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This is a rather negative view of society. This is mostly my viewpoint nowadays. Rather Cynical I know, but meh. :)

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



Surrounded by Fractured Systems,
Eyes mounted on every wall,
Recording Crime on the Rise,
And Conditions as they fall.

Numbers printed on bits of paper,
Carry more value than lives,
Until one gets taken without asking,
And suddenly every teenager carries Knives.

Newsreports seek to centre the blame,
As The Values of the Youth litter the street,
Lives continue on as they ever did,
With the culture of the city beneath their feet.

Workers trapped in an endless cycle,
Machines functioning from nine to five,
Our bodies carrying out the same orders,
Even as our minds thrive.

Unrestrained dreams of a young child,
Lost to a single letter,
Stuck halfway through the tunnel,
Reminded that things could be better.

And here I am in the middle of it,
Surrounded on each side by four walls,
Digging my way out with a pen.

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