Little Thief

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Story of a little kid, very sweet very touching PLEASE READ

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



Andy walked in the kitchen, and looked around if there was anyone else in the kitchen or not, his hands were shaking, heart was beating fast and he was constantly looking at the door. He opened the door of refrigerator and smiled to see the chocolates.
He grabbed one and ran immediately to his room, he locked the door and enjoyed his chocolate, Andy always like chocolate more than anything else, but his mom was very strict about candies and chocolates that’s why Andy had to stolen it. He had his chocolate but now he became a thief, a chocolate thief.
It was after noon and his mom called him and his brother for lunch, all three of them sat at the dinning table as his father was on the duty. Andy was sitting watching cartoon but when he saw his mom going to open the refrigerator to have some dishes and seeing his mom opening the refrigerator Andy’s heart started beating fast, because he knew if his mother would find that he stole chocolate then he was going to be in big trouble.
He took a deep breathe as his mom joined him and his brother on the table and served them delicious food. Andy was praying to god to get him out of this trouble and never let his mom know that he had stolen a chocolate bar. After the lunch his mom again went in to the kitchen to wash the dishes and do other stuff.
Andy was still sitting on the table constantly looking in the kitchen and every time his mom passes through the refrigerator or open its door he got frightened. Minute by minute the day had passed and all day he was in deep fear of being a thief in his house.
It was 8 pm and Andy was sitting alone in his room just to think what to do. He went in to the living room and saw his brother switching channels on TV and his parents sitting on the couch and talking on some topic. Andy went to her mom and stood kept quite,
His mom asked if everything was alright because she saw that Andy was worried about something. Andy didn’t replied and after few seconds he explained everything to his mom. His mom looked at him in anger then it turned out into a big smile. She hugged him saying “Oh my little baby, I knew that”
Andy felt shocked that his mom knew about all this, he felt a little relax but wanted to know why his mom didn’t said anything to him, his mom explained that she made those brought those chocolate for him only and she saw him stealing them and from afternoon she was just waiting for Andy to come and confess this crime which was not exactly a crime.
Andy said sorry to his mom and his dad too,
Although that day was the worst day of his life but he was glad that he learnt something that even stealing a little thing from your own people is very bad and you can’t live with that.

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