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Part 2

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



So leaving the family was my most matured decision ever made. I had no choice, if I keep on living such an unhappy life, I'd go bonkers. Mother and father wouldn't have really cared whether I left the house or not. Besides, I'm 15 and I've experienced many stuffs 15 year olds doesn't. I've driven a car, I've fight in the court, I've seen an actual dead body, I've went throught crime scene investigations, and I've even get to question real suspects in a crime scene. What more could I ever ask? I just want love from my family. Family is suppose to be my first priority but what can I do to change my life? Move out. Well, I am an agelast. But things change when I move out to my own apartment and met Roy that day. Tall, muscular body, fit shape, wavy brunette hair, green eyes, thin lips and whats better is, he is 17. We went out for some coffee and beans and chatted for a while. \"Its funny that you're only 15, not even 16 but already lived on your own. Where are all your family?\" Roy gave me that questioning, charming look. \"Look Roy, I've led such a depressed and dreadful life. No one has understand me. My father, a sailor was retrenched. My mother, a housewife had to let go of her love to me just for the sake of not losing her husband. My two spoilt brat sisters, incest! They creating incest moves with my parents at home, I'm just stoned. They're well educated but poorly disciplined. I feel too left out that I decided to move out. You know our traditions here right? So yeah, I guess I'm a loner now. I'm paying my own bills and fees,\" I answered, well, being unsured. Roy was so impressed that I actually am 15 but was already as matured as a 30 year old lady, that he requested for a longer chat. Well, I would like to have a longer chat but then again, I have to go back to my apartment, and sort the rest of my life out. I decided to quit school, apply for private homeschool that I think is way cheaper as its £130 per year, including books and services. So, I called the 012-1103-468 hotline and applied for private homeschooling. Browsed through newspapers to find a job perfect for a well-performed high school girl at the same time for 15 year olds. So I got a part-time job at the Public Bank, pays £10 per hour. So I worked 6 hours for every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. So in 3 days, I can collect £180. I've settled my financial plannings, my studies planning and right now, I've got to sort out my real way to actually get a real life. The day after that, I called Roy(he gave me his number). \"Hello, Lila! Nice to get a call from you. May I help you?\" Roy answered his phone cheerfully like as if he was expecting a call from me. So then I replied, \"Uhm hey, yeah. I need your help in sorting things out. Do you mind if I ask you to come over to my apartment for lunch, snacks or something?\" \"Oh sure, I'll come over before lunch. And what do you need help in again?\" \"In sorting things out. I'm lost. Really.\" I uttered, almost sobbing. \"Sure.\" Then I hanged up the phone. He arrived before lunch, just as he promised earlier on. \"So, hey. What do you need me for?\" He asked, charmingly. \"I, I... I really don't know. I j-just need someone to help me right now. I'm lost. Should I go back home or should I continue moving on with my decisions made before?\" \"Lila, are you confident of what you're doing right now?\" He asked. \"I suddenly miss my family, miss them till moving out was like a mistake done,\" I answered, halfway crying, \"You can visit them once a week if you think your decision made is stern. Moving out, just like what I did, its never regretful. Just visit your family often and tell them you're doing just fine. The predicaments and the rest, its all in your hands. Just stop worrying, I'm here for you. Always.\" And for a second or two, I think my heart skips a beat. He really got me charmed with his honeying words. I smiled at him, and told him, \"I'm up for lunch. Are you?\" He smiled, nodded his head. And then I knew, how to begin THE LIFE.

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