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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

CANTO HONDO (The Deep Song) is a book of wisdom and reflections of my own life, and the lives of others....the deep song (serious flamenco) of the joy and suffering of being human.

1  Caitlin.Wife of Dylan Thomas.


My heart weeps for you

lonely lovely woman


with all the promise

of a star...

Lithe dancer's body

allure of an actress

sultry and mysterious

behind your hazy

veil of smoke,

hair bright

golden light.


Dappled mare who


dragged the heaving cart

of your husband's

tomes of poems

whilst he,

fag in mouth corner

intoned sonorously on

life and death

the wonders and woes of the Wales

He adored and despised...


He drank your soul like mother's milk

he who could not slake his

abysmal thirst,

and in the end bit your breast

left you with wounds of putrid

betrayal and regret.


At his faltering side

as he went gentle into

that good night,

at the dying of the light..

those blithe souls

who stole from you

his last days, hours

deigned to


the fiery fury of

a wife,

a lover,

a mother



As he leaned on

the breast of

Lady Death

his long wooed love,

and that final curtain


he bequeathed to you

the stage

bright circle,

where you could

play the life

of the famous

dead poet's wife...


Still guarding over him

in death

you sailed on that

floating hearse

returned with him

on even tide...

One last joy ride under the

setting sun

for a boy turned poet

with gap toothed smile

and true Welsh heart..

Named for Dylan

mystical son

muse that called him

to heights



word flight..

But could not

free him,

till he


and evergreen,

could sing like the sea.”

2  Copper Rain.


You untie your hair

golden copper rain..

I am your bed

you rest upon me

pitch an umber tent

for my face

wrap me warm.


You write a poem of longing

with pronged trident,

I am the sea

many fathom deep..

My heart a rainbow floor

where silver fishes of desire

come quickly to

your beam of

passion and male fire..






3  The  Awakening.


I had given up the wait

for love to find me.

I was falling asleep

more and more

in many ways..

you’ve come to my door

with a rat tat tat,

smiling eyes and quick step..

debating, offering new paths of thought..

Waking me,

showering me with affection

renewing my youth

like an eagle’s..










4  Set the Beloved Free.


Open heart

open hands

the only way

the only stance.

We do not own,

we are not owned.

love sets the beloved free.

Free to live,

free to dream

free to find their way.

free to love others

as they go through their day.


Free to make decisions,

free even to fall,

as they learn life’s lessons,

to be there

when they call.

Love sets the beloved free,

empowering them to become

all that God has planned for them to be

in their service of the Son.


5  I Withdraw the Dagger.


You have not answered

any of my messages

and I am tempted

to think hard thoughts

slice what we have

to ribbons in my mind.

But then I remember

who I think you are


withdraw the dagger

stay my hand,


there’s a good reason

for you silence.






6  Flat  Earth Theory.


Very kind of you Sir Burger

to disappear

off the edge

of my world

if I didn’t know better

I would think

that the old theory

is still true.

Well, maybe you’ve

gone to fight

the dragons of your soul,

may you conquer them

and come back to me, whole.




7  Post Divorce Liason.


Life so bitter sweet

you are coming

to stay

with me


Another woman’s


are helping you

move your things

into the house

someone else

bought for me.

The children of his loins

will come home,

fill my arms and heart

with love.


in your double bed

you will caress me

and I will hold your heart

gently in my hands..

dare we wish

dare we hope

that this time,

it will last?


8  Washburn.


You were my lover

so many new moons ago

in nights of bitter black

after my divorce

I held you

close to my body

wrapped my arms

around you..

felt your heart beat

stroked you


and you

sang to me...


But then,

the parting,

thousands of miles


I yearned for you


the shape of you..

Worried over you


the fierce

Welsh winter

fiery cold

in your bones..


And now,


you have

flown back to me

on the wings

of a silver bird..



the worse for wear..


that my hand of love

cannot heal...


I embraced you now,

our bodies

Still perfectly fit...

Welcome, welcome home,

my Washburn guitar...




9 Exiled.


You’re living in my home now,

in my space

that I have given you

needing a place

of your own.

A place where

you can grow

and find yourself,

make sense of the universe

and become whole.


And I have

no part in it,

there is no room for me,

exiled from my home

exiled from your heart

I stand apart

and watch with eyes of love.






10  Do it Again.


When I’m away from you

I can think




My body

continuously longs

for your touch


and wanting you

to do it








Submitted: July 12, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Huldah. All rights reserved.

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