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This Poem is Dedicated to my only love in this life, the girl who's making me alive in this world (Marwa)...

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012




More Than the clouds can give us the rain

An angel that GOD had created to remain

Rumors spreading, have faith in love with you

Whatever they do our sky will remain forever blue

As the dreams can turn someone’s Life to a paradise

My Life the joy, my heart the glee

Astonish the child; his heart will flee

Reckon the days; I lived alone

With you it’s like another song

As the angels can embellish someone’s Life with butterflies

Men are sundry but tenderness is rare

April your smile, and June is your hair

Rising and falling through the hardest stances

When I hold you I reminisce the sweetest dances

As god almighty can lead true lovers to be wise

More than the love itself I love you and I’m ready to give;

An eternal thing which it’s hard nowadays to perceive

Read my riddle; dig inside; say it loud that you believe

Wait until this life will render us as Adam and Eve

As my life is yours I’m ready to overlook the cries

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