Talent v/s Fame

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Story about how people praise some one's fame but don't pay attention to some one's talent.

Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



Talent v/s Fame


Mr. Parker was a big producer of music videos and documentaries. Today he was happy because his 15 year old boy was going to record a song with this new generation’s pop star and the no. one star from past 3 years  Alex Martin.

Alex Martin had not won any competition or became a start over night, he worked hard and then his one song just made him famous around the world, today every one wanted to work with him. But as Mr. Parker was a big name in the industry so he didn’t have to do much to convince Alex Martin to work with his son who didn’t knew a word about music.

On the way to Alex Martin’s office, Mr. Parked asked the driver of his limo to pull over as his son wanted to a burger and cold drink. Mr. Parker asked the driver to get the stuff from a big restaurant which was just a few meters away from their limo.

A man, who was wearing not so cheap clothes came to the corner of the street and started playing the violin. The music was so soft and so deep, but for Mr. Parker it was just a disturbing sound which was irritating him.

Mr. Parker looked outside from the limo and yelled on the beggar asking him to stop playing. Other people looked at Mr. Parker because those people didn’t wanted that man to stop playing. He was playing really good and people were enjoying.

The man stopped for a minute but on request of other people he again started playing, Mr. Parker came out of the limo and went to that man, Mr. Parker stared in his eyes and without saying a word he snatched the violin from his hands and threw it on the road, it got broke.

The man didn’t said a word but other people started getting angry on Mr. Parker because what ever he did was wrong. The man left and other people also left but everyone was cursing Mr. Parker.

“Sir please get in the car” Mr. Parker’s driver said and he stepped in the limo.

They reached at Alex Martin’s office, A lady showed them the way to Alex’s office and asked them to wait as Alex was busy in a meeting.

After 20 minutes, the door opened and a man in black suit entered.

Mr. Parker stood up to handshake with Alex, it was first time he was seeing Alex Martin.

“You” Mr. Parker got shocked to see the same man who was playing the violin on the street.

“Yes Me, Alex Martin” Alex replied.

“I am sorry sir, I misunderstood you” Mr. Parker started apologizing because now he knew what a big mistake he had made.

“Mr. Parker, I have always heard about your ego and power but I still gave you an appointment and agreed to work with your son because I though that you know music and you respect a man with talent,” Alex said

Mr. Parker started sweating, his son was still sitting on the chair showing no respect to Alex.

“But I was wrong, all you care about is fame and name, you didn’t came here because I am a good musician but you came here because I am famous and I can make your son famous” Alex said, sitting on his chair.

“And I don’t work with such people, so … get the hell out of my office, I never want to see your face and pay 500 dollars at the reception for my violin”

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