Just an empty shell of what I once was

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Love lost, love regained

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



I was just a body

My soul turned black

My heart gone cold

All emotion gone

No good

No bad

Just an empty shell

Of what I once was

Talk is cheap

And we even stopped doing that

A recluse I became

Glued to my iPad

As my numbing drug of choice

I let the world go on around me

While I was disengaged

Surrounded by my darkness

My family and friends mourned me as if I was gone

I was a ghost in the hallway

Not hearing their pleas

I was the elephant in the room

That everyone started walking around

I did nothing to reach out

I just retreated further

Pain and emotion

Bubbled beneath the skin

Trouble brewing

And when it exploded

Sending pieces of me in every direction

Ricocheting off every corner

Leaving me lost and confused

Struggling for Air

Like a ship at sea

Tossed from wave to wave

No steering

No direction

Taking on water

Perilously close to capsizing

Before crashing into land

Splintering into a million shards

Dazed and confused

I brush myself off

I clear my mind

Eyes wide open

Emotion floods me

The sky turns blue

I start to breathe

And you are still standing there

You haven't left my side in 14 years

When I disconnected

You just hung on tighter

You never gave up

I hurt you and broke your heart

And you still hung on

I asked you to come home

Because I'm hanging on too

I am here

Standing by your side

Loving you more every day

No longer empty

My world no longer black

Your hand on the small of my back

Guiding me , loving me

Never giving up

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