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Hully's having a break from writing to go and split some logs!

Submitted: December 08, 2016

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Submitted: December 08, 2016





Well, it’s that time of year again, the time for splitting logs --

now I have to say quite clearly that it can be one hard slog.


Not one to shirk my duty I’ll always do my part;

there is a big pile of logs – it’s time to make a start.


So here comes Hully with her axe, it’s length over half her height,

but it’s not a battle she’ll give up, at least not without a fight.


Okay, so line that log up, get a good grip of that axe,

knees firmly braced and ready now to go in to attack.


The axe she’ll lift above her head, hold it for a second,

then down it comes and splits the log – not quite where she had reckoned.


This is going smoothly, and quite a few she’s split,

but the next one is a monster with a massive knot in it.


She raises up that axe, way, way, way up high

then on that downward journey, she’ll really let it fly.


Whack! It hits that log so hard but doesn’t go right through

it seems that now the axe is stuck – whatever can she do.


She’ll attempt to lift it with the log and send it crashing down,

but it lands with such a sudden shock it brings to her a frown.


There’s not been an inch of movement, the blade is surely stuck,

another idea just pops up with which she’ll try her luck.


She’ll go and get the heavy maul –she should have used that first --

but now she’s going to free that axe no matter how it hurts.


A touch of Lizzie Borden here .....she gives it forty whacks and more

but that damn axe is still stuck in so here comes another forty-four.


When that axe, it clatters free, she lets out a cheer;

there’d better be enough now done, for she is finished here.


The moral of this story – if you’re going to do a task,

approach it right, right from the start and if you’re not sure then ask!


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