Causes Behind Youngster's Corruption

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i wrote This essay to explain how i think of teenage's corruption from my personal angle.

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




More Than 10 % among youngsters worldwide get into prisons from an early age because of their bad behavior or sometimes their terrible crimes, which increased worries to find a quick solution to solve that dangerous fact. It’s the youth’s corruption which is actually a wrong state of mind that hides behind a lot of important reasons. Some of them can be Social, some others can be educational and some of them can be personal.


First of all, in this early age youngsters can be affected by any fact especially their social atmosphere which builds their personality, their thoughts and their attitudes, thus they find themselves in a social race to prove their abilities so they make friendship relationships without paying attention to if their selection was correct or not until they end up by finding themselves in trouble then in the darkness between four walls.


Also families have a big role in youngster’s corruption and that can be affected by two main important attitudes:

The first attitude is when a family spoil their sons or daughters with money with no guidance so they are able to spend it in some dangerous or illegal products as drugs or alcohol. While the other attitude is when the father is over tight so he don’t schedule some time to discuss with his children so they feel lonely and they lose their connection with parents to find another way to replace this isolation and to get far as much as possible from this hard situation through illegal ways, so they turned from a good persons to a young immature criminals.


Schools also can be also a main source of teenager’s corruption while teachers were not able any more to endure and help law-achievers to overcome their weaknesses, however they push them to do such a hard exercises when they were not interested so they lose motivation and they quit schools to resort to another bad ways to find satisfaction and happiness as they think while it’s absolutely wrong, hence instead of the actual role of schools to shape educated generations to have a better future, they force them to do such a penniless exercises but when they fail in exams and quit schools they start looking for the reasons behind the teenager’s attitude while they could have resolved it early.


Finally, corruption fact can be due to a personal reasons, though youngsters in this age are so vivid and powerful, they keep looking for the best ways to prove their skills and capacities but sometimes they get depressed, anxious or desperate so they started thinking of suicide or drug consumption to be far from stress and melancholy or they simply start thinking that being far from others and be isolated is much better than being involved in a group to get more space to be free and to do whatever they want while nobody can control their behavior, no family, no friends, until they wake up and find everything is gone, streets is their own place to live and for some others prison is their predestination unfortunately.


Some people assume that social atmosphere can protect youngsters while schools are able to provide a better future for them with some guidance from their families, and with some consciousness from themselves they can have a good and happy life, without paying attention to the harmful causes that can affect youngsters and remain among them and their ambitions unfortunately.


By. Houcine Ncib




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