A Step Too Far?

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Any similarities to someone living or dead is purely.....you know how it goes!

Submitted: February 03, 2018

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Submitted: February 03, 2018



A Step Too Far?

Can you believe it?”

Yep. In spite of all the advice, he just went ahead.”

Following his own way, regardless of the consequences.”

The three men, dressed in smart suits, walked along the corridor towards the closed door. They all knew it would not be easy but they had to try to talk some kind of sense in the man or convince him to go.

One of the men stepped forward, rapped his knuckles sharply against the door. There was no response so he tried once more, whispering to the man beside him, “You did remember the key?”

Just as the man nodded, there was a muffled noise from behind the door. Footsteps followed by a question; “What?”

We need to speak to you, Sir. Please open the door.”


Because this is a ‘sensitive’ discussion. We cannot conduct it with a door between us.”

The door opened and by the time they entered the man in charge was back behind his desk, his chin jutting forward in a defiant posture.

Say your piece then, don’t beat about the bush. My time is precious, you know.”

Yes, Sir. The thing is, this time you have gone a bit too far. There was good reason for the advice you were given to leave this thing alone.”

Turning his full attention towards the individual that had just spoken, the man behind the desk sat forward. “Who was chosen? Who did the people want to take these decisions? Not you! Not any of the other faceless names, or nameless faces! Me! They chose me because they believe that I know best!”

He sat back in satisfaction. There was no argument against his statement, it was the truth.

The second of the three stepped forward. “They elected you as the leader, the figure head, Sir. The prime representative of the country. But every one knows there are many experts that give advice that you then follow. That’s how it’s always been.”

“And what a mess that was, eh!" Behind the desk the man leaned forward as though trying to explain something to a very contrary child. “Now we are doing things differently. The people know that I can see the problems, that no one knows better than I just how to fix them. All these so-called experts, they have not got a clue about what people want or deserve, let alone how to go about achieving it! I KNOW! And I will do things MY WAY!”

The second man looked down at the floor. He had been put in his place by the big chief, slapped down like an over-exuberant stray.

Number three finally stepped forward, clearly reluctant to say his piece but having to anyway. “The thing is, Sir, the others want you to step down. Your last ‘considered decision’ has led to chaos.”

Sitting firmly back in the seat, the man behind the desk gave a look of total scorn to the speaker. One word issued from his lips. “Shan’t!”

But Sir, don’t you understand how these things work. It’s not just your decision to make.”

Oh, but it is! I am the boss. And I say I stay.”


If you do not leave me alone, I have ‘the button’. Tell them that I am quite willing to press it should they carry on with this....this....bullying! I was chosen to lead, and lead I will! Now, if that’s all, you can go. You know where the door is.”

Back in the corridor the men walked back towards the elevator. “Well, that went better than I thought it would,” said one.

Yep. At least he didn’t shout.”

Or throw things!”

We’re still left with the same problem though, a loose canon over which we have absolutely no control.”

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