Letter to DEATH

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A sweet letter from a little kid to death.

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



A 10 year old kid visited his uncle’s funeral. At the place he asked his dad about his uncle and why he was sleeping in the box.

His dad told him that there is a dark visitor named “Death” who visits to everyone once in their life, this time “death” visited to his uncle and took his uncle with her. His dad also told him that someday “death” will also visit to him too.

After coming back to home the kid went to his room and started writing something on the paper.

“Dear Death,

 Today daddy told me about you and your work but he didn’t tell me about how you look and when will you come.

I just want to tell you that don’t come to me tomorrow as tomorrow I have to go to school to submit my homework and if I will not do that then Mr. Clark will punish me.

My mom has promised me to take me to the museum and she chose to take me there tomorrow.

And tomorrow I am going to watch a movie with my dad. It’s a very good movie about magic. You should also watch this.

These are few things that I have planned and I really have to do tomorrow so please don’t come tomorrow

Your friend Cody”

Movie name- Harry potter





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