First day of school by hs4u

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story is about a girl and her first day of her new school, The story shows how kids really understand their parents and love+care for them.



First day at school


“Hey Honey, How was your first day at school” my dad asked me as I stepped in the house and saw him sitting on the couch next to my mom.

“It was OK” I said and went to my room.

My dad understood that something was not right but he didn’t ask me anything and let me spent some time alone in my room and I was glad to see that.

I went to my room and closed the door. I dropped the school bag on the floor and fell on the bed on my back looking at the ceiling and thinking about the worst day of my life I just had.


I woke up at 7 and I was really nervous and thought to avoid attending the school but before I could made any false excuse my mom called my name and asked me to get ready.

I brushed my teeth, took a bath and dressed myself in my new dress. My bag was all packed with new books and stationary.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of juice and a sandwich. “Honey, please be fast or you are gonna late for the school” I heard my dad.

My dad had paid for the school bus but as it was my first day so he was going to take me to the school by himself in our car.

All the way to the school my heart was racing faster thinking about new kids, teachers and everything new.

“Here we are, have a nice day honey” my dad said kissing me on my forehead and I saw him leaving me outside the school.

I went in and enquired about my class room, no body was listening to me. Everyone was busy with their cell phones and girlfriends/boyfriends.

Then a guy came out from a group of boys and showed me the way to my room. I followed that way and entered in a room without looking what was written on the door.

After a minute I ran out of the room screaming and hearing laughs and comments of boys. I looked at the door and it was telling “locker room” for boys.

The boys in there were older than me I guess they were my seniors. And most of them were topless and all they had was a towel around me. But if I correctly remember a guy dropped his towel when he saw me and that was really embarrassing.

I was standing outside the locker room and realized that people were laughing on me. I got out from there and a teacher guided me to my class room after asking my name.

The first lecture was mathematics, I like that subject but today It felt so boring and I was only thinking about my old school and old friends, they must be missing me like I was missing them.

As the bell rang I started looking for washroom and I followed a few girls who were talking about going to washroom. I went into the washroom and after that I spend almost 3 hours just sitting in the toilet and thinking “How am I gonna deal with this new environment?”

I again heard the bell ringing and I thought to get back to my class but then again I skipped it when I found a lonely place behind our school building. I guess it was the old office as it was written on the door covered with dust.

I was sitting there looking at a big tree in the back yard and thinking about the nights which I used to spend with my friends in a tree house.

I had told my husband that I didn’t want to move to this new city and get myself a new school and friends but they didn’t listen to me. And Now I was here in tears and sad like never before.

I was heart broken too, because I had this guy at my old place who loved me and I loved him too, we still love each other I think so. But just because my family had to move here because of my dad’s transfer I had to break up with my boyfriend because I knew that I couldn’t afford the long distance calls and long distance relationship never work.

“What are you doing here” I heard a voice and I turned to respond.

A man with few books was standing there, “What’s your name, and why are you not attending the class?” The man asked

“I am new here and ..” I said “Oh OK I understand” He replied.

I don’t know what he understood but I was glad that he didn’t get angry on me or shouted on me.

I told him about in which class I was after that he showed me the way to my class which I already knew but I pretending like I was lost in the school.

It was the last lecture and that one hour I tried to concentrate on what our teacher was teaching and all I learnt was “what is gravity?”


I heard a knock on the door, it was my dad calling my name and waiting for my permission to enter in my room.

“Yes DAD” I replied and he entered.

“Everything Okay?” He asked.

“yes, school was great I met some great guys” I lied because even though I am just 16 and don’t know much about life but I know my parents are also suffering from the same pain of loosing some great friends, neighbors and lots of other things so I was not going to give them tension by telling about my day at school.


Submitted: April 07, 2012

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