Tom Welling (Jfm98's challenge)

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Ok so this is yet another challenge poem. This was for Jfm98's challenge, where you had to write a poem about a celebrity. I got Tom Welling *drools* but I hereby state that absolutely NONE of this poem is true. I am NOT that obsessed with ANYONE. that this is clear, READ ON READERS!

Submitted: July 05, 2008

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Submitted: July 05, 2008



Every night at the exact same time, I turn on the TV

I switch it to the right channel, just to see,

My lovely Superman, so tall and strong,

I know this is less right and more wrong,

There’s a poster of you I own, my prized possession,

Your gorgeous eyes and flamboyant smile are my obsession,

This is more than some amazing crush,

To your side I’d always rush,

To my side you’d run to as well,

Through freezing ice and the fires of hell,

You’d march through the tumultuous landscape,

You’d leave me in a pure shocked state,

Our first date I planned out too,

We’d go to a restaurant and eat some food,

Running through the city we’d go,

My beating heart would never slow,

At the end of the night you’d give me a gnome,

With it’s white beard and its neutral skin tone,

No matter how odd the gift may be,

It’s a symbol of your affection for me,

This of course, is all a wild dream of mine,

That could only happen in another space and time,

Can someone find the cure for this?

For my lovely Tom Welling I already miss.

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