Table with a Broken Heart by hs4u

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Two strangers met, fell in love and then broke up.
want to know, how they met? why they broke up? READ IT

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012



A hot afternoon, a car stopped just few yards before a small coffee shop. It was luxury black car, a man named James stepped out wearing a white shirt, black trouser and matching black jacket. He took off his jacket and asked about the problem in the car, the driver told him that it took him around an hour to repair the car.

James took a deep breathe and he started walking to the door of coffee shop as soon as he saw that coffee shop.

“Do it quick” James said without looking at the driver and the driver responded in a “yes sir” also not looking at James.

 James entered in the coffee shop and after taking a look around he found a table in the corner and he went to that table to sit and relax. On the way he also ordered a cup of coffee. The place was not very expensive and quite. James was a rich man but he had the heart of gold. He never disrespected any body so being in a cheep coffee shop was not bad for him.

An old lady who seems to be the wife of the old man working behind the counter came to the table and put down a cup of hot coffee.

“Enjoy son” she said and left after giving a smile which was not fake like he had seen in many luxury hotels where skinny models come, show their cleavage while placing your order on the table and then leave with a teasing smile.

As James tried to grab the cup of coffee, he realized some thing drawn on the top of the table. James shifted the cup aside and started reading. There were pictures of broken heart drawn on the table, some quotes showing pain, and sadness were written.

James could feel that the person who had written those quotes and drawn those pictures was in deep pain or may be heart broken. He was 80% sure that this person was a girl. James searched in his pocket and luckily he had a marker in the pocket of his trouser.

He drew a smiley and wrote a beautiful quote about love and also asked the name of the person.

James finished his coffee thinking about that person and if he would ever meet him/her. What would have happened to her, did he/she lost some one? Questions like this were hitting James mind.

“Sir car is ready” James heard his driver at the door.

James paid for coffee and left.

After three days, James was passing through the same coffee shop and he remembered about his last visit. Today he was driving so he pulled over right next to coffee shop and went in.

He saw two kids sitting and enjoying their ice creams on that corner table. The old lady offered another sear to James but James said that its fine.

As he saw Kids leaving the table, James quickly went and grabbed a seat at the table. He put down his cup of coffee and looked for any feed back.

There was another smiley showing sad look and the person had also mentioned her name “Jennifer”. Jennifer had asked beck James names and James replied writing down his name next to Jennifer’s.

Days passed and James and Jennifer kept sharing their life like this, now he started leaving letters for Jennifer at that old lady but Jennifer never replied in letters she always write/ask something on that table.

Finally James asked Jennifer to meet, Jennifer showed a positive response and agreed to meet.

Saturday morning…..

James pulled over his car and entered in the coffee shop. His heart was beating fast thinking about Jennifer. He saw a beautiful woman sitting on the table. It was Jennifer.

Black hair, slim, a bracelet on her right hand and in a blue dress she was looking beautiful.

“Jennifer?” James said walking to the table, “James?” Jennifer replied.

“Yes” James answered.

“I am so glad to meet you” Jennifer said as she stood up and hugged James tightly like they were lovers and were meeting after a long time.

James didn’t expect that but he hugged back too.

They sat down and their was no awkwardness or shyness in their talk. It was they had known each other from a long time.

They both had two cup of coffee and spent almost 3 hours in the coffee shop.

James asked Jennifer if she wanted to go some where else, They went on a drive, spend some time on lake and by the end of the day James knew that Jennifer is the woman who could become his wife, his soul mate.

Jennifer had a boyfriend in past and James too was once married but now they were perfect for each other, that’s what James thought

James didn’t have any ring but he went down on his knees and asked Jennifer to marry him. Jennifer was quite, she was about to step in the car when James proposed her.

Jennifer knew that James was not a bad guy who just wanted to get physical or something but still she was not sure about saying “yes”.

“Yes” Jennifer said because she thought that now its time to get married and she couldn’t find any better guy than James. He understood her and loved her.

Sunday morning…

James picked Jennifer from her house and they got married in the church in the presence of few friends. Every one was so happy and Jennifer was smiling and looking so cute.

Sunday after noon…

James and Jennifer both had lunch with their friends just like a small wedding party and they danced too.

Sunday night…

James pulled over his car in the garage of his house and he asked Jennifer to step out, James picked her up in his arms and took her to the bedroom. James could see the shyness on Jennifer’s face.

He put Jennifer down on the bed and leaned over her pushing her on the bed. They kissed, they touched, they made love.

Now James and Jennifer both thought that its time to enjoy the life, cause they had each other, they were married and they had everything.

Four months passed and Jennifer got a call one day informing her that her friend had an accident. Jennifer left a message on James’s cell and left.

In the after noon, …

James came back home, he was also worried about Jennifer and her friend, he tried to call but Jennifer didn’t pick up the phone. James was sitting on the couch when his maid came, she was crying and asked for some money.

She told that her husband was in I.C.U and she need money for his treatment, James didn’t questioned and wrote down a check and gave all the cash he had in his wallet.

Seeing his maid crying James hugged her just to realize that she was not alone, and he was there to help her.

That one hug ruined James’s life, when he was hugging his maid Jennifer was on the door watching and taking it in a wrong way.

“Oh honey! How is your friend?” James asked and asked his maid to leave.

Jennifer didn’t say a word she went straight to her bedroom and packed her bags.

“What happened? Does your friend need you? Are you going to stay with her for few days?” James was asking questions but didn’t get an answer.

“I am leaving, I think now you can enjoy with that maid more” That’s all she said before leaving the bedroom.

“What? Hey hey! That’s not what it seems like, her husband…” James tried to explained but Jennifer was not in mood to listen. She was already upset by the death of her friend and not seeing her husband with the maid totally blew her mind.

Jennifer left the house….

James tried to chase her car but she was quick. After that day James never met Jennifer, he again went to that coffee shop just in hope that he will get his love back. But all he found was again some painful quotes with a pictures of broken heart on the face of the table.

James waited for 2 days outside the shop but Jennifer didn’t show up,…




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