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I will say this now, so don't yell at me later about it-This is an opinionated rant, which means I am showing my own thoughts on the matter. So please, PLEASE don't diss me or what I say-Feel free to leave, to ignore what I've said, whatever.

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012




Facebook-Sure, it's cool. You can connect with friends, chat, update your status to let people know what you're doing, ask questions, invite friends and families to events...You can even play games, for pete's sake! But there's the matter of posting TO much. I don't know about you, but I'm getting SICK and TIRED of people posting every moment of their freaking lives. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THAT YOU'RE GOING TO THE BATHROOM! I HAVE NO NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU'RE ENJOYING A BOWL OF ICECREAM! Seriously, it gets old fast.

Then there's the people who tag you in every single picture they have on their-And those tagging pictures? you know, the ones where you tag the picture or symbol that you think fits your friend best? Those things are so annoying! They make no sense! In my opinion, the same people are always tagged for the same statuses, which is kind of boring. For example, I have an account of my own, and I'm always getting tagged as the 'Nerd' or 'Artist.' I mean, come on people!

Ah, then there's those stupid 'Like this and i'll write about you' things. You know, 'Truth is' and '5 likes and I'll write about my relationship with you.' Those things make NO sense. Guess what!? WE ALREADY KNOW THAT SO-AND-SO IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, NO NEED TO TELL EVERYONE IN A FREAKING THREE PARAGRAPH ESSAY! Yeesh, people these days...I don't know about you people, but my friends are always creating bullshit events and sending me invitations. The most recent one? 'Celebrate Min the cat's birthday!' I'm sorry, but is that REALLY neccesary? I mean, you HAVE to agree that that is really stupid.

My final little ranting point-The games. 4/5 of the games are mind-numbing, useless games such as Farmville and YoVille. In the end, you just end up either paying money to the manufacturers, or you wait for 24 hours to get enough 'energy,' only to go through the same cycle again. And the games-What is the point of them? To learn how to pick virtual apples, or how to dig up virtual grass? Seriously, it's not right.

Well, I've had my say. I know it's short, you may find that a few of my rants are only a few paragraphs long-But it's okay, as long as I get to say what's been on my mind. See you later, my darlings!


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