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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
What kind of person are you? Take this quiz of mine to test yourself. Copy and Paste from what I did and put the number next to it. The result tally is on the bottom.

Submitted: January 25, 2009

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Submitted: January 25, 2009



Hey there! Sorry I haven't been posting so much but here! I've had the idea of making this test for you. Its a great way to test who you are. Your personality. Here we go.


1. Never1 point

2. Sometimes2 points

3. Often3 points

4. Very Usual4 points

5. Always5 points


You rebel against little kids -

You hang with older kids -

You have a very bad temper -

You enjoy making friends -

You are stubborn -

You love arts and crafts -

You have many best friends -

You tease people almost 24/7 -

You are random -

You have an adult maturity figure -

You act half you age -

Your unfriendly to people -

You cantankerous -

You dislike taking baths -

You hate when people horse around -

Some people hate you a lot -


Now tally up those points and here are the scorings:


Your  a very grateful person! You enjoy peace and love while your still very creative. You love being carefree and random, because you are a lovely person. You just love it when you can let go. And your smart too! You still love to act like your four and just love kids. You would never hurt a fly......neither little kids. You've got an edge of a temper but you can always fix that!


You can be free and jolly sometimes but you prefer to act mature. Your stubborn and unfriendly at times but thats only because somethings on your mind. Clear it out. Only at special moments can you be loving. Its not like you can't be. Its just you are more of a adult icon. And its sad because you also enjoy teasing people. Taunting them, but not often. You enjoy revenge and you definately now how to play a few pranks.


Chill! You don't have a happy bone anywhere in you. Probably once a month can you be fun and sweet. Although your not carefree and such, you still have a peice of







Inside of you. Ugh.......but maybe you should change that little rude side of you. Heres some advice: Stop being mean! Hehe. But your life is enjoyable at times. You just have to find your happy place.

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