Without you, where do I stand?

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A learning point, for teenagers in love. Just a short story, but keep on viewing, be a fan, and check out for updates. Do read.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



Julie lay down at the hospital bed. Covered in cold sweat, blur visionary, major headaches. She had a bad tummyaches, she thought. She kept vomitting, she kept complaining that she have tummyaches. So her boyfriend, Nathan, brought her to the Hospital. The doctor examine her throat, eye and scan her tummy. \"Are you her husband?\" Dr. Morris asked Nathan. \"No, I'm her boyfriend.\" \"Oh, well I guess you've got to be responsible for the baby your girlfriend is carrying, congratulations,\" said Dr. Morris, \"Nurse, bring all the equipments back to the room. I'd like to re-examine her again.\"

Nathan was utterly out of words. \"Oh, well I guess you've got to be responsible for the baby your girlfriend is carryong, congratulations,\" kept playing on Nathan's head. \"I'm a father?\" Nathan thought. \"Excuse me?\" A nurse called Nathan, \"Ms. Julie requested to talk to you.\" Nathan went in the ward and sat down beside Julie. \"Baby, I dunno what to say,\" Nathan said. \"What you should be saying is, Julie, I'll be responsible for this baby. I promise,\" Julie said, as she rolled her eyes. \"What? Are you crazy? That's gonna ruin my family's reputation! You know my Dad is a successful entrepeneur! How can I be responsible for this baby? I'll ruin my Nathan Ronald! Who knows, you did it with some other guy behind my back? I mean, I may not be the father! I was never this baby's father. I'm sure!\" Nathan said, confidently.

Julie looked away, as tears drop. \"If this is what you call love, I should never date you!\"

Julie took her bag, walked out and left Nathan alone. She cried as she walked home. \"Honey, whats wrong?\" Mrs. Puckett(Julie's mom) asked just as Julie reached home. \"Mom, I'm... Pregnant...\" \"What? Nathan's?\" Julie's mom asked, she don't seem shocked at all. Julie nodded and burts into great tears. \"Baby, why are you crying? That scoundrel doesn't want to take responsibility, am I right?\" As Julie nod her head, she ran up the stairs and locked herself in her room. Mrs. Puckett ran after her and knocked on Julie's door repeatedly pleading her to come out.

As usual, the next day, Julie got ready for school. Julie tried to find Nathan. But Nathan said to her, \"Julie, we're over. Don't ever talk to me again or find for me. Its over.\" Julie was shocked. She cried and ran to the bathroom. \"What's me without you? If sex is not love, I wouldn't have done it with you! Where do I stand now? Where do I hide my shame now? You scoundrel! I hate you..!\" Julie screamed as she hit the mirror in front of her. Her wrist bleeds as she cried in sadness and pain. She was lost. She felt so dumb. She went into her class as the bell rang.

Behind her, Nathan sat down. Nathan avoided her for the whole period. She couldn't concentrate. It was a big mistale for her. She had just lost her woman's thing for a fool like Nathan. She couldn't take the pain in her, and decided to run away. She took her bag and ran away from class. Her teacher saw her crying, so he thought she was having her period. So she ran, straight home, locked herself in her room, and eat too many pills. She was overdosed. Just as her parents finally got to open her room door, it was too late. Julie's heart had stopped. She was gone. And they blamed Nathan. Nathan was sentenced a 4 years imprisonment for having sex before marriage, and the cause of Julie's death as Mr. and Mrs. Puckett pressed charges against him. He ruined his family's reputation and was permanently disowned by his Dad.

Moral; dont have sex before marriage.:)

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