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This a story that goes out to all Godzilla fans! It is about a 15 year old boy named Billy, who can not find any satisfaction or happiness in his life. His a father disappeared in a time when Billy needed him most, and on top of that, Billy is living in a post apocalyptic world, where gang-like mobs control everything. And you are probably wondering how Godzilla gets associated into the story. You won't know unless you read it...

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011




Long ago, there was one prehistoric creature, that defied all odds, and became the most feared, and

respected monster of the modern day. The name of the creature is presently Godzilla, yet before the

beast was created by radiation in nuclear bomb testing, off the coast of Japan, it was simply a cross

breed of a dinosaur, and that means it was aquatic, and a land animal, yet not an amphibian. The reason that Godzilla is not an amphibian is, yet in research conducted in 1968, a skin fragment was found, and then tested.  The effects on this animal were incredible, and when the radiation hit, it first caused an enormous mass change, giving “him”, (as they say), an increasingly large amount of strength.

Other things such as regeneration, a thick hide, the powerful atomic heat ray that comes from a radioactive chamber in the stomach, and out the mouth, and an increased sense of intelligence. All in all, this monster of an animal is the perfect weapon. Godzilla was awakened in 1954, and began his reign of terror upon the world. Godzilla has actually gone to other planets, yet that is not what I am discussing. Godzilla, I believe is still lurking somewhere in the ocean, yet he hasn’t been reported in over 7 years, I do not think he can just die. It is hard to think, that a powerful beast such as him would just go extinct like any other creature that has come, and gone.

Two years into his disappearance the world had gone into war with itself, which meant that World War III had finally begun. The main reasoning for this is not politics, but the fact that resources were low in America, mainly being gasoline, which then was savored by the government for military use only. In direct response to this the citizens of America formed many mobs to rebel against the government, yet they all failed. After about three or so months of this, the smarter of the citizens began to form giant masses of people that even the government could not stop. In the attack a secretive bunker was located beneath the White House, which stored many secrets, and a signaling control system, that was capable of launching Nuclear weapons at any country in the world.

I guess that one of the people that led the attack was a real extremist so he launched the majority of the nuclear weapons, which hit Russia, Japan, most of the Middle East, and a failed launch that was headed for Australia, but was shot down by a local policeman that retired from the Navy, that happened to be around at the time, and fairly close to the military base that the War head was being fired from. He supposedly broke into the base, and retrieved some sort of missile launcher, then fired at the War head. That man’s name was Matthew Black, my Father, or at least I think so. There was a video recording of him, and it looked as if it were the spitting image. About an hour later after the attack all the lights went out throughout the entire world, and mysteriously enough no one knows to this day why, or how it happened.

“Come and get it”! As Billy turns his head to the noise of his mother yelling, he wonders if Godzilla will ever come back. The question has always dangled in, and out of his mind, but he decides not to address it with any effort of attention. Billy is an average boy. He is very feisty, with a strong stubborn look. With blonde hair, and blue eyes, Billy was not easily ignored. He usually takes control of his surroundings to fit him, and everyone on the streets knew that. At six foot two, and the mean look in his eyes, nobody ever picked on Billy. He hears her yell again, yet he is annoyed, he answers sarcastically, “one sec, mom”. The 15 year old crumples his writing, on the piece of paper, and then runs to open the door. As he opens the door he sees his mother staring him down.

“What”, he asks rudely.

“I’m just so curious to see what you’ve been up to all this time”, she responds.

“Just writing more, I guess”, he says. 

“About” she asks in a curious manner, and while stuttering, he is interrupted by his mom, “ about Godzilla”, she asks.

“Yes” he replies, as if annoyed, by her curiosity.  

“You’ve got to stop this Billy, or you will turn into your father, and nobody wants that”.

“Don’t talk about dad that way”! , snapped Billy.”

“He knew what he was doing when he went after him, and you didn’t do shit”! With tears shooting from his eyes, he pushed his mother out of his room, and slammed the door. He then took a few steps, and sank into his dirty mattress, and slowly cried himself to sleep. The next morning is very still, and chilled with dew, but suddenly, a knock is heard, and Billy’s head quickly bobs upward. He hears another knock, yet the sound is not coming from his door.  That was awkward, because nobody ever came to visit, Billy thought.


Then the knock was not what it seemed, and it became louder, and louder. It got to the point where Billy’s mother rushed in, and told Billy to get moving. As they both huddled down the small hallway, Billy notices that this was not a knock at all. This transformed into a shake, like no other. “Mom I’ve got to check this out”, Billy demands. “Are you insane”, she replies. As he slips out of her grasp, he tells her “No just curious”. As Billy swiftly bolts to the door, he sees a large tree swooping fast towards the house. He ducks but it is too late. The tree hits the house with tremendous force, and Billy’s vision goes black.

As Billy comes onto consciousness, he slowly realizes that there is no one by his side staring at him, and that he is outside. This was his first thought, because he is always used to his mother getting him out of bed. When Billy is fully conscious, he studies his surroundings. He first wonders where is mother is, if she is still alive, and why he is outside. By the time he reaches the house, he is under the assumption that then Americans were under attack, because there was no logical explanation.

“Mom”, Billy yelled, “Mom you there”? “ANSWER ME”, he demanded in his worried tone. Never in his life, had he ever been so scared that his Mother wasn’t there for him. He usually could fend for himself, yet never realized that one day his Mother would be gone. “Why am I always your target”, Billy asks as if blaming a higher power.  When fully coming into realization that his mother was gone, Billy suddenly heard a moan of some sort. It seemed to be his mother, yet as Billy slowly got into position to edge in closer, and closer, he heard a shriek, that seemed to almost shatter his ears. Almost feeling like forever to Billy, the sound abruptly halted.

Screaming with agony, Billy stumbled upon some sort of rock like material. It seemed to have an earthy feel to it, and appeared to be at least half the size of Billy’s entire house, which was a relatively small structure, that was the size of a small barn. Billy stepped back in amazement, with the realization that this huge object was an egg. As Billy observes the texture in amazement, he all of the sudden feels a burst slobbery juices that explode from inside the egg, hit his right arm. He then is under the impression that he needs to get the hell out of there, because judging by the size of the egg the whole neighborhood will go down. Billy immediately jumps backwards, but is tripped by bits of shattered bricks, which causes him to slice his ankle on some broken glass. With pain coursing through Billy’s ankle, and blood oozing from the rip in his dirty pants, he slowly urges himself to get up. After a long while of staggering over the waves of pain, he finally manages to get to running stance, yet when he looks back he realizes that he is not running from an egg, but that he is trying to avoid whatever was inside of it. He sees a large head pop out the thick egg, but before he can observe completely the great beast breaks forth, scatters away, and burrows until it is no longer visible.

Billy then stumbles towards a small shed is in what is left of his backyard.  Once he got to the door of the small shed, he sees that there was a large lock on it, but instead of trying to open it with the keys in his back pocket, he panics and runs to old, and unsteady tree house that he built with his father at the age of six. The time running from the shed to the tree house seemed like a life time to Billy, even knowing it was only about fifty feet. Once he arrived at his destination, he attempted to climb the latter, yet was immediately knocked off by something very hard, and powerful. Billy then, miraculously with no severe wounds picks himself up, and observes his surroundings, he scans the ground for a sharp object to defend himself with, but once he looked at the enormous creature, he realized that nothing man made could even slow this thing down. Also, another detail of this thing that comes to Billy’s mind is that the egg was much too small to contain such a large animal, so that means that there is two monsters on the loose now.

As Billy felt the ground shake, he came into understanding that the thing was getting to its feet, and once it was, it seemed to be on Billy in a flash. With ease the colossal animal pinned Billy down with one large antenna like finger. This thing was now in his face, drooling over his body with its breath that seemed to burn his entire body like a sort of acid. Screaming with every bit torture like pain, soaring through his body, Billy could see his entire life flash before his eyes, yet somehow this enormous animal, which must have at least been fifty feet tall on all fours, was lifted from the earth. As Billy tried to lift his, a force, or pain of some sort held him down. He became frightened, because he knew that his neck was broken, and all Billy could do was wait to see what would come next.

Billy then after a few moments caught some heavy movement out of the corner of his eye. What Billy observed was probably the most beautiful thing to see for this specific fifteen year old at this point. Two huge animals were battling each other to the death, an even knowing the small one was losing, it seemed to be putting forth all effort to protect Billy. The larger animal had to at least have been three to five times larger than the opponent. As Billy watched this intense action go back, and forth, he came into realization of three things. One, the smaller one was the monster from the egg. Two, the small one was protecting him, and three being that the small one creature was the offspring of Godzilla. Billy was positive that this animal was what it seemed to be, because of all the facts that Billy knew about Godzilla, was what he looked like.

Strong build, muscular legs, and arms, large white teeth, with an enormous tail and large spikes on his back. This infant creature was a chip off the old block, with the only distinctions being that this one was all around smaller. When Billy started to realize the fight was over for the little one he began to tear up, and Billy did not care about being over sensitive at the moment, because it might be his last time to cry. He then witnessed the incredible. The babies neck being completely in the mouth of the larger one, and being pinned to the ground, the baby,( with its opposable thumbs), pried the animals jaws open, then swung the creature over his shoulder, through the air, over Billy’s head, and into the remains of the house. With another shriek to be heard from the great behemoth, Billy’s right ear seemed to make a pop like vibration, which gave Billy much agony. Billy now knew that his right ear drum was blown, and that it was oozing blood. As the behemoth retreated as fast as it could, Billy looked at the baby, and hoped that it would kill him, because of the enormous amounts of pain growing throughout his body. He began to see blurs of what he was used to seeing, and once again Billy’s sight went dark.

Soon after Billy’s rest, which Billy thought was some sort of after life was interrupted by a warm feeling , that no one person could ever describe. It was like particles were seeping in through Billy’s pores, and somehow giving him energy. The feeling was giving him an angered sadness, which triggered gratitude, and bravery at the same time. This all seemed make changes physically, and for some odd reason this gave Billy the ability of sight again. Billy with his sight back again, could only see a bright light that was circling some sort of huge head. The head was clearly not human, but almost dinosaur-like, and with the lights beginning to fade Billy realized that the head belonged to the baby. Billy then popped up, with the thought that it was trying to eat him, but after a moment felt sympathy for the creature without a clear explanation why.

He then looked to the ground and saw in amazement that he was standing. This astounded Billy, because it seemed for the longest time that he could not feel anything in his entire body. As Billy remembered one of the powers of the original Godzilla was that he,( using his radioactive energy),could generate it into a life source that could even stop death in its tracks. He also remembered that Godzilla could heal large monsters, but then wondered what the power could do with such a small life form such as Billy. He then with reached out to the creature,(with no fear), he felt an odd connection with the great animal, one that cannot be described through even the most detailed wording. It was like a warm sense of nature had grown in Billy and into the monster. He had not felt such a feeling since his old Dog,(which was killed in the war). This creature put off an irresistible power that fascinated Billy’s mind. Once the baby saw that Billy was attempting to touch him, he automatically put his own snout into the perfect position for Billy to touch, and in an instant Billy went through an epiphany moment of realization. It was a great feeling, filled with different sorts of visions. He could literally see his life flash before his eyes, but instead of it going forward the visions went backwards. They seemed to show his entire life going back further into his childhood years, and all of the most significant events that Billy had ever experienced in his life. He saw his fourth birthday being celebrated with his parents, and un wrapping his puppy named diver. He saw things that he did not recognize, such as a baby being held by his father in a blue like gray room, but after a moment he realized that the baby was him. Then suddenly Billy’s vision went straight into first person for a second or two. He could now see a bright light that was nearly unbearable, yet beautiful, then all the visions were gone, and all of Billy’s sight was gone too.

A tint of light came through, and into Billy’s eyes, and then darkened again into the shadow of the creatures face. Without any struggle at all, Billy sat up, and began to tear up, but then he exclaimed, “No”, in an angered, yet steady voice, “I will not keep going on like this”! “I have a significant purpose in life, and I will see to it that it is fulfilled before I am gone”, he thought. Billy went through a mental, and even physical change. Billy was larger, in a bulky way, yet not taller. He felt confidence, with feelings of purpose, and significance in his life. Billy now knew that he had something important to do in his life, yet he didn’t know what.

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