Apricots Or Peaches?

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Sometimes apparently simple decisions can become so difficult to make.

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



Apricots Or Peaches?


Apricots or peaches – that was the choice. Fiona stood and looked from one display to the other. They all looked okay, she could pick ripe ones of both so that wasn’t going to help her pick.


When Mark had told her that he’d invited his mother round to dinner, Fiona had been petrified. “What if she doesn’t like me?” she had wailed. After all, in their two years together she had never met any of his family.


Mark had laughed, making a joke of her fears. “Of course she’ll like you. She’ll adore you! My mother knows that I have impeccable taste.”


Thank you, Mark, but I’m being serious here. There’s no way she’s ever going to think that I’m good enough for ‘her boy’.”


Look, Mom’s a bit of a food snob. You provide a good dinner and she’ll literally be eating out of your hand.”


Fiona frowned. “You are joking, Mark. Aren’t you?” When he shook his head, she said, “Well, that’s just great! I might as well move out now because you know that I can’t cook!”


Relax! We’ll come up with something really easy AND really impressive. That way, you’ll both be happy.”


Two nights of fretting, pouring increasingly frantically through recipe book after recipe book, saw Fiona with no more idea of what she should make. “Mark, are you sure she wouldn’t be happy with mac ‘n’ cheese?”


No, Fiona. Mom would not be impressed by a bowl of pasta! And yes, that rules out spaghetti too!.”


Well, thanks a lot! You’ve just ruled out the two things I CAN cook for this dinner you’ve landed me with making.” Fiona was seriously mad. Close-to-tears mad. And Mark knew he’d made a blunder.


Okay, Fiona, stop now! Mom is a healthy eating freak! You go to the store, raid the pre-packed salads and just arrange them to look nice. Problem solved!”


Really! You reckon I could pull that off?”


Sure you could, Fiona.” Mark put his arms around her and gave her a hug. “Now all you’ve got to come up with is a dessert!”


And that was where the dilemma lay. Peaches or apricots? She could make Peach Melba meringue nests. Or she could make Apricot Fool. Which would she be less likely to ruin? And, more to the point, which would be the most impressive?


Peaches or apricots? Apricots or peaches? Fiona just could not make up her mind. And then it came to her, the answer to her problem. She turned round 180 degrees and bought strawberries instead!







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