Affairs - Yes you are a toy!

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He thinks she is using him as a toy. Does she?

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



“Tap tap… tap tap” I was walking and my heels were killing the silent of this dark night, its was mid night and I was going back to my home after a party. I was wearing a single piece red dress with matching red bra and panties but as it was a cold night so this long black coat was making me feel good.

Now its been a three weeks and I didn’t met him, I was missing him but now I don’t wanted to cheat on my husband any more even if my husband didn’t pay attention to me, don’t make love with me just fuck me like he is doing a job. But accepting all this I thought about just living like this.

Its hard to forget about my affair guy, he was good in all way. He made me feel like I am something a man wanted. I am not talking about my physical beauty beside every man wanted to suck my b**bs and fuck my big a**.

“Why am I thinking about him?” I said to myself and distracted my mind looking around the lonely street and then started walking again,

“ahhhh” I cried as someone grabbed my hand pulled me in the dark ally.

He dragged me to the end of the ally and I was crying for help, it was a man in white shirt and black trousers, he was big and masculine. He made me stood with the wall and held my hands either side of my head.

He was looking in my eyes and I stopped crying, No words from my mouth and I was just staring at him.

It was him, my affair guy. The one about whom I was thinking but I didn’t want to see him anymore.

“What did you think you can leave me?” he said and I tried to escape from him firm grip over my hands.

“Leave me! I don’t want to cheat my husband anymore” I said,

“Oh yah, then why did you come in my life. I was the one who promised you keep you happy not by money but my love” He said and I was quite thinking what to answer.

“Please, I can’t do this anymore” I replied but he pushed me back on the wall and his lips locked my lips.

“You think you can live without me” He asked and the answer was obvious “No” but I lied “yes I can”.

He left my hands and step back, “I … I can’t” I was stammering.

“You what?” he said, “you have used me as a toy, right?” he added that really blew my mind.

I went to him and slapped him, “I used you? How can you say that” I yelled on him

“I loved you and I still do and you are saying I used you” I said and hugged him.

He wrapped his hands around me and I never felt this safe even in my husband’s arms. I looked up with tears in my eyes,

“I knew, I knew you love you and I love you too” he said and I melted in his arms when he started kissing me.

“I can’t leave you, Please take me home. I want to be with you” I said and we walked to his room in an old cheap apartment. He closed the door after we entered in the room and came to me, he hugged me from behind and I turned back.

He held the color of my coat and pulled it down taking it off from my shoulder. The coat fell on the floor and I was feeling cold in my thin dress, he hugged me and his lips pressed against my cold skin on the neck. He pushed me and I fell on the bed taking him over me.

My eyes got closed and a little smile flashed on my face because I was with the love of my life.

Next morning I woke up and I was naked under the sheets with him. I looked at him he was sleeping looking so cute, I planted a kiss on his cheeks whispering “good morning” in his ear. I got up and picked up my dress and other clothes. I dressed up and went back to him.

I sat on the bed, took out a note pad from his night stand and found a pen on the table.

“Yes you are a toy! A soft toy which looks so cute when it sleeps and I love this toy. I always want to keep this toy so close to my hear.

------------------------------Your Love”

I wrote and left the note on the night stand and left leaving my lipstick mark on his cheek.

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