Moonlight Romance

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a family goes to picnic and the night turned out so romantic for the couple.

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



My son was very happy that day because my husband was going to take us out on picnic. I made everything ready for the picnic and my son was busy in packing his toys and comics. I wore my red dress and fashioned myself with just a little lipstick. I don’t do much fashion and didn’t even care about my make up because my husband always keep telling me that I look more beautiful without makeup.

I went to my son’s room and he was also ready with his small bag, I heard the horn of car and went out of the house. My husband came out of the car, he asked me to put our bags in the car while he would quickly take a shower and get ready.

I did as he told me and asked my son to wait in the back seat of the car. I was waiting for my husband and he came out, he locked the house and I stepped in the car. He stepped in too and started driving. As we left the city and came in the fresh environment of forest I started feeling cold so I rolled up the windows.

My 5 year old son was busy in looking outside the window.

“You look beautiful” My husband said and I smiled.

He tried to hold my hand because the roads were clear and he thought he could try to be a little romantic. I moved closer to him and told him how happy I was because of this picnic.

He looked at me and tried to kiss me, but I pushed him away asking him to drive carefully. He seemed disappointed but he smiled again as I moved and kissed him on his cheek. We reached to the spot and it was beautiful.

My husband started setting up the tent and fire woods while I was enjoying the sunset and unpacking the bags.

“Hey! little boy, your tent is ready” My husband said and my son ran to the tent. “thanks dad” I heard my son.

“Beautiful huh?” My husband said sitting next to me, “yah” I replied.

I looked back and saw my son playing in the tent, as the sun was setting down behind the hills, everything stared feeling so cold, and soon it gets dark.

“Mom, I am hungry” I heard my son and I smiled looking at my husband. We went to the tent and had few sandwiches. My husband again went back near the fire and sat down with a bottle of wine. I was still in the tent and as my son went to sleep I came out.

I sat next to my husband and he poured some wine in two glasses, I love that moment after a long time we were spending time like this. As we finished our drinks I looked up in the sky, it was dark but clear and stars were looking beautiful around the moon.

Soon fire got extinguish and I wrapped a thin blanket around us, the moon light was making the whole moment so romantic. Under the blanket my husband was teasing me by touching me here and there and I looked in his eyes he pulled me closer and kissed me.

We shared a kiss and I smiled looking in her eyes. After that we just kept kissing and I lie down with my head in his lap, he was looking down at my face and telling me how beautiful I was looking in the moonlight.

We talked, kissed and make out a little, then I fell asleep in his lap. I woke up next early morning and sun hadn’t rose up and it was still a little dark, I could see few stars and my husband still looking down at me.

“You didn’t sleep” I asked getting up,

“You were looking so beautiful sleeping in the moonlight than I just wanted to look at you and didn’t want to disturb you” he said and I had no words to reply.

I just kissed him and kissed him more telling that I would always love him so much.


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