Oldage Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A sweet and sad story of an old couple, Please read.

Submitted: March 08, 2012

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Submitted: March 08, 2012



“Martin you are useless” Amy said, “You are 55 and you don’t work anymore, never help me in kitchen” she added. Amy was working in the kitchen and it was tired day for her.

“Oh yah and you” Martin said turning his head to the kitchen, he was sitting on dinning table enjoying a cup of coffee and newspaper. It was third time he was reading the same newspaper.

“You are also not 21, you are 52 and you can’t even read with out your glasses so in your comparison I am so young. I think I should marry again some of age 25” Martin said and laughed.

“Don’t push me Martin, I am so tired and our children too, don’t care about me” Amy said and she got a little sad.

“They don’t care about ‘us’” Martin corrected Amy’s words and he silently stood up and walked in to the kitchen.

He had a simple necklace made of artificial white stones and silver pendent. He went to Amy and whispered “Happy birthday” tying that necklace around Amy’s neck.

Amy turned back, “You remembered” she said.

“yah now don’t get to emotional, I am just doing my duty. I still hate you” Martin said showing that he was angry but Amy could see the love for her in Martin’s eyes.

Amy hugged Martin and she cried a little but Martin wiped her tears and asked her to take her coat as they were going out for some ice cream.

Amy asked for a minute so that she could change and wear something nice,

“Why? Are you going to impress that ice cream man” Martin commented and Amy smiled and followed Martin walking out the house.

“And this dress is also not bad, I have bought this when I got a bonus for my good work in office” Martin said and Amy got more happy.

They were walking and Amy held Martin’s hand and Martin responded by holding back Amy’s hand tightly. The couple was looking so cute, they were walking slowly and they finally reached the ice cream spot.

Like always a vanilla for Amy and chocolate for Martin.

“You are right Amy, Our kids don’t care about us. We have sacrificed our dreams and wishes just to give them everything and fulfill their needs but today they don’t have a minute to give birthday wishes to their own mother” Martin said but he didn’t cried like Amy.

“Hmm but I am glad that we are together” Amy said.

“But I still hate you” Martin said having a lick of his ice cream, “And I hate you more” Amy said and they both laughed loud.

After a little walk in the park, when it started getting dark they decided to get back home. They were still holding each other’s hands and walking along side the road.

“Amyyyyy” Martin cried as he got hit by a car, he fell few feet away from the road and Amy. Amy ran to Martin and she looked at the car, few boys were in the car and a girl was driving it.

They didn’t stop to help this old couple and drove away, Amy felt on her knees taking Martin’s head in her lap, people gathered around them but no one was coming to help them,

“Hello 911” a gentleman said over the phone.

“I am sorry Amy, I don’t hate you” Martin said and there was pain in his voice,

“I know” Amy said and she was crying loud.

“and I am sorry that I have to go, I am leaving you” Martin said and Amy cried loud “No.. No you can’t leave me”

But it was too late and Martin died in front of Amy’s eyes.

Amy kept crying and there was no one to hug and wipe her tears. The love of past 30  years have finally came to an end.

After a month of Martin’s death Amy died too, she actually did suicide with a hope that she might meet Martin in heaven.

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