Dating a Chic.

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Carlos gets to date a popular hot chic in school, MaKayla!

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



Venue: Locker Area

Mason: Dude, I see that you're confident in passing your Chem Test. You sure?\"

Carlos: I hope, man this is like the first time I ever studied for a test! Impossible, I couldn't fail this test!

Mason: You sure put on high hopes.

Carlos: I do. -opens locker, a yellow notepad dropped, with a note written on it-

Mason: Look what's that?

Carlos: A note, from... MaKayla?? This is fake. Why would a popular chic like her ever send me a note? Prankd, I bet.

Mason: Don't over react, moron! Do you realised, she's been looking at you all the way during Gym Class. We'll see.

Carlos: -reads the note- Hey there Carlos, MaKayla here. Ah, actually... I'd like to hang out with you sometime. I mean, you're pretty cool. I'd like to know you better. How 'bout today after school? Meet me at the stairway near the Gym. I'd like to hang out with you today. Please? Thank You. Love as always, MaKayla xoxo muah!

Mason: She serious?? Hang out with a... Dweeb? I mean with you?? She gotta be kidding us!

Carlos: A what? A dweeb? At least a hot popular chic asked a dweeb like me out. You? Susan VanBo? That smart alec from Math Class? That wear braces and tie pig tails? With pink polka dots ribbon on her hair? Wearing green crocs to school? And wears a pink tutu with an old-fashion dress every Tuesday saying, \"Its Family Tradition, Honey. What can I do?\" Chins up, dude.

Mason: I know, I have a bad taste of choosing a girlfriend. But she's pure. She's smart, nice, and she's got a snort that I adore so much. Besides, she's got great sense of humor.

Carlos: I know. Eh, dude. I gotta go. Can't be late for Chemistry. It's result distribution day today. Gotta go.

Mason: As always, left alone. Again. Alright, man. See you later.

-After school

Venue: Stairway near Gym

MaKayla: Carlos! I thought you wouldn't come.

Carlos: Hey. A girl like you shouldn't be rejected.

MaKayla: I've never seen you smile this wide before? Any reasons?

Carlos: Aced my Chem Test for the very first time. And! You.

MaKayla: Oh, sweet! So, wanna go for a study date tomorrow?

Carlos: Tell me which idiot would ever reject a study date with you?

MaKayla: Oh, goodie! You're so cool, I like your brunette hair. It's so soft. And mostly, I like you. You're real cool.

Carlos: Hey, you know Mason?

MaKayla: That Mason with a nerdie girlfriend? Who doesn't?

Carlos: Yeah, he's standing just right there. Hey Mace!(Mason's nickname)

Mason: Dude. I'm watching you guys. No hanky panky. Its a joke. Hey Kayla.

MaKayla: -laughs- Hey Mason! Where's Susan?

Carlos: Probably left him.

Mason: Yeah. For this exchange guy from Arizona. Look at this text.

The text: Hey hun, its Susie your little darling. Baby, I'm really sorry. Daddy wants me to end this relationship. He hooked me up with this Arizona exchange guy. I mean, baby. You're still my best BF! Ok bye. Good luck for Math Exam tomorrow! Love you, miss you. Goodbye My ex-boyfriend..!

Carlos: Ouch?

MaKayla: Mason, I feel sorry for you. Oh but hey, you can find other girls. Better than her.

Mason: Nah, single is the best!

Carlos: I hope not. -Looks at MaKayla-

MaKayla: -winks at Carlos- yeah. I hope not. Ooh, Daddy calls. He's probably at the entrance ready to fetch me. Bye Guys! See ya tomorrow pumpkin -kisses Carlos at the cheek- bye Mace!

Carlos&Mason: Bye!

Mason: You lucky or what??

Carlos: I'm going with or what. -laughs- lets go home. I'm tired.

Mason: -laughs- sure sure. Maybe I'll give you a goodbye kiss on the mouth instead. -laughs- Gay! Not.

Carlos: Seriously, dude? Cool story bro. Darn, shit. I'm late. Mom cooked me dinner and wants me back by 5. It 4.45! -runs- IM you later, bro! Bye!


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