Tears of a Little Dog

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The little dog got tears in his eyes... but who will notice them? (please read it's really short and will take only a minute)

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



I woke up on the floor and that little boy was already up and was standing on the door. He was half dressed , he looked at me and said “wake up sleepy head” I made some sound and left the room.

His mom was in the kitchen calling him loud and asking to get ready for the school.

He came down and had his breakfast quickly and like always shared with me a little but his mom never liked it, she always said sharing is good but in a good way. His mom gave me my food and helped her to pack his bag and said bye.

I have also finished my food quickly and I accompanied my little friend to the door.

Whole day I just waited for him to come back from school and play with me like always but I heard his dad entering in the house and he told his mom that he got caught in an accident.

They left immediately for the hospital leaving me alone in the house. I didn’t mind that but I also wanted to see my friend but now I was just praying for him. I couldn’t call them or ask my neighbors to tell me about my friend.

3 hours later everybody came home but they were crying, our neighbors and others were with them too. The boy was on the stretcher he was not saying anything, he was not asking for his favorite ball or asking me to play.

He was gone……………, and I felt like I was dead too. I was just sitting their in the corner looking at his favorite ball under the couch. I was crying too.. but who would noticed the tears of this little dog.

(Every living/NonLiving things have feelings..., so never hurt them intentionally)

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