A Touch Of Chaos

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a small scale version of Matt Dickinson's 'Mortal Chaos' trilogy, where one thing leads to another that leads to another......

Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



A Touch Of Chaos


The fly buzzed around the house wall, attracted by the heat of the sun that the stonework had soaked up. It was completely oblivious to the cobwebs that were hanging in the corner of the window.


When the fly touched the web it found it was stuck. It’s wing was caught in the sticky filaments and the more it struggled the more entangled it became. The spider was a few feet away at another web, but was attracted by the vibrations coming from the trap that it had set. It changed direction, heading back towards the house wall.


The blackbird spotted the spiders movement. It was hungry. It could not turn down such an easy opportunity for a snack. It landed, watched, made a dash, beak forward to pluck up the spider before it reached its web.


The sky was darkening. The unusually strong heat was clashing with the more normal cooler air and a thunderstorm was brewing. The cat could not care less. It’s entire focus was on that blackbird. Its ears were forward as it crouched down low to the ground, its legs poised ready to make that deadly spring. The blackbird dipped its head, plucked up the spider.......and the cat pounced.


At that exact moment the boy walking his dog dropped the leash. When he goes to grab it he is too slow. The dog, who had been watching the cat, shot off in pursuit. The leash that was trailing behind him seemed to add to the dog’s excitement as it hurtled towards the hunting cat.


The cat was too caught up in the hunt of its potential prey to notice the dog in the distance. It was only as it got closer and startled the bird that the cat reacted. It turned, ran and leapt its way across the road to the safety of a trees branches.


The dog, who was normally sensible around roads, was too caught up in the chase to be cautious. It didn’t pause, not even for a second, before hurtling head-on across the road. Normally scared by thunder it did not even register the rumbles that were coming from the sky.


The school bus rounded the corner, the driver and the children in the front seats saw the dog. The driver slammed on the brakes, the brakes squealed and the children screamed. The bus skidded sideways to come to a stop with its front wheels stuck inside a ditch.


The driver climbed from the bus to inspect the position of the wheels. Was it going to be possible for him to reverse the bus out of the ditch or will he need to phone for assistance? There was the sound of an explosion not far ahead.


The thunder rumbled, the lightning flashed. The underground gas pipe was leaking and some of that gas was seeping through the cracks and gaps, making its way to the surface in the exact same spot that the lightning hit. The gas ignited. Boom!


On any normal day the school bus would have been in that spot, at that time. If just one of the preceding events had not occurred this would have been a very different story.



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