A Little Bit Of Miss And Chief

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Miss and Chief are out for a bit of fun!

Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



A Little Bit Of Miss And Chief.


Are you ready, Miss?”

Of course, Chief!”

The next couple through the door, okay, Miss?”

Okay, Chief!”

Here they come now. I’ll take him, Miss!”

Okay, she’ll be my target, Chief.”

The man and the woman enter the restaurant arm in arm. They only have eyes for each other and do not notice the tiny flying creatures that land on their shoulders and quickly take cover in their hair.

A waiter hands out menus then hovers, awaiting their orders. The man and woman have to tear their eyes away from each other to look at what is on offer and to make their selections. The man gives the waiter their order then they go back to gazing at each other.

Miss notices Chief, peeking out from next to His shirt collar. He winks. Miss tries hard to stifle her giggles – this is going to be so much fun.

The couple are very quiet. Until the food arrives they hardly say a word and both Miss and Chief are growing impatient. They cannot work their magic on silence.

The waiter places the steaming plates on the table and the couple let go of each others hands so that they can eat.

Miss and Chief peer out at each other across they table. They give each other a silent nod and then their fun begin.

Look at her,” whispers Chief. “Isn’t she just such a picky eater!”

The man tries to ignore the thought that just pops into his head. He is not about to start looking critically at Her, the love of his life.

And after you are paying all that money to come here as a treat!” Chief continues, making the man finally glance up to notice that she is indeed mostly just pushing the food around on her plate.

Miss settles onto Her earring. “Look at him! He’s eating with his mouth open!” The woman glances up then continues moving the food around her plate and just taking the occasional bite.

Did you know he had the manners of a pig? Just look at him, shovelling it in!” Miss has to control the laughter that is beginning to bubble up again. An overheard giggle could ruin all of her and Chief’s fun.

She looks at Him. He is certainly clearing his plate in a remarkably short period of time. His meal is almost half gone already.

He looks at Her plate and finally asks, “Is there something wrong with your meal?”

No, not at all. I just didn’t know we were having a competition on who could eat the fastest,” she replies.

Both He and She look away from each other and carry on with their food. Chief waves a hand towards Miss, one finger held up. Miss returns the gesture.

The wine is now being poured; red, dry, an almost purple color. He lifts the glass to his lips and takes a large swig.

Look at that!” hisses Miss. “What does her think he’s drinking? Beer?

She tries not to look at Him. As she raises her own glass her hand trembles.

A shaking hand! Who’s been hitting the bottle before this date then!” Chief wastes no time in putting forward his suggestion and is rewarded by the frown that appears on His face.

He finishes his glass and tops it up again. Hers is still barely touched.

What is your rush?” she asks. “It’s not beer you’re drinking, here. Wine is meant to be savoured.”

Wise words from one who’s been drinking earlier,” He says, but then feels slightly guilty at the stung look He has put on Her face.

She looks away from Him, not wanting Him to see that She is hurt by his words, his suggestion, even though it is not entirely untrue.

He is always taking liquid lunches, don’t you worry.” Miss was not going to let that chance slip by her.

And I suppose you didn’t have a drink at work during your lunch. With Myra,” she says, scathingly.

Myra? Well, this is leading nicely into a third direction of attack but before Miss says a word, Chief is on the offensive.

Jealousy, is it now. She’s not to happy with you hanging out with Myra. Can’t you just feel those chains tightening.” This time Chief actually sees Him turn pale.

What have you got against Myra? She has been working with me for years.”

Did I say anything against your precious Myra? I did not. So what are you hiding”

Chief’s hand waves again, four fingers now held high. Miss wants to sing and dance with joy. This is almost too easy......but still such delicious fun!

Miss steps in quickly. “See that girl over there. The pretty one.......Watch Him now, he can’t keep his eyes off her!”

Do you really think I am going to sit here with you while you keep ogling some.....kid! This is our anniversary!” She is really mad now and is taken unaware as their waiter reappears beside her.

Well, at least I’m not flirting with the staff!” He is almost shouting now, not sure who looks more outraged, Her or the waiter.

She stands up quickly and Miss tumbles down to settle still unseen on the vacant chair. She covers her mouth with her hands and gives in to the laughter that has been bubbling up for ages. She storms out of the restaurant while He fumbles for His wallet to pay the bill before following Her.

Chief lands next to Miss. “Another success for Miss and Chief! Ready to go again?”

Miss nods her head eagerly. “You bet!” she says.


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