Bitten (Opening)

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Why was he chosen? What had he done to deserve this life? It was over. Jacob's human life was over, but his new life.. had begun.

Submitted: August 19, 2013

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Submitted: August 19, 2013



She was ready... However, he was not.

Her eyes burned into his like spikes of fire; piercing his body with lust. She could see his heart beat in his neck... the vein bleating like a sheep going to the slaughterhouse. The music was powerful, vibrating through their bodies.

Time began to slow down as she made her way over to him. She was dressed all in white. A god in the midst of mortals. His mouth was suddenly dry. The want in her eyes was too much to handle. He wanted to know who she was first but this was not the place to get to know people.

He blinked rapidly underneath his glasses as she slid beside him, fitting perfectly in this nook of his arm.

"You smell like honey," she said in a whisper. The hairs on the back of his neck standing up at the first syllable. He did not know why she said that because he had never tasted honey in his life but he took the compliment with a lick of his lips and a gleam of teeth. "T-thank you." he replied softly. He cursed himself in his mind. He did not sound manly enough for a woman like her. He did not feel worthy of her time. She chuckled lightly and took his hand. She was cold.

Outside in the alley there was a chill in the air. She surprised him with her strength as she pushed him against the club wall...Nevertheless, it turned him on.

"Why me?" he whispered as she began to kiss his neck feverishly.

"Because" she said mid-kiss looking up into his eyes, "You never asked".

Quicker than a blink, her teeth pierced into neck. Warm blood dribbling down his chest.

This, he thought; was the beginning of his life. 

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