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Well if you want to get to know me a little tad more just read this I guess!

Submitted: July 06, 2008

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Submitted: July 06, 2008




Name: Not telling!! It’s a really common name though, and boring. I’m getting bored of my name.


Nickname: Sooo many. Eggplant (long has to do with Fred the Rabbit. DUH) ummm...jeez all my nicknames are based on my actual name. That sucks.


Birthplace: CALIFORNIA!


Current Location: California ^.^


Eye Color: Hazel...kind of. More brown than green.


Hair Color: Dark brown with natural chestnut streaks


Height: 5 feet 2 inches


Weight: 120 lbs. Around there I think.


Piercings: One in each ear. But I sooo want a second piercing in one ear. That would be like totally awesomesauce (lol it’s my new favorite word)


Tattoos: NONE


Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Happily single J


Vehicle: My bike.


Overused phrase: Online: Freaking awesome, man. Face to face: Totally awesome or *gasp* the horror (sarcastically of course)



Food: Ummm...chcocolate?

Pub/Disc/Restaurant: Don’t have one so HA!

Candy: Yummy...candy ^.^ My favorite candy are those cinnamon thingamajigs. Mostly because of a good memory involving them.

Number: 3 or 7 or 8. I’m not exactly sure which.

Colour: PURPLE!!!

Animal: Um...I’m not exactly sure.

Drink: ROOT BEER!! I’m like addicted to that stuff.

Body Part on Opposite sex: Eyes I guess. The whole face? I dunno!!!

Perfume: Well my favorite deodorant is Glacier Mist or Vanilla Chai, that’s for girls. Guy deodorant: Old spice.

TV Show: Gilmore Girls probably. Or America’s Best Dance Crew.

Music Album: One-X by Three days grace or Good Charlotte by Good Charlotte.

Movie: I’m not sure. Lord of the Rings Trilogy is up there though. So is 21.

Actor/Actress: Amanda Bynes or Jim Sturgess *drools*


~This or That~

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi...but I don’t like either very much.

McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King...but I’m vegetarian so I can’t eat like anything there.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate alone. Vanilla flavored stuff.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot Chocolate. But Iced coffee or some sort of coffee and chocolate drink, I’d go to coffee.

Kiss or Hug: HUGGIES!!

Dog or Cat: Cat ^.^

Rap or Punk: PUNK! And I quote from a yearbook entry “You are the most totally awesome punk rockiest friend I know” so THERE

Summer or Winter: Winter. I like cold better than hot, I know it’s kind of sacrilege for a California girl but whatevs.

Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Funny! Unless your talking about Prom Night. Because that’s funny too. But it’s a scary movie. Heehee...maybe it was only funny because I was watching it with a bunch of friends.

Love or Money: <3



Bedtime: 10:30 but normally I actually fall asleep at like 11.

Most Missed Memory: I dunno, but definitely being around friends and stuff.

Best physical feature: Eyes...I guess. Ask someone else. Not me.

First Thought Waking Up: Must read. lol I have like a stash of books in my bed that I read all the time.

Ambition: TV show script writer, director, author maybe a musician but not like a huge really popular band or whatever.

Best Friends: Well I don’t have best friends but I have close ones.

Weakness: Saying that I’m scared or asking for help.

Fears: I’m slightly claustrophobic, so that. Plus being murdered while taking a shower or waking up to find that someone is stabbing me to death.

Longest relationship: omg it was like totally NON EXISTENT.



Cheated Your Partner: Well first off I’ve never had a partner...but I never will cheat on someone, that’s mean L.

Ever been beaten up: Does training in Karate count?

Ever beaten someone up: And I repeat: does training in Karate count?

Ever Shoplifted: Once. But I was five and it was on accident.

Ever Skinny Dipped: No.

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Nope.

Been Dumped Lately: Uhh no.



Favourite Eye Colour: Any really.

Favourite Hair Colour: Dark like black or dark brown or a brownish blondish color

Short or Long: Shouldn’t it be Short or tall? But tall.

Height: Taller than about a head.

Style: Casual, laid back and nothing that’s like overly tight. Loose clothing but no sagging. That’s kind of gross, honestly.

Looks or Personality: Funny, nice, romantic, you know the whole package. But I wouldn’t want like a goody two shoes or something. Slightly bad boy esque...but not actually a bad boy. You know?

Hot or Cute: Hot.

Muscular or Really Skinny: Muscular but not like overly muscular...just toned.


What country do you want to Visit: Venice, Finland or England. HAWAII the Caribean. lol a lot of places. I can’t believe I’ve traveled so much and been to so few places!

How do you want to Die: Happily? And a convenient time too.

Been to the Mall Lately: I’m going today. To get pants...with my mom yippee! *rolls eyes*

Get along with your Parents: Yeah. Just not while we’re shopping.

Health Freak: Well I try and be healthy. But it doesn’t really work.

Do you think your Attractive: Well I don’t think I’m UGLY but I don’t think I’m particularly pretty either.

Believe in Yourself: Depends I guess. So sometimes.

Want to go to College: Yeah.

Do you Smoke: NO

Do you Drink: NO...I once gluped a mouthful of champagne because I thought it was lemonade. I spat it back into my mom’s cup. hehe.

Been in deep crap:’s been pretty good so far.

Been in Love: Well I love my friends and family but I don’t think that’s the same thing.

Do you Sing: In the shower and at random times, yes. But no lessons or whatnot.

Want to get Married: Yeah.

Do you want Children: Uh-huh. I’d WANT a lot but then I don’t want to actually give birth to them.

Ever embarrassed yourself to get his/her’s attention: Kind of not really. Like I don’t try and hide when I do something embarrassing I just laugh at myself J

Hate anyone: Naaah too much work.

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