Reflection of me

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I'm in spacial place for people with mental health lol I'm laugh cause of how honest I am, I love watching a uk soap programme called hollyoaks, it's was lights out and I had hollyoaks in the brain lol this what I came up with lol hope you like

Submitted: June 20, 2014

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Submitted: June 20, 2014



Afros and cornrows hair, all different but never one set

I love hollyoaks but for once can I see my reflection on the tele,

Yes the doctor has come, I hear he has a degree and is very respectful

I ran to the tele hoping to see my reflection, I see and listen only to a stereotype 

That's not me, his a doctor alright, yeah he has the degree, in Africa, here in hollyoaks it mean zero

His words are strong and appear of the 50s cartoon or should I say coon

That's not me, 

I hear my sister there, she's describe as a tall dark skin women that walks with etiquette,

I ran to the tele hoping to she her reflection, yes, yes, yes, I'm happy for her

Seeing my sister settling in, watching her grow, yes I slow start to see

But wait what's this I hear, that reflection is not my sister

It's of me dressed to be my sister, no, no ,no that's not me, 

Oh hollyoaks why don't I ever see a true reflection of me

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