk. He then put his face right up to mine. I saw his lips turn into another smirk. That really annoyed me. "Do you really want me to tell you a few things about yourself? Things that you will never know unless I tell you?" He asked cunningly.


I nodded my head slowly. "Then I will tell you when you wake up." He took away his hand from my mouth and smacked me in the chest with his fist. I crumpled to the floor in agony. I looked up at the person standing above me. There was something strange about him but I could not tell because before I knew it, everything had turned black.


Chapter 3


My eyes quickly flung open. I jumped up and looked around. "Good he's not here anymore." I sighed in relief. I heard the locks click and fall onto the floor outside of the door. I turned around to see the door open, revealing some police officers with my parents.I started walking backwards slowly. My eyes were wide and wavering, my body was shaking and I could feel cold sweat running down my face.


"That's him! That's the one that you’re looking for!" My parents shouted and pointed their fingers at me. The officers looked at them like they were idiots.


"Are you sure it's him? If anything you guys look like the guilty ones." One of them said turning around and facing them.


"I swear! It’s true! He is the one you are looking for!" My mum yelled. "Please believe me!" The police nodded their heads and ushered my parents out of the room.


"Please, if you don't mind, we would like to talk to you. We promise that we won't hurt you if you don't hurt us." They said nicely but firmly. I shook my head furiously. "No." I muttered.

"I do not believe what you are saying. The only reason that I exist is for people to hurt me, so why should I trust you?" I questioned them. They looked at me and then at each other and nodded. The person that I thought was the chief came towards me.


"What we say is true. We will not harm you unless you harm us. We do not believe that your parents are telling us the truth so I will ask you the questions instead of them. We will be asking questions like your name, why you are here, your date of birth and so forth."


"What is your name?" I asked the chief curiously.


"My name is Blake Delany." He said.


My scared face immediately turned into a frown. My eyes closed and I put my hand to my forehead. "Delany. Blake Delany. Where have I heard that name before? I'm sure I have heard that name before somewhere." I smacked my head with the palm of my hand. "Think damn it!" I whispered to myself.


The police looked at me in a funny way. "Are you okay there?" I heard one ask.


My eyes expanded and my body shook all over. My heart started pounding in my chest.  The room started spinning around in circles and sweat ran down my face. My eyes snapped towards the one that had spoken. "You. You’re the one I met yesterday. Why are you here?" I asked in a threatening tone.


The chief turned around. "Does this boy know you?" He asked.


"Yes. I met him yesterday." The man stepped closer and closer towards me. "So tell me, why did you try and kill me yesterday? I didn't think that I was doing anything wrong. Tell me why you started bashing the living daylights out of me." He said forcefully. I shook my head. "No." I muttered. I turned around and walked towards the wall with my head down.


The other police followed the man. "Tell me." He said. His voice was getting louder.


"No." I said in my normal voice. I looked out of the window, secretly enjoying how frustrated the person was getting. I was about to turn around and say something smart but before I could he grabbed a chain, pulled hard and yanked me off my feet. I slammed into the hard floor. I felt the man put a foot on my back and pull my arms behind my back so they were in a position that he could easily break them.


The man looked at the chief. "If you don't mind, I would like to ask this brat the questions." The chief nodded. "Alright, everybody out!" They headed out the door and closed it behind them. "Well then, since there out of the room, you can tell me why you hurt me. And you can answer all of my questions in full detail." He looked at me strangely. "Well?"


"You should turn your head around." I said softly. As soon as he turned his head, my feet smacked into his face, pushing him off me. He landed on the ground a few feet away. I sprang up onto my feet and walked the few steps towards him. I then planted one of my feet firmly onto his head. "You underestimated me, didn't you? You don't even know who you are messing with.” I laughed.


“Now then, you can answer all of my questions.” I smiled evilly. I looked down at the man’s face, hoping for a reaction but all I got was a laugh. “Hahaha. You’re an idiot if you think that I will answer your questions! I came here to ask you questions not you ask me.” He continued laughing. I scowled at him and gritted my teeth. “What did you say?” I growled menacingly.


“Is your temper that bad? You really have to work on your attitude problems.” I looked down at him with an evil glare. My eyes had turned into a flame colour and my pupils had turned red with black slits in them.


The man took one look at me and yelled for the others to come in. The other police came crashing through the door. “What’s wrong?”  They yelled.


“It’s the boy! There’s something wrong with him, his eyes have turned red!”


A police grabbed me and threw me off him. I turned and saw my dad run into the room. “I told you it was him! He’s the monster!” he desperately yelled. The police raised their guns at me. “Back away slowly and no one gets hurt!” I walked backwards slowly until my back was pressed against the window.


It was then that I realised I was releasing the demons powers without knowing. I looked at the ground. “I wish these chains would just melt like acid.” I whispered. I shut my eyes and wondered what the demon inside of me looked like. I started daydreaming. I couldn’t hear the people yelling at me to obey them. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach. My eyes flung open. I looked down and noticed blood oozing out. I lifted my head and looked. The police were looking at my dad. He must have shot me.


I smiled dangerously, revealing a pair of extremely sharp teeth. I started laughing. I could not believe how evil I sounded. Blood started running out of my mouth and dripped onto the floor. My dad was shaking in his boots. He looked like a pile of jelly. I started staggering towards him. I stood about a metre away from him and looked directly into his eyes.


“So long, father.” I whispered. My dad clutched his head in agony and let out an ear piercing scream before his insides exploded out of his body. Blood covered the walls and the floor. I wiped away some blood that had landed on my face. “Now then, I believe that you had some questions that you wanted answered.” The police looked at me uneasily.


They started shooting at me but a wall of evil blackness shielded me. I sniggered. I lifted my hand towards them and shot out a beam of dark purple. “Now you are controlled by me.” I let the shield disappear and put two fingers on the side of my head. I connected my thoughts with the officers.


“You will do what I say and you will not harm me or kill me. You will not be scared of me.”  I knew they wouldn’t trust me that easily after seeing what I could do. I looked down at my stomach. It hurt like crazy. “I wonder what will happen if I do this…” I put two of my fingers into the hole where the bullet hit. I cringed in pain and held back my tears. After lots of agony, I managed pull the bullet out of my stomach.


My eyes and teeth had gone back to normal. I could no longer feel the evil power surging through my body. “It’s okay. I promise not to hurt you if you don’t harm me in any way. Otherwise you could end up like my dad.” I looked over to where he was originally standing.


I sat down and looked at them. The chief and the mysterious man stayed with me. The others walked out of the room and closed the door. My mind take over technique seemed to have worked. “Sit down.” I said quietly. They did as they were told. “Now, here are some conditions. I will answer all of your questions that you have for me, but, if I cannot answer one then please do not provoke the demon.” I told them.


“How would we do that anyway?”


“By annoying me until all my patience has drained away.” I replied.


“Right then, here are the questions. What is your name?”


“I have a lot of names but I don’t know if any of them are my real one. Ummm, let’s see, Loveless, Demon child, Brat, Unloved, Child of hell, Monster and Demon. Is that enough names? I don’t really want to say the other ones. They are a bit rude.” I said sadly.


“When were you born? This one is easy. Everyone knows when they were born. ” He laughed.


“Unknown. There isn’t any point in asking more questions about myself. All I know are the things I am called and that I am abnormal.” I sighed and my eyes softened. “But what would you know? It’s not like you know anything about me.” I looked at the man I had met yesterday. “You, what is your name?” I asked curiously.


“My name is Dave. And I believe your name is Yakunan.”


“Yakunan? What is that even supposed to mean?” I asked him.


“Yakunan means calamity, evil and misfortune.”


I frowned and clenched my teeth. “Why did my parents call me that?” I mumbled to myself.



To Be Continued………..







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