What a Lovely Dream

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Girl falls in love for the first time. How she felt......It was wonderful until she wakes up!

As we gazed at the beautiful stars I glanced at him. This was the perfect time to make my move. My hand fumbled over to his until I finally got his attention. He smiled at me. The most dreamy smile ever. He held my hand tight as he leaned over. I bit my lip as I closed my eyes. It was like forever until he kissed me! My heart flew as our lips finally touched (It's about time!). I kissed back with passion and love. I wanted it to last for enternity. As our lips finally part, my lips tingled, wanting more. My eyes looked deep into his. I grabbed his coller and gave him a kissed. A quick one, but hearts flittered upon us.

"Why does this have end?" I ask desperately. "I need you!" My heart beated quickly as he embraced me. He caressed my hair.

"I don't know. But I need you to know this: I love you....." I batted my eyelashes as I realized what he just said. "Me too..." I smirked and grabbed his hand.

"Come on! I wanna show you something!" I said pulling at his arm. Since we were close to my favorite relaxing place....I'd show him anyways. I dragged him all the way to the meadow. "Here! Its more romantic at night. No people....Stars.......With you.." I looked at him. As I fell into the daisies I saw the hearts again. This time with cupid. "I think I fell in love.." I whispered to him. Cupid winked and flew off. This time, I was glad I had my imagination. He fell back too right next to me. As we stared up again, I smiled.

"This is so beautiful," I whispered.

"Not as beautiful as you," He whispered in my ear. It made it tingle and I giggled like mad. I stopped when he curled my hair around his finger.

"Thanks." I winked at him. "This is like a fairytale...." I stood up to show him.

"Me in my fluffy dress.......The stars and flowers........And I'm with the prince of my dreams." He stood up too.

"Come here cinderella..." He held out his arms and motions me to come over. I leaped and jumped over in his arms.

He held me like a baby. It was like a dream as he swung me around. "I love you too...." I whispered. I leaned to kiss him but all I heard was a 'beep beep beep' sound. I kissed him quickly because I knew what this meant. I closed my eyes "Bye..." I kissed him on his nose as I floated up into the clouds. He waved as I blew him a kiss. "See you in my next dream.." I shouted.

BRINGGGGGG. My alarm clock went off. Pretty loudly. That was the last ring. "Darn...." I whispered and got dressed for school.

Submitted: January 02, 2009

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lolz!!! That was really good!!! I liked it!!!
But hey, maybe you shoud change then name and the summary so people won't know it's a dream until they read the end. That would be more entertaing bcuz they'd think it's really happening and then BAM!!! her alarm goes off, lolz.
But other than that it was really nice :)

Fri, January 2nd, 2009 3:37pm


LOL. Thanks. Like your stories too. :) They're so good!

Fri, January 2nd, 2009 9:20am


this is wonderful!!!!!^_^

Fri, January 2nd, 2009 7:40pm


Hehe. Thanks :D

Fri, January 2nd, 2009 12:28pm

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