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Earth has been plagued by war for centuries a secret war; a war only a select few know about between mortals and nocturn aratem a breed of creatures spoke only about in myths and fables of legends.
The question is will the 21st century bring about a signal of peace or will the world spiral down into a darkness it will never recover from?

This is just a short story compiled up in my free time every Saturday a chapter will be added, Feedback would be appreciated.

Submitted: December 27, 2017

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Submitted: December 27, 2017




Prologue- The young girl took several breaths to steady her wavering nerves as words had abandoned her and the more she thought the harder it became to form comprehensible sentences, closing her eyes she took one last breath before plunging head first into the unknown. Hello, my names Nina an average but not so average school girl. I know. Sounds confusing right? Bet you're shaking your head right now thinking what on earth is this brat talking about.

 My apologies but.. you must understand this when I tell you I ask you not to panic and lose your head are we agreed?. Good thanks for understanding, so what's all this hush hush business about you might be asking. Well, the only way I can really explain it to you is by being straightforward. Monsters are real vampires, werewolves, shades, ghosts, goblins and a lot of other things that like to dump around in the night hell I wouldn't be that surprised if there was such a thing as the pumpkin king.

Sorry I assure you that I'm not clinically mad trust me I can count from 10,000 back in 6's try it I can only imagine how badly you fail. Anyhow to get back on the topic at hand yeah monsters are real and you can deny their existence for the rest of your life after all there only fables tossed around to stop children being naughty and to scare the occasional friend. would you believe me if I told you otherwise that these '' stories'' you've been telling for centuries are somewhat factual I mean let's keep it real here guys the loch ness monster does not exist but these stories like the boy who cried wolf; what if I told you the wolf was actually a werewolf and nobody believed the poor soul, bless him  almost pity him if he wasn't ginger.

What if I told you Dracula the vampire wasn't as real as you thought but vampires walk among us and let me tell you there not this super sexy stud guys either there the definition of hell. So yeah next time you're talking to the postman, the elderly lady at the crossing or a moody teenager going through their '' emo'' stage they may just be a vampire' scary stuff, right? But maybe the most shocking case that's passed around is the legend of the zombies. you can laugh it off as being unscientifically possible but think about it would scientists really come out in the open and tell you that anyone can become a mindless flesh-eating monster and honestly from what I can gather its already happened in the past and there's still some out their to this day. Crazy right and your just an ignorant as ever by stipulating that there's no proof.

Well that's where I come in as I've already told you my name is Nina but more importantly I'm a nameless, to put it in lamemans terms for those of you that are still trying to count back in 6's my job is basically to protect you from all of these monsters that will try to hurt you and in some cases definitely hurt you but other than that I'm also stiving to help intergrate the two communities as not ever monster wants to eat your children, if you've stuck with me this far I'm going to now tell you my story and how it was I got involved in all of this madness; please do not let this book get into the hands of evil.



Chapter one  boredom


Rolling out of her sleeping haven the late teen gave a small groan protesting against the sunlight that bit into her face, squinting to avoid the harsh glare she found herself tangled up in her Owen bedding cursing out loud to the empty void around her as she furiously fought with the bedding and sheet covers around her. '' Victory'' she crowed snapping the bed sheets from her figure after a  few moments of painstaking hardcore wrestling, throwing them back down in a crumpled heap she nodded them off with a smug expression before she realized it had taken her precious 5 minutes she could have endorsed with her bed.

Grumbling to herself as she made herself to the bathroom she dumped her nightwear on the floor whilst the shower was running and after a few moments jumped in giving a low moan as the warm spray ran over her body reliving her of the stress that amounted to the stupid bed sheets being a girl was hard, losing out on her beauty sleep was even harder especially as it was the only thing keeping her motivated when faced with a school day and just the thought breathing down her neck made her hug herself tighter as the stream of water cascaded down her plastering her hair, giving a small sigh she ran her hands over her arms trying to think positively to no avail and gave up altogether as she reached for the shampoo.

 Stretching wildly the young lady scratched the back of her knotted unruly flaxen hair her fingers becoming intertwined with the knots that had formed from the combination of the shower and overnight sleep persistent as ever to ruin her morning routine. Once extracting her fingers from the jumbles mess that was considered hair in a careful manner not to provoke the wraith of pain she hunted down her hairbrush. Once with hairbrush in hand and mirror in front she readied herself against the monstrous villain in front of her, after a frantic session of hair pulling sharp intakes of breath and gritted teach her hair was finally parted. She smiled at a job well done and was contemplating whether it would be childish or not to give herself a pat on her back, deciding against it seemed the wisest move as she moved forward to the wardrobe situated in the far corner of her room.

Once fully glad in her school uniform composing of a blacker then black blazer jacket with cuffed sleves of bright white a pale yellow shirt accompanied with a blood red tie and slim fit trousers matching the colour o her jacket she examined her refletion in the mirror which screamed beautiful at her. The calling of her name brought her back to reality'' Nina, Nina come on sweetie.. school starts in half an hour''. Nina turned grabbing her small sachal bag and gave the room one last sweeping look before slamming it shut behind her with a satisfactory click.

After consuming a hearty breakfast Nina scolded herself for her lack of obedience in the face of her strict diet and vowed to work it all off at the gym that evening and with that in mind she bade far well to her foster mother Sarah who waved her off with a smile that outlined her perfect white teeth. Stepping out the front door Nina was greeted with the bustling activity of the town, people going about their daily life's and at this thought she felt her shoulders droop and she exhaled deeply the same sights, the same smells and the same noises; God was she board all her life revolved around was the same rotine day in and day out shed wake up to do the same thing only to sleep and then repeat the process all over again the following day dragging her feet against the uneven paths echoing the route she took to  school Nine couldn't help but feel isolated against the rest of the world as though it was only her that was going through this dilemma a personal problem nobody understood or could even imagine. To live is to die and to die is to live was a famous quote splattered across her religious studies classroom and every time Nina looked at the passage or even glanced she would always be faced with the same conclusion if the objective was to truly live to die then that means that our accomplishments becoming meaningless forgotten as soon as we die even if we are remembered it's not like we conquered death in that retrospect '' it's all pointless'' Nina said out loud making an elderly passably glance round in alarm but she just ignored her and pressed on to school '' what's the point..'' Nina muttered under her breath '' what's my reason to be?''

And with her thoughts ending on that note she glispsed the iron clad gates of her school with the monstrous sign behind it shouting out the name like a proud parent just the sight of it made Nina scowl in disclosure but despite these thoughts and feelings accumulating throughout her body Nina still found herself smiling brightly at the elderly vice principal Mr. Zaramba who looked as ancient as the school and exchanged the same pleasantries they did every morning Nina often wondered if a simple puff of air would break him completely shatter his existence and stripping away his worth. '' sir'' she called out making the antique vice principal look up almost surprised she couldn't blame him it was probably the longest conversation he ever had with anybody nowadays '' have you ever heard of the saying to live is to die?''

Trying her best to ignore his shocked expression '' why'' he said cracking a smile '' I have '''' so what are your thoughts on that proposition?'' Nina hurried on a part of her regretting engaging in conversation with him '' hmmm'' he said placing his hand on his miniature Santa Claus beard covering his whispy weak chin but not his worn out cracked lips giving him the impression of someone wise '' I would say, it means that one should live a fulfilling life and then greet death once they completed the task they were set out to do, in another sense one could say its to die knowing you lived in accordance to a satisfied life''.

Nina thanks him for answering getting a no need to worry yourself dear in response and brushed past him hosting her sachal higher onto her shoulder and once she was out of earshot cursed  him for his fool hearty answer but then again it was from a foolish person and then metally abused herself for seeking his answers in the first place and simply rolled her eyes as the genuinity of his words floated through her mind once again as she made her way to homeroom situated on the top floor in the  religious studies classroom, frowning all the while what had made her purposely go out of her way to speak she had never bothered to stop and talk to him before hand, had boredom made her engage him out of sheer principle as she slipped into her usual seat next to the window with the other seat on her right being abandoned like usual as she rested her chin on her hand and gazed out at the bright clear summer sky as she prepared for her normal mundane school day to begin as the home room teacher came striding in to which Nina shut off from the rest of the world becoming enveloped within her own personal buble of isolation once again as voices droned on around her becoming an irksome buzz to which could never be escaped.

Chapter 2  The good and bad news.



The bell screamed out in anguish as it signaled to the school lunch break had commenced to which Nina found herself at the back of the room quietly reading trying her best to ignore the commotion that was spiraling out of control. After re reading the same section four times in a row she tossed the book to one side finally admitting defeat and leaned her head against the desk as two other females approached her the one to her left had a short tomboyish style hair with shocking emerald eyes and tanned skin and wore a big goofy grin to which Nina had associated that to be her trademark whilst the other girl had bushy brown hair accompanied with pale blue eyes and fair skin wearing a small smile upon coming within earshot of Nina she nodded to both of them '' Heyya, Crystal and Hannah'' to which they muttered a greeting back in response.

After a general chit chat about what they had gotten up to Crystal leaned forward '' Get this Nina Hannah's abandoning us next week whilst she goes abroad on holiday'' the whine in her voice irritated Nina but she did her best to remain civil as she wished Hannah a pleasant trip getting a warm smile in response '' it will be nice just to get away from everything you know'' she paused as she played with her bushy hair curling it round her fingers '' get away from all the stress from school and the bonus is it will be just me and my family'' to which Crystal nudged her shooting her a warning look as Nina was rummaging in her bag for lunch.

Upon hearing the conversation go dead she glanced up to see Hannah looking at her with worried eyes '' oh'' Nina called out snapping her fingers '' that's right I forgot I'm adopted and don't have a real genetic family'' and upon hearing Nina's sarcasm rolled her eyes with a tut as Crystal barked out a laugh as she mentioned about going to get food Hannah decided to join her leaving Nina to her own devices as they bade her farewell.

After a uneventful History lesson in which they talked about the fall and rise of some politicians from over a hundred years ago Nina contemplated topping herself as she glanced down at the minimal amount of notes she had took staring at them as if they were going to talk her through passing the exam or offer some comforting words of advice two hours of her life she would never get back just the thought depressed her as she began to pack her stuff away getting chewed out by the teacher for not focusing or appling herself positively to lessons and that she was throwing the education she received away but Nina didn't care one iota unless education could answer the bigger questions to life she saw it as a waste of time and resources that could be applied in a more practical manner instead of being empossed and forced upon by the government.

 Promising the teacher that she would double up on her efforts she retreated to the safety of the school gates before she could be haggled or harassed by anyone else. Dumping her sachal in her room she spared no expese it taking her uniform off to change into more comfortable gear and once polished in a fresh pair of jeans and a t-shirt she flumped down onto her bed eyes closed with a headache that threatened to throw her into the abyss as the pain seeped around her eyes and throbbed as if scolding her.

Grumbling as her phone set about beeping alerting Nina to a notifaction she glanced down at the screen which shined brightly back up at her get to the gym it red making Nina let out a loud groan as she spent the next few minutes fighting with herself thinking of a hundred reasons not to go despite packing some gym clothes into the satchel and dumping the school work onto her bed.

Within a short space of time Nina has tied her hair into a ponytail and had set off once double checking she hadn't forgotten anything after all it would be a pain to get there only to realize she hadn't got her membership card or something like that especially with all the new members of staff they had set on to work behind the counter, she didn't have much time for idiots today even more so now the headache had broken through her defenses and was sending shooting pains profusely around her temples and the back of her head, she could practically feel her eyes drop getting sore and tired.

By the time she had got to the gym all she wanted to do was lie down and sleep but an inner voice screamed at her to carry on the warrior inside of her she liked to think hoping it would motivate her as she went through the electronic doors opening upon her approach and was greeted with a familiar surrounding with a broad man with no hair and a big bushy beard the only one to welcome her in '' you alright?'' the man spoke his voice gruff and deep the words scrapping along his throat to which Nina nodded her head pleased it was a familiar face '' the usual Tony'' to which the balding man abandoned the magazine he was reading and went off for a few minutes to come back with a protein shake glancing at the faded print on his t shirt she could make out a couple syllables from what looked to be an old rock band that was probably big in the 80's draining the shake of its contents doing her best not to gag Nina swallowed thickly '' disgusting'' she exclaimed banging the empty container down getting a small whoop from Tony placing a hand into her bag to retrieve her card Tony informed her it wouldn't be necessary '' I know you well enough by now'' to which Nina smiled pushing the headache down '' need someone to spar with tonight?'' indicating the boxing ring in the top left corner  to which she shook her head '' I'm not staying long tonight, just do a bit of cardio maybe some weight...''Nina trailed off going into the women's changing rooms as Tony resumed his reading.


Once geared up in sweatpants and a sports bra Nina went straight over to the treadmill changing the settings accordingly to suit her workout, she then discarded a towel on top of the monitoring screen to not be put off with the different figures and so that she could push herself to her heart's content. Every couple of minutes Nina would change the settings abruptly so that her body wouldn't get use to the rhythm, the trick was to always surprise her body so that she would receive the most beneficial results. Sweat had begin to coat her skin and her breathing was becoming a bit erratic but still she pressed on despite the unpleasantness that were accumulating around her body, Nina gritted her teeth as the muscles in her legs began to bunch up and the headache banging against every fibre of her brain. Slowing the machine down considerably she got her breathing back under control as she ignored the temptation to clutch at the stitch in her side but soon gave up as after another 10 minute session of the machine turned to proved too much as she slammed on hard against the angry red button in the centre of the machine as it spluttered to an early sleep and then abruptly stopped just as Nina stepped off her legs now sore from the harsh treatment she endure but thought about how much it would be worth it seeing Kai Hepworth's face when she had stunned him into absolute dismay from how good she looked in that prom dress, rumour had quickly spread around school like wild fire when people had found out that Nina Carpenter had her eyes on the bad boy hottie of the school.

 Not that Nina minded of course in some sense it helped keep some of the competition away and just the thought of the two of them holding hands and taking pictures at prom made her heart flutter momentarily, until a hand grasped her shoulder making her cry out in shock as her heart hammered through her chest and adrenaline pumped through her body. '' Sorry'' Tony mumbled seeing Nina's bewildered and shocked face holding his hands in mock surrender. After gaining her composure Nina turned round to Tony hands on hips '' Jesus Tony you scared the hell out of me'' to which Tony gave a small laugh '' literally'' Nina said '' think I'm goanna have to change my pants when I get in'' to which laughter erupted from the pair of them, '' the good news'' Tony began wiping a tear from his eye'' is that I'm shutting early it's too dead so I can give you a lift home'' to which Nina shook her head sadly '' the bad news is that I'm not going to be caught dead in that car of yours'' to which Tony frowned '' what's wrong with my car?'' to which Nina gave a small sigh '' Tony'' she said abruptly '' it's dark green with red seating, sorry but I'm not getting into that watermelon car of yours'' to which it was Tony's turn to shake his head in dissary '' it's a classic and the colour scheme is cool'' emphasizing on the last few words to which Nina arched an eyebrow at him '' it's a ford fiesta'' to which Tony opened his mouth to argue bad but Nina held up a hand to silence him '' It's a ford fiesta not a classic car it's not cool, it's a watermelon and I refuse to get in the melonmobiele and that's final'' to which Tony knew the argument had finally been lost as his rolled his eyes and turned muttering about Nina being the only melon in the car.



Chapter 3- The hunter and the prey


As Nina was drifting off to sleep that night two lone figures were moving round the shadows of the city the latter in hot pursuit '' damn it Ash, I thought I told you to remain anonoumous and to not engage the target'' the earpiece crackled as the females voice spat out like venom to which the black glad teen gritted his teeth '' shut it Mercy'' Ash growled as he began to lose ground the distance between the two expanding by the second '' who's idea was it to stalk a vampire on a cresant moon anyhow '' Ash's voice cracked like that of a whip to which he could practically see Mercy shrugging her shoulders in response '' Blame chief'' was all she said to which Ash rolled his eyes in response just as the mass of fury in front of him made a sudden turn snaking impossibly fast into an alleyway abdoned by the prying eyes of the public Ash couldn't help but smile a Vampire with principals he liked it despite the fact the vampires principals hadn't stopped it feasting on several casuties in the past fortnight it was too much of a hazard to live as Ash leapt through the same all way movement in the far distance spured him on as he felt his legs scream in protest at him the scabbard fixed at an awkward angle constantly rubbed against his thigh and he used all of the pain to popell himself forward closing the distance meter by meter he could see the vampire glaning around at an escape route to no avail yet to understand that by turning into this alleyway would be its final deadly mistake.

The vampire slowed as it reached a horrifying dead-end glancing around frantically and snarling in confusion the footsteps gruncing across the concrete rubble made it swing round Ash would have found it somewhat graceful if its hunched position and long piercing fangs didn't make it look so.. so ugly. Pulling the sword from its shethe the vampire growled its pitch low and threatening as if daring Ash to try it  to which he threw the monster a cocky grin'' Ash, Ash'' another females voice came through on the earpiece slightly breathless '' its Josephine there B rank bonnafide Vampires your facing, I really think you should reconsider'' her voice was laced with concern and panic to which Ash's grin turned to a frown '' what do you mean vampires'' and as if his question was answered several shadows fell from the overaching buildings surrounding both him and his advocate.

Glancing around as the figures moved around him snapping and snarling all the while Ash counted 8 vampires making him curse taking one down on a cresant night was a chore in itself but 8 Ash wasn't one to gamble but at the present moment had no other alternative the first vampire had lead him into an elaborate trap in which he thought he was hunting the vampire but now he realized gazing at the vampire in front of him who grined mockingly back the vampires were the ones hunting him as they lunged forward. Ash raised his sword and with a vertical slash opened up the face of the first vampire who collapsed feet away from him howling in pain making the others wary of him as the constantly circled him sizing him up, this work to Ash's advantage as it freed up the space he needed to maneuver and also allowed him time to think how to stall time for his friends to arrive.

Swiping for him Ash step backwards out of range but couldn't stop the swipe from behind him from opening up his waistcoat another swipe ripped into his sleeve shirt drawing blood as the jiggered nails dragged themselves against the soft flesh on the underside of his forearm they were gone in a blink of an eye only to return a second later and attack at another area flailing his sword about Ash managed to keep them at bay. Barely. as his breathing got ragged and blood had begun to seep from cuts and scratches that stemmed all around his body.

Ash felt lightheaded and knew if he didn't wrap this up quick then either way he would be dead, gripping the blood soaked sword he raised it up once again he would rather go out in a bloody battle then die on his knees begging for life swiping at a vampire that came too close taking its fingers, maneuvering like he had been taught he carried on with his attack plunging the blade of the sword into the vampire's chest as it stiffened and went ridged barley registering the loss of its fingers before the blade had claimed its heart. falling down into a heap of ash and clothes the sword clattered to the floor the noise echoing throughout the alleyway as the other vampires snarled in disgust as Ash had fallen one of their own. Falling against the wall as his vision blurred just as one of his knees buckled dropping him down to the ground painfully gasping Ash looked up as the vampire was upon him knocking him onto his back and ripping open his shirt exposing his bare chest the vampire traced its deadly claws across the soft flesh that quivered under the vampire's touch made Ash grimaced it wasn't going to give him the chance to taste a second life it was found to ripped him to shreds and leave his corpse as a reminder as a ghastly and gruesome soviner for his friends.

Ash closed his eyes tight as the vampire raised its murderous hand ready to plunge into his skin and end his life.'' one job'' a male voice called out teasing Ash '' that's all you had, and now look at you. You've put me off my tea now thanks a lot'' the same voice grumbled as a broad mans silluhette filled the alleyway the vampires hissing their displeasure the think amount of hair product used to keep the hair upright glimmered in the moonlight and as the vampire that had straddle Ash got back to its feet the broad mans hands filled with a dark vapor which seemed to stem from his hands the closer he approached the vampires who narrowed their eyes in response all but one backed up and instead of following suit decided to spring at the man it jagged claws racking at the jacket the man wore to no effect reaching down the man grabbed hold of the vampire in both of his hands and even from his position down on their ground Ash could see the contorted signs of pain and stress that rippled throughout the vampire the muscles beneath its skin collapsing as the dark vapor surrounded both the man and the vampire clouding both from view only to be cleared after a series of popping and crunching noises, the man dropped the vampire which crumpled to the floor nothing more than a mass of skin, broken bones and busted internal organs and just the sight made Ash grow cold pure physical pain at its finest.

Once seeing its fallen comrade spurred a crazy frenzy from another vampire that swiped at the man who grabbed the vampires arm and pulled until an audible snap was heard and catching the vampire by surprise grabbed old of its neck and didn't let go until it had caved in on itself only to be followed up by its head being removed from its body. Seeing how easy the man had dispatched of their kind the other turned tail and ran fleeing the area as fast as vampire possible leaving the alleyway scarce accept from Ash and the monstrous man '' thanks chief'' Ash called as the moonlight exposed the facial features to whom only gave a non commercial jerk of his head as Ash held out his hand for a boost up but instead got picked up bridal style and carried back the way he had came; normally he would object but was too fatigue to care as the darkness swept him away settling into his brain as he faded off into the distance.

Chapter 4- Secret Admirer.

'' Here, lookie lookie'' Crystal Whined pushing a pale yellow note into Nina's face which on her part closed the book she was reading with an air of impatiene as it snapped shut in displeasure almost a if unkeen and offended to be discarded so easliy. Exhaing deep,ly before addressing her friend as she interally screamed as this was the upteenth time Crystal had stolen her precious time she forced a somewhat pleasant and acceptable smile '' Yeah Whats wrong'' to which Crysta squeeled in an annoying manner and set off giggling presenting Nina with the opinion as a pig having a miniture stroke. Raising her eyebrow ro show she was not amused Nina allowed a few seconds for Crystals rage inducing state ebfoe demanding to know what was the cause of her distirbance. We;; Crystal said drawing out the word and pusing the syllable far past its breaking point, receving a reporachful look off Nina in the process makeing her deflate and begin to hurry up with the explanation in fear of Nina pulling open the book and blanking her out once again.
'' You know how Tony was seeing Samantha; but she was knocking Andrew off then Jordon found out and went to his house...'' Crystal began trailling off in an afterthought ;; anyhow;; she said slapping her hand on the desk making Nina jump cutting her daydream short as she was made to focus on all the words comming from Crystals mouth a sow forming, relaitonship cirlces at this stage were so confuusing what was the point? At mose they would only last a few months then breakup for some affluent chilsih reason, just the thought made Nina subconcuiuslly rub her brow to prevent the stress from building. '' Well what do you think?'' at this Nina glanced back in a startled manner '' regarding'' she said in a sheepish manner making Crystal roll her eyes in an exasperated way as if she had to just describe a series of complicated maths equations. Without waiting for an explanation Crystal threw the note under Nina's nose who automatically began scanning the words enscried upon it. A bad habbit of hers.

''Well'' Crystal harped a quiver of hope evident in her speech making Nina mentally roll her eyes this time; she loved Crystal to pieces but she was the sam hopeless romantic now as she was back when they were in middle school. '' Well'' Nina said echoing the word back leabing back in her chair which gave a low groan in reponse '' it could be fake, its quite old fashioned thing to do nowadays I mean how easy is it to send a text or even an email compared to hand writing a letter plus there was also the difficulty of ensuring you acrually got the letter without raising sucpition''. Seeing the downcast look on her friends face Nina quickly changed her tone '' hey but thats not to say it isnt genuine  mean we dont know who sent it maybe that there shy or want to do the approach in a more refined and gentlment like manner I mean all this effore has been put in making sure you got the letter it seems like a waste to be not taken seriously''. Hearing these words Crystal's eyes lit up at the thought of finding this mysterious secret admiter making Nina breath easy. The buzzing of her phone brought her back to reality it was a statment issued from the local newsstation claiming another body has been found mutliated beyond recognition with the mahoirty of its blood missing. '' Its just horrible isnt it'' Crystal said physically shaking as she peered over Nina's shoulder and saw the ghastly headline '' thats the seventh one over the last few few weeks, what are the police doing about this?'' she demanded trying to put dome bite into her fear.  Gazing through the window opposite the pair Nina was thinking the same but wouldnt let crystal know it she didnt like people to worry about her '' spect, theres nothing really the authorites can do about this until more evidance is gathered to push the invetigation forward then when they do they will lock up the lunatic whos doing it'' getting a nod of approval off Crystal '' how long?'' She asked to which Nina responded grimly with '' no how many is the true question''. Letting the silecne settle like dust for a few moments Crystal took a shuddering breath before breaking into smile '' remember straight home missy'' she said making Nina scoff '' yes mother'' as the pair set off giggling before the familiar pinging sound from her phone made her abruptly stop, staring down at the screen she let out a low groan making Crystal look over inquisitively to which she shook her head '' just gotta pick up some shopping on the way back home''.

After a hearty goodbye Nina set of fown the road the convience shop being her ditilled destination whilst Crystal headed off in the opposite direction towards the trainstation. Muttering to herself as she ventured onwards taking the same route she had countless times before suddenly didnt feel so secure the grim report from earlier still playing on her mind as the winding roads no longer called out soothingly to her to hurry on her way. This combined with the amount of staggering homework she had piled up made her shoulders drop in a sagging sensation of negativity engulfing her as she took another left the evening begining its futile battle against the dark night looming ahead like a forocious giant. Passing a bus shelter she glanced up from her phone at the overwhelmng lights if the store the difference in brightness made Nina squint her eyes slightly as she ventured onwards arming herself with a trusty shopping basket not yet damaged by savage customers.
Twenty minutes or so later much longer then she wanted to stay in the shop Nina had finally ecterminated the final item on the hefty list her '' beloved''  mother placed on her, hauling the now heavy basket she took a moment to admire the book section her lips practically trmebling in anticipation as she looked onwards so many books that screamed for her attention so much to read but so little time making her let out a sigh at her uncontent life. Purchasing the items with a swipe of her card a dangerous game to play she was too tired to argue as she let the laziness swoon over her. Bading farewell to the cashier who seemed far too over-enthusiatic about his job turned and made a beeline for the exit phone in hand to inform her mother of her immediate success resulted in her almost colliding into a person as she had to manover around him at the last moment grazing her hand on a pile of boxes, glancing up at the towering figure she mumbled a word of apology and sidestepped out of his way the bigger of the two glaring all the while making the whole experience his eyes never leaving her  which was  unnerving for Nina on her part. An experience she wasnt use to and with that in mind quickened her stride putting as much distance between the two of them as sanely as possible the stining sensation in her hand fading as time dragged on.
Breathing easy she ventured down the alleyway she allowed herself a moment of composure placing her hand above her beating eratic heartrate letting out a deep breath. Once calm she carried on. The wind sending a sudden chill shivering she pocketed one hand  in her warm wollen overoat the other held firm on the handle of the plastic baf shrieking in terror against the bitter cold. The dull echo of her shoes hitting the cobbled ground was her only companion as the darkness loomed ahead the overhead street lights had abandoned her for an early retirement as she pressed on

From the murky drags of darkness emerged a lone figure stumling forwards in a somewhat drunken state towards Nina who recognised him as the man earlier from the convience shop only something was wrong as he was huntched over in a strained position his face unreadable. Normally as a general rule Nina refused to help people especially if the indiivdual in question was a complete stranger; nevertheless setting her bags to one sde she began her approach calling out to the figure making him jump and snap uprighting in an unnatral jerky fashion almost as if her voice had awoken him from some trance like state.

You alone? The man inquired his voice rough and horse like a small smile coyly played on his lips as he  perposfully ignored Nina's gaze by keeping his lowered. Ignoring the quesiton at hand Nina tuened on her heel to retreive her belongings darkly qhispering about drug and alcohol abuse under her breath whilst her brain screamed at her to get away from him as quick as possible choosing to opt for this option Nina steered herself from him her pace growing more quicker by the second as she held tighly to the bag in hand ignoring the now taunting calls from the man who had overcome his sudden distrase his words were being drawn out and almost mockingly spat at her. Keen to keep her eyes fixated ahead of her and her ears sharp practically flinching at every sound within the circumferance of the allyway now thinking that her partical location had been a bad move as she hurried away whilst these thoughts rushed through her mind and played on her inquisitve nature a frown formed on her face some things were not adding up and once putting two and two together combined with the consistent cawing insults she finally decided to blow all caution to the wind and turn to face her opposition armed with a bad attitude did she finally realise wat a mistake it has been for turning her back on him and for not high tailing it out of the alley way when she had the chance as the man began shuddering again the harsh bask of the moonlight a mixture of growling and snarling emititng from his already foamed lips as black thick hair shot ou from under his cothes and bath itself aross him as the materials from his jacket and jeans ripped under his growing stature and fangs began to potrude far past his bottom lip. All the while his eyes never leaving hers as they changed from a clear cool teal to a jaggered organge cloacked in death as anger swirled inside mixed in with a hint of enjoymetn as he watched eagerly as terror began to take control of Ninas body and all she could do was shrink back away from this beautiful and deadly creature of the night as her legs turned to jelly and her brain went numb Nina wanted to scream but the words wouldnt come out her voice had abandoned her in her desperate time of need.

You alone, the same voice asked again only this time it didnt inquire almost as if protruding a statment from thin air as it seemed to relish in the thought as it threw her a toothy grin before lunging itself towards her closing the gap in mere seconds snapping and snarling the whole time as its crazy rage induced eyes never left hers.


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