A Night On The Town

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Sara has been looking forward to her Friday night out all week but.........

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



A Night On The Town.

It was always a nightmare getting ready to go out in her house. Sara gathered up her supplies; make-up, hairbrush, perfume, clothes, and made a dash for the bathroom before Simon could beat her to it.

What took Simon so long to do she could never work out? She'd have to have a good look at him sometime but so far as she knew he just had to brush his very short hair. How could he make a thirty second job take over half an hour? But that's what he did. Every Friday evening without fail.

Well, today she'd got there first and she would make the most of it. It would do her brother no harm at all to be the one kept waiting. And she would be the one to take her time.

Just a quick shower and a rough hair dry, she wouldn't make him wait too long, and anyway her short hair-cut was really low maintenance. A spray of her favourite perfume, then in to her old bathrobe for her creative session.

Before making a start she inspected the outfit she had chosen. It consisted of a pearl grey silk top, black tailored jacket and white satin-like skirt. Sara had decided to go for a more smarter look than usual. She would have to adapt her make-up to a more sophisticated look to match.

Sara smoothed the material with her hand before placing it neatly on the chair. It would not look the same if it was all creased. Time to return her attention to the mirror and get to work on creating the perfect mask.

Sara had not got very far when she heard her brothers footsteps pounding up the stairs. It would only be a matter of minutes before he would be outside the door, clamouring to get in. Well, tough! She was just going to take her own sweet time.

“Sara, can you get a move on? I've got to go in a couple of minutes.”

Sara mimicked her brother in the mirror. A couple of minutes times what, she wondered. But if there was one thing that Simon lacked it was patience. He would not be happy to wait outside for long.

“Sara, come on! Ryan's outside in the car and you know what he's like. I'll be really quick. I promise!”

Sara sighed and pushed her make-up slightly to one side of the mirror. Just as she opened the door to let her brother in, she heard a car revving up outside. He really wouldn't be long then.

“You'd better do the same for me next time I'm in a rush, Si.” She wasn't going to let it go with no comment.

“Okay, okay. Just go and paint your toenails or something!”

Sara didn't even bother to reply to that. What would be the point in doing that when her feet would be encased in her high-heeled ankle boots.


Back in the bathroom and now in a rush, Sara could see that Simon must have knocked her outfit down. It wasn't exactly neatly folded but at least he had made the effort to pick it back up of the floor. It wouldn't be there for long enough now to get wrinkled and creased so no worries.

When Sara made the final stroke with her make-up brush she stood back to survey the results. Not bad, even if she did say so herself!

She was cutting it fine though. If she was going to make it to the bus stop in time she'd really have to get a move on. And Sara knew that this week, with all she'd spent on clothes, a taxi was a luxury she just could not afford.

Sara rushed down the stairs as fast as her heels would allow. She gave her Mum a quick hug then dashed towards the door.

“Sara, wait....” her mother called.

“Can't, Mum. I'll miss the bus. See you later.” And Sara was gone.

She hurried along, her heels clicking as she went, only slowing when the bus stop came in to view. There were a few others waiting there so she was all right; she'd not missed it.

As she got nearer her heart sank a bit. Julie and Jane Roberts, the terrible stuck up twins she'd known at school were there. As she stood waiting, slightly in front of them Sara tried to ignore their giggling. It was probably not directed towards her anyway.

Once on the bus Sara still felt that a lot of eyes were aimed her way. But then wasn't that what she'd been aiming for with all her pre-trip getting ready. There was not a lot of point in spending time on how you look if nobody noticed.

The nightclub was busy. There was quite a crowd around the bar as Sara joined the queue. There were a couple of familiar faces to be seen, but as yet no sign of either Sam or Laura. She'd bide her time, sip her drink. Her friends wouldn't be that long.


They were late! Sara glanced at her mobile but there were no missed calls or new messages. Ten minutes past nine: okay, they weren't really late but Sara was getting uncomfortable. Everyone seemed to be giving her glances, nudging each other. She wanted to ask what their problem was but, alone, she didn't have the confidence to speak out.

“Sara! There you are. Sorry but the car wouldn't start. Sam had to fiddle around with it to get it to go at all. He's not happy as it's messed up his new shirt but there you are, can't be helped.” Laura was her usual exuberant self. “What happened to you then?”

“Nothing, I've just been hanging out waiting for you two. Why?”

“Your skirt! What happened? It looks kind of painful.”

“I'm sorry, Laura. I really don't have a clue what you're talking about.”

“Come with me.” Laura took Sara by the arm and led her towards the rest rooms. Even while they were making their way there, Sara was still getting glances.

“You don't know, do you?” Laura asked gently. “Step out of your skirt, Sara. You really need to see something.”

Sara did, and felt the blood drain from her face as she saw the back of the skirt she had so recently been walking around in. A big, muddy size 10 boot print spread almost the entire width of it. It was brutally obvious against the brilliant white satin.

“I'll kill him! I'll murder him with my own hands.” Sara was livid. She didn't know which was worse; the anger or the embarrassment.

“Keep calm, Sara. Come on, let's try and clean it up a bit. If we can get rid of most of it it won't look too bad in this light.” Laura rubbed at the material, dabbed at it, but the mark remained stubbornly obvious.

“Come on Sara,” Laura tried in vain to stop her friend from bursting into tears. “It's not the end of the world. Turn it inside out and try that.”

It was no good. The dirty mark still showed through only now it was joined by a damp patch as well. Sara angrily tossed it in the bin.

“The only question now is how am I going to get home?”

Laura looked at her friend standing there in shirt and tights. “I'll get your jacket. Do it up and it will look like you've got a very short dress on. Sam will drive you home.”

Her brother had got his revenge. Intentional or not he had ruined it for her, the night she had been looking forward to all week.

“Just wait 'til I see Simon. Just wait,” seethed Sara.




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