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Physical Evolution, Mental Evolution and Spiritual Evolution

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012




Beyond the Grave


  The force that most people call almighty god created mankind in his or its own image.  At least that is what’s stated in most holy books that touch on the subject of the creation of mankind.  A lot of people think that is when they look in the mirror that’s the physical image of our creator looking back at them.  If that’s what you want to believe go right ahead as it may well be the case.  Some people believe that mankind is the result of a spontaneous creation some six or seven thousand years ago, again if that’s what you want to believe that’s your privilege.

In spite of the evidence to support it a lot of people do not accept the fact of mankind’s evolution up and out of the animal kingdom. A lot of people would accept the face of all life’s evolution, no matter what form it has taken if it were not for the fact that some scientists in particular those involved with genetics are going around the planet stating that all things seen and unseen are the result of some random genetic mutation.

How anyone can look around this planet with its millions of complex life forms, both organic and inorganic and state that its creation and evolution was left to chance is beyond me.

On a personal level I have no problem with the creation and evolution fact, but please don’t talk to me about it being the result of some random or chance mutation. Again if you want to believe in the random or chance mutation theory that’s your privilege.  However there just might be another way of looking at the physical, mental and spiritual evolution of mankind and in the process seeing a more complete picture.


  Volumes have been written by anthropologists on the physical evolution of mankind, a fair amount has been written about our mental evolution.  Not a lot has been written about our spiritual evolution, perhaps that is because it is not properly understood and how it fits into the evolutionary scheme of things.  Why bother to evolve spiritually.  On the face of it spiritual evolution is not necessary for physical survival.  Where mankind is concerned, either individually or collectively nothing could be further from the truth.  Down through the ages some intelligent men and women have devoted their lives to the study of the physical evolution of mankind.  Giants amongst these are Mr. Louis Leakey his wife Mary and their son Richard, whose book the origin of humankind is a serious study on the subject.  Also there is Raymond Dart, Alan Walker Maurice Taieb and Mr. Donald Johanson.  Their literature is out there in the public domain and is written in such a way that even a working man like me can understand what is being said, because it is out there in the public domain it is open to constructive comment and or interpretation not ridicule as occurs in some quarters.

Fellow human being, it’s a natural fact that you and I are bipedalists meaning that we walk upright on two feet and that had to start somewhere and some when.

Thankfully not only did our creator leave some signposts along the trail of evolutionary bi pedalism.  It also created the afore mentioned scientists who went out there and found them. The said signposts the oldest of these signposts could be the almost complete skeleton found by Mr. Donald Johansom at Hadar in Ethiopia in November 1974.  This female skeleton became known as Lucy


  In 1974 and afterward there was serious discussion and dispute as to how Lucy fitted into the evolutionary scheme of things.  However one thing that was never disputed is the fact that roughly 3.5 million years ago bi-pedalism had arrived on the evolutionary scene because Lucy walked upright on two feet.  How efficient a bipedalist she was is debatable but there is no doubt that she could walk upright. Another major signpost to the arrival of bi-pedalism came with the discovery of the footsteps at Laetoli.  These footsteps were discovered by Mrs. Mary Leakey and her team while excavating for fossils in that particular area.  It took at least seven acts of nature to set and preserve these footprints for millions of years.  They covered a distance of seventy seven feet and were thought to be those of an adult and child owing to the different sizes of the prints one being large, the other small.  If that interpretation be correct it means that by the time those footprints were laid down bi-pedalists were successfully re producing their selves.  As far as I am concerned the next major signpost left on the road of human physical evolution came with the discovery of a skeleton which became known as Turkana boy so called because it was discovered by Mr. Richard Leakey and his team while excavating close to lake Turkana in Kenya.  The state of its dental development told the scientists involved that the person was approx nine years old when it died, hence the title Turkana boy.  I will take an arbitrary date of one point six million years ago. By that time Turkana boy leaves no doubt that the physical frame that would one day evolve into a fully-fledged human being had arrived on the evolutionary scene and had been around for some considerable time prior to that.


Turkana boy leaves no doubt that our predecessor who became known as Homo erectus was well established by that time.  From Lucy and or the footsteps at Laetoli to Turkana boy is a time span of approx two million years, the fossilised evidence available for this time period is sparse all through Turkana boy leaves no doubt that it did occur.

  Fellow human being I am not qualified to pass comment on the experts whose talents are required to study the available fossilised evidence and then show a constructive and accurate picture of what occurred thousands if not millions of years ago. If you personally are seriously interested in the physical mental and spiritual evolution of our species then for you to begin with the two books are a must read

  1. the origin of humankind by Mr Richard Leakey
  2. Lucy by my Donald Johanson and Maitland Edey

Those two books will give you a constructive picture of mankind’s physical evolution over a period of approx 3.5 million years.

Mental Evolution

From a period of about one and a half million years ago to thirty thousand years ago, aside from cranium development no apparent major alterations took place to the physical frame. However, to my mind changes had to have taken place albeit of a more subtle nature the type of changes that are not easily fossilised if at all.  Over that period of time a lot of characteristics, which by today’s standards would be classed as savage and primitive had to be weeded out of the Homo erectus survival strategy and replaced with a survival strategy a bit more refined.  As an example savaging is one such activity which had to go.

The next time.  As an example savaging is one such activity which had to go.

The next time you attend an athletics meeting or watch the Olympic games and you see the runners the jumpers, the swimmers when you see the hammer the discus and javelin throwers you will see that modern day human beings, be they men or women have refined these activities to a fine art.  To my mind it was Homo erectus and those who came after him who did the basic ground work to make these activities possible. I also think that because Homo erectus broke out of Africa and spread throughout the known planet of the time it made it possible for modern day human beings to survive in any of the present day environmental conditions found on our planet.  Be it the frozen wastes of the poles or the scorching heat of the tropics or anything in between thanks to Homo erectus we have the physical and genetic ability to adapt to any of the aforesaid environments.

It was not until roughly thirty thousand years ago that the next major changes in the evolution of mankind became apparent.  I am not talking about physical changes but to the all important mental evolution.  The development and usage of stone tool technology over some millions of years state that the imagination for practical purposes was evolving albeit at a very slow rate.  With the advent of decorative artefacts thousands of years ago then the arrival of cave paintings and sculpture, it is obvious the imagination had reached a high artistic level but also a crucial one throughout the planet.  I say crucial because imagination is the embryo of reason.  . 

  On page one hundred and sixteen of Mr. Leakeys book the origin of humankind, you find a picture of a cave painting which became known as the sorcerer. Apparently there were a few of this type of paintings found at different locations throughout the planet.  Some people look at this painting and see shamanistic art, others see hunting magic and some see some kind of cult practice in operation.  On a personal level I see two things one- confusion

If art reflects some of the thinking of any culture of any given time then I can understand the confusion reflected by those long ago cave painters.  Bear in mind the fact that as yet the title human being had not been invented neither had the title Homo sapiens.  Try and consider the thinking of the people those cave painters are speaking for, their imaginations is up and running serious questions are being asked, “Who am I” “what am I?” “How do I fit into the scheme of things”?

Those questions get answered eventually, but first the second thing that I see has to occur.  The phallus hanging out of the rear end of the sorcerer tells me that the animal kingdom is finally giving birth to fully fledged human beings.  Mankind is about to come to the use of reason.  The use of reason requires the mental ability to differentiate between a variety of alternatives and form a judgement and then have the skills to turn that judgement into working reality be it abstract, artistic, or practical. 

To achieve al this it is necessary to have imagination which the cave paintings, the sculpture and other decorative objects tell us well and truly established.  Another major pointer to the fact that mankind had come to the use of reason is as follows.  These people had lived in an environment that though frozen had remained stable over some thousands of years, now, over a relatively short period of time this environment started to melt round his ears. Mankinds new found use of reason told it one thing loud and clear either it controlled its environment or its environment controlled it.  Mankind set about controlling the situation with a vengeance.  Hence the agriculture revolution of some ten thousand years ago.  In an attempt to clarify the way I see the way human mental and spiritual evolution took place over the last thirty thousand years I will put it as follows

First the development of imagination.

Imagination is the embryo of reason

Imagination plus reason is the embryo of intelligence

Intelligence is the embryo of spiritual evolution.


Millions of light years out in deep space the signs of the zodiac precise with clockwork accuracy in a procedure known as precession of the equinoxes at this particular point in time the vernal equinox (twentieth of march) is in Pisces the next one will be Aquarius.  Now move in closer to home, to our own solar system, with its three inner planets and six outer planets, nine in total all orbiting with clockwork accuracy.


Then have a look at our own planet earth.  See the rising and setting of the sun, the lunar cycle, the coming and going of the tides, the four seasons of the year and the millions of different life forms that inhabit our earth.

 When you can see that complete picture, from out in deep space to the ground under your feet, you become aware of an awesome, mind boggling creative power, a power largely beyond human comprehension, which most people call almighty god.


  In an attempt to bring that awesome power partially into the sphere of human understanding I call it the macro intelligence, which most definitely is at least one of its dimensions.

  When it is said that almighty god, the macro intelligence created mankind in its own image it did so by giving us intelligence, thereby making each individual human being a micro intelligence.  When you look in the mirror the physical shape you see looking back at you is not the image of our creator.  The image of our creator is that beautiful intangible force behind your eyes called intelligence.That fellow human being makes you and me a microcosm of the macro intelligence.


Fellow human being, get your mind round the facts of what has been achieved by that awesome, mind boggling creative force.  With a mighty hand and outstretched arm, it dragged mankind screaming and kicking up and out of the animal kingdom.  Made us stand up on our own two feet.

Gave us imagination and brought us to the use of reason and at the same time created us in its own image by giving us intelligence and thereby opening the door to spiritual evolution.  Over its design, creation and evolution up to the acquisition of intelligence mankind had no control whatsoever, any more than you had control over your own birth.  In fact spiritual evolution is the only part of evolution that human beings either individually or collectively have control over.  To this end we were given and have a free will.  Spiritual evolution depends on one thing only, the constructive use of your god given intelligence. Perhaps now fellow human being you will understand what is meant by the statement “the kingdom of god is inside you”

When I speak of spiritual evolution I do not mean religion. Do not get religion and almighty god, the macro intelligence mixed up they are not the same.  Religion divides, if you don’t believe me look around the planet right now and judge for yourself.  Whereas almighty god the macro intelligence can and does unite.  To a creator of lesser degree every human being on the planet has that beautiful spark of god given intelligence.  That simple fact unites every person on the planet no matter who or where or what you are.  Intelligence is what has become known as the human spirit and we have been given a free will as to how we use that intelligence.


Basically there are two ways that you can use your intelligence.  Firstly, constructively for your own benefit, for the benefit of your surrounding family and eventually for the benefit of mankind as a whole.  The goodness generated by the constructive use of your intelligence radiates out and more often than not will result in a positive response.  The second way some people use their intelligence is destructive.  The evil or badness generated by this miss use of intelligence not only destroys the individual but it also contaminates everything in its path.

  It is generally thought that physical death is the alternative to life.  Not so. Physical death is only possible because of life.  The alternative to life is nothing. 

  To put it to you another way, if you had not been granted the gift of life the space you are occupying right now would be empty, there would be nothing in it. You would just not exist. 

  By virtue of the fact that you were given the gift of life the gates of the universe are open to you, to step through those gates you have to evolve spiritually.  You achieve this by using the second greatest gift our creator gave us, our intelligence in a constructive way.  The power to reason and use our intelligence raises mankind a million miles above the animal kingdom out of which we evolved.  When you look around the planet do not look at divisive manmade boundaries, do not look at divisive religions, look instead at six billion human beings who, except for cultural differences are basically the same.  All trying to achieve the same objectives, namely one physical survival, two peace of mind and three spiritual evolution.  When it comes down to brass tacks there are only two types of people on the planet, those who are a force for good and those who are a force for evil you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out whose using their god given intelligence to create food or to create evil. 

“By their fruits shall you know them.”

It is difficult to understand why human beings seem unable to achieve these goals collectively. Especially spiritual evolution. To my mind there are three basic reasons one, spiritual evolution and how to achieve it, individually and collectively is not properly understood. Two religious division, three political division.

Down through the ages these two entities have, periodically turned our beautiful planet into a slaughter house for the innocent. The same thing is happening today at various locations throughout the planet. The term holy war was first coined by pope urban back around the time of the so called crusades.

  The main aim of that so called Christian family was to drive a divisive wedge between Christians and Muslims. Unfortunately that divisive wedge still exists today.

It is nurtured by the hierarchy of both religious establishments. The sad thing is, down at street level where we live the average Christian and Muslim would get along fine if it were not for the hate peddlers and power mongers. There is no such thing as a holy war. War is a dirty, brutal and savage affair which can and does bring out the worst in human beings. The Hitler types and Stalin types of this planet have to be stopped by using justifiable and necessary force. To spread their brand of religion some entities use almighty god, the macro intelligence to justify wars and mass murder. Take the church of imperial Rome, the Catholic Church. It spread its brand of religion across the planet on the end of the sword. Take the albegeian crusade, when the pope of the time sent his armies into the south of France and spent twenty years wiping out forty thousand people of the face of the earth, simply because they did not believe what Rome wanted believed. When asked “who shall we kill” he replied “kill them all, god will recognise his own”. Then there was the inquisition when innocent men and women were tortured, murdered and burnt at stakes because they dared to challenge the belief and power of the Vatican who have the audacity to call their brand of religion Christianity.

  The founder of Christianity, the lord Jesus Christ, the one who put the soldiers ear back on after peter cut it off, the one who said turn the other cheek, do you think he would condone that type of savage barbarity carried out in his name.

  When answering that question yourself fellow human beings use your god given intelligence. When the lord Jesus Christ walked the surface of this planet he did not say you had to be a catholic or a protestant or a Baptist. All he said was follow me. Christianity is not a specific religion, it was never meant to be a specific religion. Christianity is a way of life. Some of the best Christians I know have never stepped inside the door of a church.

  There is a generosity of spirit inside such people. It glows like a bright shining light. If you choose to express your religious beliefs by attending church, that is your choice. Make sure that it is your free choice and not because you were indoctrinated or brain washed as a child as most adherents of today’s mainstream religions were and in some cases still are.

I do not use the term fellow human being lightly. In fact I use it quite deliberately. No matter what your nationality, colour of creed, man woman, at the end of the day that is exactly what you are, a fellow human being.

I refer largely to people like myself who live at grass roots level. We don’t demand a lot out of life except the opportunity to go out and do an honest days work for an honest days pay, to raise our families in a decent and proper manner before god, to treat our fellow human beings with respect and tolerance.

As earlier stated recognising the fact my basic aspirations are exactly the same as yours. Left to their own devices the ordinary decent men and women of this planet would co- exist in reasonable peace and harmony no matter what their colour of creed.

Unfortunately, the peddlers of hate the divisive poison mongers be they political or religious are in our midst. Using terror to spread their own brand of bigotry and hatred, oft times in the name of god they don’t begin to understand.  These people suffer from an elitist complex.  They are under the illusion that they have a monopoly on almighty god and the macro intelligence.  These are the types that steal your free will and try and impose their own will on you, under the guise of it being god’s will. 


  These religious power mongers and peddlers of hate have taken beautiful books like the bible and the Koran and turn their contents into weapons of mass oppression and or as in some cases into weapons of mass destruction as is evidedent by the creation of the suicide bomber or as in the times past, torture and burning at the stake.  Most modern day religious power mongers gain mental control over their members by using indoctrination methods on the very young.  Anyone who was taught by nuns or so called Christian brothers will know exactly what I am talking about. Up front such brain washing may appear gentle and benign but behind the scenes two of the most powerful emotions in nature, fear and incentive are being made full use of.  You believe what we tell you to believe and we will guarantee you a place in paradise.  Incentive if you don’t believe what we tell you then its hell fire and damnation for you all eternity, fear.

Some modern day religions have added another factor to their control mechanisms, called guilt with all their, “thou shall not’s” the main one of which is “thou shall not be human”, with their inventions of all sorts of sin’s both venial and mortal.  According to the Vatican, directly a baby hits the blanket it is already stained with original sin and of course you must also go to confession, another powerful weapon of religious control.  The result of this imposition of guilt, plus all those “thou shall not’s” can be that a lot of religious followers turn out to be profound neurotics and a lot of ministers turn out to be child molesters.  Again fellow human being, please do not misunderstand me, down at street level where I live there are millions of decent.  Honest hard working men and women, both clergy and lay people doing the best they can within the circumstances of their lives.

These are real Christian people, the fact that some are catholic is incidental, you see according to the Vatican to be a Christian you have to be catholic, but according to the lord Jesus Christ you don’t to be a Christian all you have to do is follow him.


“The kingdom of god is inside you and all around you.  Not in a mansion of wood and stone.  Split a piece of wood and god is there lift a stone and you will find god”.

  Some modern day power mongers, be they religious or political are far more deadly in the methods they use to cause divisiveness and or to gain control over a particular people or situation.  At least the Vatican had stopped torturing and burning at the stake.  The Church of England has stopped burning down monasteries.  Their modern day methods of divide and control are far more subtle.  Over the past sixty years or so various societies across the planet have produced a far more deadly type of power monger called the terror masters take the young, the innocent, the gullible and using indoctrination techniques and or financial incentives and or violence and the threat of violence they turn these into mass murderers.  A thing that might have slipped your notice fellow human being, it is grass roots people like you and I that are targeted for the slaughter.You never find the terror master.  Be it a he or a she with their guts spread all over the pavement.  I have a question for you to ask yourself, terror master, creator of mass murderers, be they bomb makers, bomb planters or suicide bombers.  The next time you are passing a mirror look in there and ask yourself one question, am I using my god given intelligence in a constructive or destructive manner?

  Your bigotry and hatred may not allow to answer that question in a truthfully fashion but that is a matter for your own self as your spiritual evolution or devolution depends on your answer.  However terror master, be you religious fanatic, or political despot or a mafia don when you stand in the queue before our creator the macro intelligence and you are shown a frame by frame action replay of your life, when you are shown all the shredded bodies strewn around the streets of northern Ireland, or the Basque area of Spain, or the tube and bus stations of England and France or the shops of Bali.  When you are shown the burial ground of three thousand innocent people, the trade centres of new York and you are asked a simple question, by whose authority did you butcher these, the innocent of my creation?  What are going off say terrorist or despot, or terror master or mafia don.  There will be no use in talking about the Blairs and bushes or Gadaffies of this world as they like me will be in the same owueue.  One of the main differences between some of the afore mentioned and I is that the blood of the innocent is not dripping from fingertips.  Right now terror master or master criminal you may be wearing the robes of a minister of state or the robes of a so called minister of god, you may be hiding down the sewer with the rest of the rats.  You may escape the partial eyesight of man; you will not escape the all seeing eye of the macro intelligence.  Do you honestly think terror master that you can walk away scot free from the mass murder of your fellow human beings.  You cannot be that seriously stupid.  By virtue of the fact that you were given intelligence and the free will to use it in a constructive or destructive manner, means that you will be held accountable for your own actions.  Believe me terror master or political despot or master or master criminal your pay day will come with a vengeance.

Right now you can console yourselves with the knowledge that you are probably the best dressed people in the human cesspit.  To do a slight recap at this point I will state the following, you as an individual had no choice over your own birth.  You were brought into being by your parents.  The race of mankind is exactly the same.  It had no choice over its creation and evolution.  Almighty god, the macro intelligence, working through nature and natural selection brought us into being.  The same forces caused mankind to develop its imagination and brought it to the use of reason.  The use of reason is now as then an established mental fact.  All children born will come naturally to the use of reason.  To restate- imagination is the embryo of reason.  Imagination plus reason is the embryo of intelligence. Intelligence is the embryo of spiritual evolution. 

Spiritual evolution is the only form of evolution that mankind was given control over.  To achieve spiritual evolution mankind, individually and collectively has to use its god given intelligence in a constructive fashion.  There are many ways in which mankind uses its intelligence in a constructive fashion which do not lead to the second and most important form of spiritual evolution.  Consider the leaps forward in technology over relatively short periods of time.  From the steam engine to Concorde approx one hundred and twenty years or if you like the Wright brothers to the moon sixty five years. From Florence nightingale to Doctor Christian Baunard approx seventy years.  From the enigma code to the computer forty years.  Think of the beautiful advances in art and music over longer periods of time.  The roof of the Cistine chapel is a long way from the sorcerer.  These advances are all pointers to what mankind can achieve by the constructive use of its intelligence collectively or individually.

A thing to bear in mind is that all these advances, be in medicine, art, mathematics or technology can all be geared to the physical survival of our species, mankind.  They do not necessarily lead to the second stage of spiritual evolution.  Obedience to the rules and regulations laid down by manmade religions may guarantee that you will lead a pretty decent life they do not guarantee the second stage of your spiritual evolution.  You may go to the synagogue on Saturday or any denominational church on Sunday to worship god not yourself.  Your reasons for going may be because you feel obliged to as a result of your upbringing, or to please the rabbi or the priest or whoever it is that master minds your particular religion, or to show the world what a good person you are on the face of it.  You may go for exactly the right reason, to worship god.  How you live your life over the rest of the week is a better pointer to your spiritual evolution.  Fellow human being I am not here to lecture you on what you should or shouldn’t do.  You will know within your own self whether you are the genuine article full time or weekend hypocrite, part time. 

  Another way of looking at our situation is as follows.  It may not be realised but all human beings living on the planet right now have two homes, your first home is the one you were born into whenever your birthday was.  In other words the body you are walking around in right now is your first home.  Your second home is where you cater for the physical and mental needs of your body and mind.  It may be a palace or a mansion, or a hovel.  It may be a penthouse or a tent in the desert, either way your body needs the pure basics for physical survival and reproduction, food, water, shelter, clothing and a mate.  In this modern day and age the means for mental stimulation, either indoors or out are many and varied and is a matter of choice.

The desires of the body for pleasure and sensation are purely basic until fueled by the fire of human imagination.  Adding imagination to basic desire is like adding oxygen to acetylene flame, it burns that much fiercer and can lead to genuine constructive achievement or real destructive evil.  You can if you so wish pretend that as a human being you are not capable of wrong doing or evil you can suppress all the emotions that you think will lead you down that road.  On the other hand you can hold your human weakness up in front of your minds eye recognise it for what it is and do something about it, but what to do about it.

  Cast your mind back some twelve or fifteen thousand years ago when mankind had come to the use of reason and was starting to use its new found intelligence, which told it that it either controlled its immediate physical environment or its environment controlled it.  Hence the agricultural revolution.  Now apply the same rule to yourself.  Your immediate physical environment is your body and mind so use your intelligence to control it.  Control of yourself is far better than suppression of yourself.  Suppression can break loose at any time and come back to haunt you, whereas control speaks for itself, that is what you are, you are in control.  When you are in control of yourself the negative temptations generated by body and mind pale into insignificance. However, anyone, who has stopped smoking or alcoholism or sexual excesses, will know only too well that temptation is never very far away.  You have the basic desires of a body which, when fueled by human imagination plus outside ingredients can produce thrills and sensations of all sorts.  You also have a mind which can be cunning and devious, producing all sorts of so called valid reasons why you should carry on doing the things which damage you physically and mentally and possibly others. 

  That’s the point when your intelligence should kick in and you recognise the fact that you are being conned by yourself.  That is the point where intelligence backed will power comes into play.  You may be trying to break the bad habits of years which is no easy task but it can be achieved.  Your short comings may be many and varied but once you have broken free it is like waking up from a bad dream.

  Your outward physical appearance will not have changed but you will have a different view on yourself and you will be looking at the world in which you live through different eyes.  You will then be entitled to have a humble pride in yourself for what you have achieved, using your god given intelligence to master the damaging desires of your mind and body.  You are now on your way to genuine spiritual evolution.  Depending on how long you have lived you will eventually reach a point when you will look back down the years of your life and see the damage you have done to yourself and possibly others and wonder what took you so long to see the light you are walking in now.  You will eventually come to terms with this and leave it behind you.  You will reach  a point when you  have not only broken free from the carnal desires of your mind and body you will also break free from the mental trap this planet can hold you in.  You will be able to look around the planet and wonder at its natural beauty.  You will be able to see the wonderful things achieved by your fellow human beings through the constructive use of their intelligence.  You will also be able to see beyond the grave.  You will be able to see the hate peddlers be they religious or political. The mass murderers and the creators of mass murderers, the tyrants and despots who oppress peoples and their spirit.  You can wonder at the following.  All these types of people have intelligence, why do they use this beautiful god given gift to wreck havoc and destroy. 

  Have they no fear of the consequences perhaps because they have set themselves up as the religious and political kings of the earth that they are immune from the consequences of their actions.  What do you think fellow grass roots human being?  Cast your mind back to those cave paintings and other decorative artefacts of some twenty five thousand years ago.  These tell me that the imagination was well advanced leading to the use of reason leading to the development of intelligence.  The advent of the agricultural revolution tells me that mankind was using its new found reasoning powers and intelligence to control its immediate physical environment for physical survival purposes.  The time span between the cave paintings and the advent of farming can only be pure speculation.  Taking an arbitary time say of fifteen thousand years ago the ice sheet of the last ice age could have retreated far enough north to expose the area which became known as the Fertile Crescent.  This ran from the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal all along the meditaranin coast to Palestine and beyond to south East Asia.  It is difficult to know the thinking of mankind over the period of time which began with farming until sumer one of the first city states of some six thousand years ago.  By this time the Stone Age was long past as the Sumerians had the use of bronze.  They also had the wheel perhaps more importantly they had a system of writing.  This first began with inscriptions on solid stone which then evolved into cuneiform writing.  This Sumerian civilization leaves no doubt about another important factor in mankinds’ spiritual evolution.  It is obvious that by then mankind had started to look beyond itself for a power greater then itself.  Looking at the physical workings of the planet it lived on plus the limited amount of our solar system that it could see its power to reason plus intelligence told it that all this was the result of no accident. 

  The order and precision within which the physical workings of the planet operated had to be in the control some unseen power which someone called god and or a variety of gods.  I dare say earlier on when superstition was rife drug influenced interpretations of the shaman played a part in the thinking of various cultures plus the witch doctor any tom, dick or harry who could successfully forecast an eclipse of the sun or moon could set their selves up for life as some kind of priest or god surrounded by an aura of manufactured mystique.  Again the Sumerian culture leaves no doubt that a variety of gods had been invented and were being worshipped.  As other cultures came into being they too invented and worshipped their own types of gods.  It was not until roughly two thousand B.C.that all mighty god, the macro intelligence, stepped in and clarified the situation.  It did so by selecting one righteous individual called Abraham and in doing so set in motion what turns out to be mankinds’ final and most important steps in its spiritual evolution.  Fellow human being please try and understand what the selection of Abraham means.  Down through the millennia of mankinds physical, mental and spiritual evolution the macro intelligence worked hand in glove with natural selection.  For the final stages of mankinds spiritual evolution natural selection is no longer required, it had been replaced by the most important type of selection called divine selection.  All through largely taken for granted by human beings natural selection has thankfully not gone away.  Despite the arrogance and conceit of the self proclaimed kings of the earth it works continuously to ensure the proper functioning of our planet.  The birds of the air have to be fed.  The wild beasts of the field have to be fed.  The fish in the sea have to be fed.  The planet has to be watered otherwise everything die’s and over millions of years, thanks to plate tectonics the earth itself gets recycled.

At this particular point in time there are six billion human beings on this planet all of whom have to be fed, clothed, and sheltered. To quote just the basics of physical survival.  To that end farmers and growers are required, builders and tailors and candlestick makers are all required.  As earlier stated guided by the macro intelligence natural selection ensures that all these necessities are provided for and thereby guaranteeing the survival of the planet and all life forms on it for the duration of their lifespan.  However there are some leading authorities who will tell you that all of this is the result of random of chance mutation. Fellow human being what does your own intelligence tell you.


  When you stop and think about it for five minutes it is easy to understand why our creator all mighty god stepped in and clarified the situation. In the first instance the macro intelligence spends millions of years, designing creating and bringing into being mankind.  Then after coming to the use of reason and using intelligence what does mankind do?  It goes off all over the place and starts worshipping false gods that never lifted a finger to bring about its creation.  In fairness to the thinking of mankind at that particular point in its evolution, it had never heard of almighty god the macro intelligence.  Its power to reason and its intelligence told it that there had to be some powerful force at work behind the scene controlling everything, hence the creation and worship of a variety of gods.  Also in fairness to mankind as yet there had been no code of practice laid down to guide it on to the path of its final stage of spiritual evolution.  That did not really occur until mosses brought the Ten Commandments down off the mountain. 

  Abraham was selected by the divine because he was a decent, honest upright man.  Whether he knew of almighty god prior to his selection is debatable, but once he had been selected he did not argue he just got on and did what he was commanded to do. 

  “Get thee out of thy country and from they kindered and from thy fathers house into a land that I will show thee. And I will make of thee a great nation”.


  That is exactly what happened.  Out of Abraham came Isaac; out of Isaac came Jacob who eventually had his name changed to Israel.  Out of Israel came the twelve tribes of Israelites’; out of the descendants of one of those tribes eventually came the lord Jesus Christ.  Divinity is another dimension to our creator all mighty god the macro intelligence.  It created mankind, in its own image by giving us intelligence and making us aware of the divine dimension.

  Now it is our turn if we so wish to create ourselves in the image of our creator by striving to attain that divine dimension in as much as it is humanly possible.  Right now fellow human being be you a man or woman look into yourself and ask yourself the question am I worthy of divine selection.  In honesty, fellow human being when I ask that question of myself I am a bit iffy about the answer.  I like to think that I am in there with a chance.  However as long as I live I will carry on trying to improve myself before my creator.  Until such time as you are shown the action replay of your life and a decision is made divine selection or rejection is something you can never be fully sure of but you can have a pretty good idea.  On a personal level I have read the bible twice.  The first time I was awe struck by the fact that I was reading the inspired word of all mighty god.

The second time I was looking for information.  I was trying to figure out how he bible story, from the selection of Abraham to the coming of the lord Jesus Christ related, not only to me personally but to the rest of mankind as well.

  I know that it states in the bible that all mighty god create the Israelites as a race people on to itself.  To my mind that race of people was and is meant to be an example for the rest of mankind. The Ten Commandments are a fairly good pointer to that being the case as they are applicable to any people on the face of the earth, including you and me.  An accurate interpretation of the bible story is well beyond the scope of my intelligence.  However, thankfully there were and are some highly intelligent people who have devoted their whole lives to interpreting the bible.  For an interpretation of the old testament and its prophesies one such person was Herbert W. Armstrong, his book, “The united states and Britain in prophecy” is a must read for anyone who is seriously interested in partially understanding biblical prophecy as it applied to the ancient Israelites as it applies to the present day and how events will unfold to effect mankind in the future.  When you have read Mr. Armstrongs book understanding biblical prophecy as it applied to the ancient Israelites as it applies to the present day and how events will unfold to effect mankind in the future.  When you have read Mr. Armstrongs book you will most definitely have a clearer view of events recorded in the bible.  This book will cost you nothing.  You can download it from a computer or you can order it and it will be delivered to your door scot free.  Mr Armstrong knew the importance of the message he was trying to get across and decided to charge nothing for it.  I will point out at this stage that I am not and never have been a member of Mr. Armstrongs organisation.

  After reading the Old Testament you are left with the impression that a strict disciplinarian has been in charge.  This should not be surprising as this is basically a father laying down the rules for guidance of his children.  As any parent will tell you this can be no easy task.  Children, sometimes do disobey the rules and rebel.  The Israelites did rebel against the rules and laws laid down by almighty god for their guidance and paid a heavy price for it.  Between 721 and 718 B.C. the kingdom of Israel which had resided in northern Palestine was conquered and all of its peoples taken as slaves to Assyria.  Roughly 125 years later the same fate befell the Jews for exactly the same reasons.  The Jews lived in Judah in southern Palestine hence the title of Jews.  It was Nebuchadnezzar the Chaldean king who took these people into captivity.  I will remind you again, that if you are seriously interested in learning about biblical prophecy.  Mr.  Herbert W. Armstrong book is the one for you.  The thing is fellow human being is that the Israelites had a choice, if they obeyed the laws of god they would as a race of people obtain physical wealth and power, but they would also be worthy of divine selection individually and collectively on a permanent basis.  They broke the laws of god and instead and felt the icy wind of divine rejection.  Now apply the same rule to yourself as an individual, obey the laws of god and make yourself worthy of divine selection.  Ignore the laws of all mighty god our creator the macro intelligence and you are heading into oblivion.  Devine selection will take you beyond the grave.  For an individual human being to become worthy of divine selection is not mission impossible.  It is well within our capability.  The rules and laws to be obeyed are no complicated, they are straight forward and to the point and thankfully we have had some beautiful examples set as to how we should achieve this.

As earlier stated reading the old testament you are left with the impression of a strict disciplinarian who can and does administer sever punishment on those who rebel against him, especially those who have been made fully aware of his existence.  However with the advent of the lord Jesus Christ another dimension of our father creator comes into being.  Through the lord Jesus Christ we are made aware of our creators love, kindness, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness and guidance.  The lord Jesus Christ did not set out on his ministry until he was thirty years old.  Which means that during the previous thirty years of his life he found out exactly what it is like to be human.  Going from childhood into adolescence, from adolescence into young manhood.  He will have experienced all the insecurities of growing up, lifes trials and tribulations, its pain and suffering, its disasters and triumphs.  To my mind this is one of the reasons that during his ministry he spoke and acted with such beautiful gentle tolerance and understanding.  He knows and understands what we are up against in our efforts to overcome the temptations abounding on this planet.  Remember those beautiful words that speak volumes.


“Let he that is without sin cast the first stone”

“Woman does anyone condemn you”

“No my lord”

“Neither do I go and sin no more”

There in a nutshell fellow human being, understanding, tolerance, love and forgiveness.

  Is it too much to ask that we should be that tolerant and understanding in our dealings with each other, regardless of creed or colour.

“Blessed are those who mourn, god will comfort them.”

“Blessed are those who are merciful to others, God will be merciful to them.”

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, the kingdom of God belongs to them.”


  Some extracts from the lord Jesus Christ’s sermon on the mount onated during his ministry.  Blessed are the poor in sprit, the kingdom of god belongs to them.  On the face of it that statement seems to be a contradiction.  You can say to yourself if a person is poor in spirit, how can they be divinely selected by god our creator.  Once you realise that your intelligence is your spirit then that statement makes complete sense.  There are millions of people throughout the planet, who, for a variety of reasons cannot or are not allowed to use their god given intelligence to its full potential.  Some people who are mentally ill are unable to use their intelligence. Some people live in total ignorance of all mighty god our creator. The macro intelligence.  Some people live in total ignorance of all mighty god our creator. The macro intelligence.  Some people in some cultures in particular women, due to political or religious oppression are not allowed to use their god give intelligence to its full potential.  Once you become aware of this you can understand why the divine selector, the macro intelligence would look with favour on such people.

I have no doubt that the prophet Mohammad did exactly the same as the lord Jesus Christ, set a shining example to his followers. Laid down a philosophy of life, that if adhered too will guarantee not only divine selection individually and collectively but also the physical survival of mankind as a whole.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“Love your neighbours as yourself”

  If in the course of our everyday lives, in combination with obedience to the Ten Commandments we keep those two statements in mind then we are preparing the way for our divine selection.  It is important, fellow human being that you recognise the difference between two goals.

  1. The constructive use of your spirit, your intelligence for the purposes of physical survival, advancement and achievement.
  2.  The constructive use of your spirit, your intelligence to make yourself worthy of divine selection.

  The first goal has taken mankind beyond the gravitational pull of planet earth but it will not take you beyond the grave.  The second goal beyond doubt will. 

  The last few chapters have raised one or two questions, who is my neighbour?  How do I love my neighbour? Whats the purpose of divine selection?

What does lie beyond the grave?

It is an easy matter to sit here and write with good intentions about good intentions.  In the world we are living in today it is a different matter when trying to put those good intentions into practise.

  If you live in a cloistered environment be it political or institutional you will be largely protected from the rawness of life.  Assume for a minute that you are a young child of say ten or twelve years old.  The news is on T.V. while you’re having breakfast before you go to school.  You hear that somewhere on the planet an individual who has been brainwashed into becoming a suicide bomber has blown their selves and a dozen other people to pieces.  You hear reports from a variety of war zones round the planet.  The clip changes and you are told that your elected leaders are nothing better than a bunch of liars, cheats and fiddlers.  The clip changes again and you hear that the church you are obliged to attend has become a haven for perverts and child abusers as the hierarchy of those churches are paying millions of pounds, Euros and dollars in compensation to injured parties.  Fellow human being it is easy to see how those youngsters can become cynical and mistrustful of authority.  It is easy to see how one can grow up cynical and mistrustful of institutions.  When you become aware of the drugs and the drug barons, the prostitutes and pornographers, when you live in an environment where any kind of sin is there for the buying or selling it is not easy, especially for the young to resist the temptations we are surrounded by.  It can be done.  When you see all the aforementioned for the valueless garbage that it is you will not be affected by it.  You will probably pray for those who are still trapped in any particular cesspit of mans invention.  When you rise above all that useless garbage, when you break free from that spirit destroying trap, not only will you recognise your own value but you will also recognise the potential value of your neighbour and at the same start making yourself worthy of divine selection.  Who is my neighbour or your neighbour the next time you look in a mirror you will see me looking right back at you, because in general I am exactly the same as you, a human being.  I don’t care if you are white, black or brown, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Baptist when you laugh I will laugh with you, when you cry I will cry with or brown, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Baptist when you laugh I will laugh with you, when you cry I will cry with you, when you are ill I will try to comfort you, when you are dying I will hold your hand and pray with you and for you.  Fellow human being that is part of the beautiful ideal, unfortunately the reality is somewhat different in tidays world.  Thanks to the hate pedlars and political divisive power mongers trust for people in general has been replaced by suspicion and mistrust.  Tolerance has been replaced by angry impatience.  Outside your immediate family and circle of friends it is difficult to know who to trust.  Consequently when people, individually, step out of their local community they do so with watchful wariness, but at the same time hoping for some kind of a response from a tentative offering of a “good morning” or “good day to you”.  You see in spite of the divisive hate pedlars be they religious or political the ordinary hard working person at grass roots level, given a small bit of encouragement is keen to live in harmony with their neighbour no matter who they are.

As stated in todays world it is difficult for individuals on a face to face basis to express their concern for each other, but the need to do exactly that is inside all fairer minded human beings, but the fear of rejection sometimes gets in the way.  However occasions do arise when mankind individually and collectively can express their love and concern for each other without fear of rejection.  When disaster strikes, be it a massive tidal wave, a devastating earthquake, a famine somewhere on the planet, a T.V. programme for children in need, people have no hesitation about putting their hands in their pocket and giving some of their hard earned cash to whatever cause that requires it at that time.

  It is the individuals way of saying, you might be suffering on the other side of the planet but I care about you, I understand your plight and this is my way of saying I love you, why? Because you are my neighbour, and I am doing unto you as I would have you do onto me.  Fellow human being it’s a pity that we have to wait for disasters before we can openly demonstrate our innate love and concern for each other, without fear of rejection or reprisal.  Take the hade pedlars, the crime lords, the terror masters, the lunatic political leaders, do you begin to understand the damaging, corrosive effect they have on us, the grass roots people of this planet.  The billions of us who go out to work every day pay our dues and as a result of our efforts this planet can function in a reasonable constructive manner.  The aforementioned bunch of parasites are in our midst like a cancer spreading their own brand of bile like dogs vomit on the street.  Like cancer they can and should be cut out.  All it takes is a discreet phone call to a confidential line.  For evil to prevail all it takes is for good people to do nothing.


  What is the purpose of divine selection?  From what we are told in the bible the purpose is to serve our creator, all mighty god.  The macro intelligence in some form or other, either in this life or life beyond the grave or both.  According o the bible the first people chosen by our creator were Adam and eve.  Who were Adam and eve? When were they brought into being?  Were they the first bi-pedalists of three and a half million years ago capable of reproducing themselves through sexual union? Were they the first fully fledged intelligent human beings of fifteen thousand years ago capable of reproducing themselves through sexual union.  Where was the Garden of Eden or was the Garden of Eden the planet Earth itself.  The answer to these questions can only be pure speculation as if people, be they lay or clergy are honest will say no one really knows.  On a personal level the story of Adam and Eve and the opening chapters of genesis is a fathers way of explaining to his children, where do babies come from? They don’t reply by talking about egg fertilisation by male sperm or cell splitting or DNA codes or anything else that goes into the beautiful formation of a human being.  If they replied in such a fashion the child would not have a clue what the parent was talking about.  Instead the reply can be, babies come from moms’ tummy or the stork brings them, which to the child is a reassuring comforting answer when it is no longer a child and reasonbly to the mature it can have reality explained to it.  Now apply the same rule to the story of Adam and Eve and the opening chapters of genesis that apply to the creation and evolution of the planet and the life forms on it.  In spite of the dire warnings and their expulsion from the garden the story had its own reassuring and comforting effect on young mankind.  Young mankind accepted the story or were told to accept the story at face value, which the vast majority did.  No need to think or question or try and interpret what was written in the bible.  Just keep your nose to the grindstone and leave biblical interpretation to us.  The so called religious kings of the earth.  In fact thanks to the Vatican for centuries grass roots people like ourselves were not even allowed to read the bible let alone try to interpret it.  Modern day students of the bible will tell you that any story or situation narrated in the bible can be interpreted in a variety of valid ways such is the complexity of that beautiful book.  However fellow human being mankind is no longer in its infancy, its old enough and thanks to our creator intelligent enough now to accept the reality of its design, creation and evolution down through the millennia.

  The next story in the bible, which enjoys worldwide fame, is the story of Noah and his ark.  The obvious interpretation of that story is what it actually says.  Our creator all mighty god, the macro intelligence looked around the planet and saw nothing but violence and corruption where mankind was concerned and decided to wipe the slate clean and start again.  Our creator decided to achieve this by causing a gigantic flood which would wipe all life from the face of the earth except those life forms it wished to preserve to achieve the preservation of those particular life forms it wished to evolve after the flood our creator commissioned the only righteous man it could find to build an ark.  That man was called Noah, his wife and sons and their wives.  He was required to build a boat, an ark large enough to house himself and his family plus a male and female of all kinds of animal and bird life.  This he did.  Then as promised the flood came wiping all mankind from the face of the planet.  Eventually the waters abated. Noah and his family and all the life forms he had preserved got off the ark and spread across the planet, so life resumed all over again.  Now, how that story converts into present day reality is a matter for some considerable thought.  There is a theory that every so often down through millions of years a natural gigantic action, which human beings call a catastrophe takes place.  As a result of this catastrophe most life forms are wiped out. After a period of time, when the dust has settled so to speak selected life forms evolve again.  A good example of this is the event that caused the dinosaurs and most other life forms of the time to go into extinction.  How long after the event before life evolves again is open to question.  However, right now mankind and all the other life forms on the planet are living proof that life does evolve again and quiet successfully too.  There might be a simpler way of looking at this catastrophe theory.

Consider the intelligent farmer.  Every seven years or so the intelligent farmer will let some of his fields lie fallow.  This gives his fields a chance to rejuvenate their selves, to recover their recourses to replenish their growing potential.  The wise farmer will not throw away all his plant seed she will keep them for when the time for replanting arrives.  Perhaps our creator the macro intelligence looks at its creation the planet earth in the same way.  It is a well known fact that the resources of our planet are finite.  Perhaps every some millions of years or so our creator decides to give the planet a rest, give it a chance to replenish its resources.  To achieve this our creator, the macro intelligence wipes most life forms including mankind off the earth.  Perhaps this is one interpretation of the story we are told of Noah and his ark and how the gene pool was preserved.  How the gene pool of the life forms selected for future evolution is preserved in reality requires a scientific answer, which I haven’t got.  Hopefully one day some scientist who specialises on the subject will come up with the correct answer.  Then again some leading authority might tell you that it is all left to chance.  What does your god given intelligence tell you fellow human being?

  It is to be noted that all the people divinely selected were honest, upright god fearing people. That includes women as well as men as most of the men selected had wives.  It is also to e noted that these people were not selected to sit around all day singing hymes.  Each was given a down to earth, hard nose task to perform.  Noah to conserve the gene pool so that future generations might evolve.  Which he did, Abraham to start a family that would one day evolve into a race of people numbering millions called the Israelites.  This did occur.  Moses to break the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery and lead them to their promised land.  Which he did.  Moses’ brother Aaron and his sons t

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