Little Miss Perfect.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rachael Green - a nobody who wants to be a somebody.
Nicholas Lemmington - a somebody for a bad reason just wants to be understood.

When they meet Rachael's life turns into one hell of a roller coaster ride and Nicholas is has just made the ride even sccarier.

Song lyrics

"How could I get this all wrong? I guess that little miss perfect wasnt that perfect after all. The world that I know is all crashing down, and its the biggest shock to me, cause I thought I had it all figured out, so why does my heart feel empty? I thought it was perfect... but it wasnt so perfect"

Table of Contents

  sorry - but it is such a Nicholas face!! the cheeky raised eyebrow yet everything completley serious!!!   Just ... Read Chapter

      “Rae! How was school today? It was so hot, I’m surprised you could even concentrate.” Tom asked. H... Read Chapter

    Rachael arrived home. The red brick walls almost completely devoured by wild plants that had once – many, many ye... Read Chapter

      The dark gray concrete of the school was emanating just about as much heat as the sun. Only the lucky sp... Read Chapter

  Sitting in the, thank god, air conditioned classroom Rachael wondered why the principal wanted to see her at lunch. Rachael ho... Read Chapter

  “Okay, ready for it?” Chris asked, his voice taking on the tone of those TV game show hosts. “Favourite colour?” &... Read Chapter

  Nicholas sat there. His back facing the door, feet propped up on the desk, his hands behind his head. His devilish grin plante... Read Chapter