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A story about a nervous wreck who goes about conquering his fears and how he overcomes himself to win the love of his life.

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



Harry  well what should i speak about him he was an average sized nerve wreck he had the ability to speak,do well in sports,score well in his class,and basically do things that any good looking hero would do in movies or serials but he had only one big problem that is he did not use his ability. All he knew was to be shy and keep knocking himself in the head for being shy, he had friends but they were always running around, well you need to know how to run if you don’t want to get ragged right!. So that was him and his bunch of 5 nerdy friends who loved teaching him science all the time.

Then there was sally who was also shy but was famous very famous, she had the looks, the money, and the friends who would keep her to be famous, well harry could have been all of the above but he wasn’t that’s the difference.

People were indifferent to whether harry came to college or not, though he was lucky enough to not get ragged like his friends Nitish, Kumar, Lalu, Prasad and Raja. He roamed around college like a lost soul.

But Harry sure was a hero back home he had a keen sense of business which he had used to help his father’s establish a flourishing business,even though he could help him only on Saturday’s and Sundays when he had holidays but that was good enough.

But however nerdy they were, one thing they had in common, well they loved checking girls out sitting under the banyan tree next to the college canteen, yeah I know they were kind of loafer’s. But they always countered that by saying “boys will always be boys”. Now that’s where the head of the nerdy loafer’s first saw the beautiful, confident but shy sally, and that’s also where sally saw the shy, under confident and presumably nerdy harry. He was like a goldmine under rubble that’s how he looked. He saw her walking and his heart was probably beating at a hundred miles an hour well he thought he was having a heart attack or something.

Lalu: “stop staring she’s out of your league”

Harry: “No, I mean am just looking”

Harry did not want to share his feelings with anyone; he felt he wasn’t sure about them.

But his heart exactly knew what he wanted, now this lost soul seemed be getting back on track he wasn’t pressing his instinct’s down anymore. Funny how much confidence a women could give and take away from a man. Now he wanted to interact with her somehow, and he had, in fact the entire college had known that she was an excellent theatre artist, so he decided that it was time to join the theatre artists group in college, no one would have taken him, but there was a rule in college which made it compulsory for the group to admit any student interested in a particular group activity, so he was in.

The starting few days were pretty tough as he was continuously relegated to the background, but the fourth day was as if he had struck gold, there was an audition for the role of the male lead and he had given a brilliant audition and won that role of the male lead, and guess who was the female lead yes you are right none other than sally. Cloud nine was exactly where he was. It was like suddenly he had suddenly started gaining confidence slow and steady.

The first day of play rehearsals for the play called Romeo and Juliet.


Sally: “hi there I’ve heard you have been chosen Romeo for the play”

Harry: “yea-ss” (stammering at this point, to the point of being funny)

Sally: “you seem to be a bit nervous, don’t get nervous you’ll be fine, and see you on the stage.”

Harry: “yes-no-okay-bye-thank you”

Mr nervous seemed to be having a difficult time handling himself every time he saw sally; he was continuously telling himself to calm down. Sally seemed to be pretty nice, but he had just come to know that there were eight other actors along with whom he was supposed to act, and there was one among them who seemed to be having a problem with him sally’s ex-boyfriend Raj, his ego seemed to have taken a hit because he lost out on the main role to harry, and he was continuously picking on harry, and harry was quietly taking it, he would just quietly read his lines and rehearse it along with sally and other members of the cast, sally seemed to be enjoying and basically everybody was having a good time but then raj got up and whacked harry on his back now the usually reticent harry was simmering with anger, he turned, in a fit of rage and punched raj in the face, raj flew from the stage where they were all sitting and landed onto the seats below, everyone one was shocked sally the most, they had been seeing it from day one but one expected harry to get so angry, he was red in the face and just walked up to sally and hugged her.

Harry: “sorry for punching your ex”

He was almost in tears and sally realised that and gave him an even tighter hug.

Sally: “you don’t have to be sorry; he was acting like a jerk from day one”

Now their friendship seemed to have been officially established.

Now he was starting to open up more among people and he was being known quite a bit in college, everything that he wanted was happening and he wasn’t even trying hard like he used he was just being himself, he was just enjoying himself and people around him were enjoying his company even more especially sally. Now he had become more outgoing, after their play rehearsal’s the entire team of the play would go out for lunch or snacks or would just hang out now they had become a tight group of friends, and now you could sense the chemistry between harry and sally they would laugh at each other’s mistake while delivering dialogue’s and give each other hi-five’s people could see the strong chemistry, they had started hanging a lot together even after the entire group finished hanging around. Now it seemed that harry just had to get over his shyness and ask sally out. The date of the play was coming closer and closer and the play rehearsals were getting more and more intense, both harry and sally were having difficulty getting the right emotions in the closing scene of the play.

The scene where harry had to speak the following lines “the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh” and after that he was supposed to break into tears and have poison and die in the play, but he could not get the right emotions.

Sally had a similar dialogue where she to commits suicide after Juliet comes out of her unconsciousness after seeing Romeo dead.

This had made the two very nervous, but right before the play the play co-ordinator whispered something in both their ears.

The play opened to a packed audience and the play had been advancing superbly the entire team was doing a superb job, but now finally the dreaded final seen had arrived, but to the entire teams surprise the two lead actors displayed such deep pure emotion’s that it not only moved the entire audience it also moved the entire cast.

The last scene was over and finally the curtains were drawn after a standing ovation from the crowd.

The cast was super excited and happy and hugs and kisses were flying around, they wanted to know exactly what inspired them to such emotions, they refused to speak but after much pestering harry told them exactly what the co-ordinator who had caught the vibe between them told him.

Harry: “she told me think about Juliet actually being sally and your sally lying dead in-front of you, I could not bear that thought and so I broke into tears”

Sally broke into tears and ran towards harry and gave him a tight hug.

They then ask sally the same question about what was she told, she told them.

Sally: “she told me the same thing to imagine harry instead of Romeo”

Harry then grabs sally and they thengo on to share a wonderfully passionate kiss.The entire crew laughing and cheering them on.

The entire cast then goes out to have an awesome celebratory dinner.

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