Yellow road

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Yellow roading

Submitted: February 09, 2014

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Submitted: February 09, 2014



Don't take a chance on a wind
Don't yellow road
Hope at a glance, I'll think about growing old
Must have been someone's mind being blown 
To the farside of our universe

Illusion it tells what a different story
From the cold dank reaches of my soul; tôi là phi hành gia, comme sa?
Shouting boom oi boom
Like everyone in this.... 

While we are talking envious time
Is fleeing, it's fleeing
Pluck the day, put no trust in your future
You'll be on your last resort

Non Dolce Gabbana oh why must you be
And how long is a dream?
As long as you could have killed a
Queen in the image of your savage,
She sang me a Singapore sling
Poured my heart into a drink,
That was me, I poured my heart into a dream

Singapore oh! Babel


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