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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: The Imaginarium

A short story told in poetic form, inspired by the fourth picture prompt for March 2018 from the Imaginarium House.

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018




Each year one bunny does get picked,

their training to be ultra quick.

Apprenticed to the one and only,

with too much work he does get lonely,

so with a partner the job’s more fun --

Anna-Leese’s new life has just begun.

She learns how to take a crafty peek

then to almost invisibly go and sneak;

how to stop, to keep dead still

should someone appear that could intend ill.

Easter takes his time, shows her what to do,

where to hide those eggs that she brings to you.

Of knowledge, it seems that he has great wealth;

of speed, survival and, of course, stealth.

Anna-Leese learns the magic of the Easter land,

where those chocolate eggs appear at her command.

She discovers how her power is increased by joy

when the air is full of laughter from girl and boy.

Her white fur glitters, it almost glows

but something aggravates her nose;

it was no more than a tiny sneeze

that led to the capture of Anna-Leese.

The wizard was a hateful, horrid man

who would sabotage fun whenever he can

and the chance to cause great misery

was not one to be missed by the likes of he.

Anna-Leese became frozen and could not move

while the wizard wove each blade, each groove;

stuck still and surrounded by a lawn made of glass

which she had no hope of getting past.

Her shivers and tears were internally kept

as the futility of her position grew and crept;

but then a sound increased her fear --

a little child was growing near.

Stealth and invisibility now were missed

as she found herself grabbed, found herself kissed.

A tingling sensation shot from head to toe,

her range of movement then began to grow.

Anna-Leese gave the girl a kiss back, then ran

faster than any normal rabbit can.

The child had broken the wizard’s spell

so she raced back to Easter, catching up well.

So much to do to just catch up fast,

they worked without stopping, until placing the last.

When Easter heard the tale from Anna-Leese,

about how that one kiss had defeated the freeze,

he whispered a secret into her ear

but to make it come true she’d have to swallow her fear.

Into that house she stealthily crept,

into the room where that young child, she slept;

she twitched her whiskers, she wrinkled her nose

and straight from the thin air the egg arose,

giant in size and with a rainbow hue --

from Easter and Anna-Leese, a special ‘Thank You!’


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