Some Questions

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Some questions we think about, we wanna ask, we always have in our mind...

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012




Who are they?

Why we never meet?

Why I see them?

What’s the purpose of them being here?

Do they like pizza?

Do they hate crime?

Do they have a love one?

Or do they also mime?

Why is he looking at me?

Am I missing something?

Is my dress is too loud?

Or is he thinking the same thing?


(POV of a little kid)

Does that Dog have any name?

What is he sniffing around?

Is he hungry?

Or he is just playing a game?

What’s the name of that tree?

Is it poisonous or can I eat it’s fruits?

If trees have life then why don’t they talk?

Or they can talk but I can’t hear?

Why I should go to school?

Why I should wake up every morning?

Why I can’t watch TV late night?

Why my hair grows?

And if they does, why should I cut them?



Why is he not talking to me?

Does he love someone else?

Am I getting ugly?

Does he like my friend more?



Why is she smiling?

Why is she upset?

Why she gets angry on me?

Why she doesn’t understand me?


(An Employ)

Why can’t he give me a day off?

Why he can’t pay me a little extra?

Why he always gets everything?

Why he doesn’t call me by my first name?



Why am I living?

What is this world about?

Who is GOD?

Is it the END of this poem?







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