Cajun wolf

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A girl learns a family secret that changes everything.

This story has become the story Lablanc.

Submitted: November 18, 2013

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Submitted: November 18, 2013



She stumbled and grasped the tree, clinging to it like a drowning man does to a piece of drift wood in the middle of the ocean.  She knew that if she fell again she wasn’t going to be able to struggle back to her mud encrusted bare feet.  She held onto the tree as if her life depended on it as she gasped for breath and her large firm breast bounced with the heaving of her chest.  Her long lean legs trembled and threaten to give out from the muscle cramps.  She had been running through the bayou most of the night hounded by things she once thought were her cousins.

Releasing the tree, she turned to start again hoping she was close to the road and salvation, but her legs had enough and gave out.  The ground rose up to meet her and as she hit the swampy earth her body gave up the fight and she passed out, exhausted.  Her body rested but her mind refused to relax, and it sent her dreams, memories of the events that brought her to this end.




She was Bonnie Sue LeBlanc and her family were an old Cajun family that could trace their history back to Nova Scotia.  The LeBlanc clan was huge with branches all over Louisiana and they regularly held family reunions.  One branch of the family came rarely to such events and even than they spent most of their time avoiding the others of the clan.  That branch was led by Roy LeBlanc, he was said to be in his mid-60’s or early-70’s but he looked younger and the few times Bonnie Sue had seen him shirtless at the family reunions she knew he was in great shape for a man half his age.  Bonnie Sue had no clue why, but Roy and his family took a liking to her.  They spent time with her and she even got the feeling that some of them would follow her around during the week-long reunions when Roy and his family showed up.

Bonnie Sue was only ten when Roy and his family started showing interest in her and her father told her to stay away from them.  He wouldn’t tell her why, but as Bonnie Sue got older she heard many dark rumors about them.  She was 18 and headed off to college when a letter came from Roy inviting her to visit during the summer.  She was feeling rebellious and even though her parents told her to stay away from them, she agreed to come.

The first year of college was hard and when summer break came she was more than ready for a break.  Her cousin Rose Maria was waiting for her and drove her out to the family’s land deep in the bayou.  It was 58 miles from the bus station to the family house and most of it was wild untamed bayou that Bonnie Sue knew, having grown up on the edge of it further north, but the last twenty odd miles felt different almost sinister.

Bonnie Sue was starting to tell herself this was a bad idea as the sense of foreboding built in her mind, but all that was pushed aside as they pulled to a stop in front of a huge house that looked like some pre-civil war mansion.  Roy was sitting on the front porch and as Bonnie Sue started getting out he bounded down the steps and wrapped his large hands around her upper arms.  He lifted her six-foot frame easily and spun around smiling as Bonnie Sue laughed.  She suddenly felt safe and secure as her face reddened, and her breath quickened.  Deep down inside a small part of Bonnie Sue didn’t feel the same, it knew something was wrong, it was the piece of her that still believed in all the creatures of the Shadow Realms.

That first day she met the members of Roy’s family that stayed in the big house, but Rose Maria told her that more of the family lived in the surrounding bayou and they would go visiting tomorrow.  The room she was given was huge and could have fit into the main house of a plantation in the pre-civil war deep south.  The next day Bonnie Sue and Rose Maria headed off to visit the other members of the family, and Rose Maria told her that they would only visit those close by and they would spread the word from there.  The family would be getting together Sunday for a party and then Bonnie Sue would meet the whole of the family.

It took two days to visit all the family nearby, most insisting on Rose and Bonnie Sue staying for a bite to eat, so it was Wednesday that her and Rose finally headed to a fresh water spring in the swamp.  Rose stripped without a thought and went splashing in, but Bonnie Sue was nervous as that feeling of something being wrong suddenly crept back up.  Rose laughed off her concerns and urged her to join her in the cool water so soon they were both naked splashing around having fun when a distant wolf howl was heard.  They both froze as the sound seemed to hang in the air, then Rose jumped out and started dressing.  She barely waited for Bonnie Sue before she ran off to the main house pulling Bonnie Sue behind her.

The next couple of days Rose kept them close to the house, making excuses why they couldn’t go wandering, but Bonnie Sue felt that something was going on.  Roy had left as soon as they got back Wednesday and didn’t return until late Friday.  He claimed to be away on business, but something told Bonnie Sue that he was lying.

Sunday morning the other members of the family started showing up.  Walking out of the morning mist, appearing as only distorted shadowy figures at first, Bonnie Sue’s cousins came for the party.  They all brought dishes and were dressed in their best which surprised Bonnie Sue because traveling through the swamp and staying so neat and clean seemed impossible.

The food was put on and was cooked all day as Bonnie Sue was introduced around, meeting many new faces, but also being reintroduced to a lot that she had met over the years.  After dinner came the music, dancing and moonshine.  Bonnie Sue was never a big drinker but with Rose urging her on she tried the moonshine and was soon dancing with everybody else.

Stumbling away from the bonfire she fell against a tree and slid down hidden in the dark when she saw three large men approaching.  Roy suddenly appeared in front of them barring their way.

“You are not welcome here.  Leave now.”  Bonnie Sue could hear Roy growling lowly as he spoke.

“Roy LeBlanc, you and your clan have killed one of mine and by the ancient pact I demand blood”

Roy growled louder and several of his family moved over to stand behind him.  “Your pup invaded our territory.  I confronted him and ordered him out and he attacked.  I should be demanding a blood price from you.”

Bonnie Sue felt confused and scared not understanding what was happening, but sure that this was going to come to blows.  Just as the three strangers started growling and shifting Rose appeared between the two groups facing off.  “By the ancient codes I demand this stops.”  She turned to Roy.  “Bonnie Sue is here Roy, we cannot allow this to happen.”

“Tobias my niece is here, if you push this then you will have broken one of our most sacred laws.  Does your pack really need to face justice for that again?”

Tobias throws his head back and howls before turning and stalking off.  “We will settle this after she is gone Leblanc and we will have our justice this time.”




Bonnie Sue awoke in her bed the next morning wondering where the strange dream about Roy and the three strangers had come from.  Her hangover kept her from feeling like doing much for the rest of the day, but by the next day her and Rose were out having fun again like a pair of carefree teenagers.

The following week flew by and as Sunday approached plans were made for another party.  Bonnie Sue avoided the moonshine this time and still had fun.  Around midnight Rose woke her and helped her back to her room.  She fell into bed after changing into her nightgown exhausted.  It was only a short time later that the howling started.

Bonnie Sue was awoken scared by the howling so nearby.  She didn’t even stop to put on her housecoat or slippers before going to look for Rose or Roy.  Nobody was in the house and she slipped outside and towards the bonfire scared and worried unable to find anybody.  As she got near the fire what she saw caused her to duck behind a tree.

The dancing flames of the huge fire distorted them, but not enough to hide the fact that the whole family was naked. Peeking around the tree the darker part of her psychic produced images of a mass orgy and she felt a lustful desire to step out and make her presence known, but then all those images were washed away.  Roy stepped out of the group and throwing his head back he howled.  Bonnie Sue’s mind refused to accept what was happening as Roy’s face changed.  His lower face extended becoming more like that of a wolf.  His muscular body became heavier with muscle mass as it sprouted hair.

Bonnie Sue shook with terror as all the fear and anxiety she had felt at times here came rushing back with a vengeance.  That piece of her that always knew that creatures of the Shadow Realms existed supplied the name for what Roy and the others were.  All this and much more rushed through Bonnie Sue’s mind in a fraction of a second and then she screamed.  Her hand covered her mouth, but already they were turning towards her.  Roy howled louder, and the others answered changing themselves. 

Rose broke from the crowd and ran to Bonnie Sue.  Her eyes filled with fear, but not for herself.  “Run, if you wish to live run now.”  Rose fell to the ground and thrashed around in pain as the change was forced upon her by the call of the alpha.

Bonnie Sue ran, she ran for her life and it was only the fear inspired speed that got her away in time.  She headed away from the house deeper into the bayou, but she realized that her only chance was the road, so she turned and tried to circle around to reach it.  As she ran she heard them around her tracking her or possibly forcing her to turn aside from some safe haven.




As Bonnie Sue slowly awoke on the swampy ground she groaned with pain.  Her legs felt rubbery as she slowly stood.  It was daylight and she hoped that she could make it out of the bayou before they found her now.  It wasn’t hard for her to figure out which direction she had to go and she was soon limping along, her bruised bloody feet sending waves of pain through her body as she moved forward.

She came out of the swamp onto the road to find Roy waiting, sitting on the hood of a car.  She knew she couldn’t escape again, but she turned to run if her body would do it only to find Rose and several others coming out of the trees blocking her escape.

“I had hoped to introduce you to this differently Bonnie Sue, but it has happened so now you have to choose.  But first understand that your blood is as old as ours.  You are one of us even if you were born to those that have long forsaken their gift.  Soon, in a week or a month the change will happen to you.  You will feel the beast inside rising and when it bursts free you will be like us.  If you choose to leave us then you will have no one to guide you, to help you stay safe and keep those near you safe.  If you stay we can teach you to control it, to rule the beast and not be ruled by it.”  Roy smiled, and Bonnie Sue again felt that he could never harm her, that with him she would always be safe.  “The choice is yours, but it has to be made now Bonnie Sue and then you can go your way, or we can all return home.”

Bonnie Sue tried to deny it, but inside she knew that what Roy said was the truth.  Inside she could feel something stirring, something dark and dangerous that scared her more than anything.  “I know you are telling me the truth Roy, I am like you and it scares me.  I just want to go back to college and learn, but now that is all over.  I love this place and all of you but to give up my dreams is so hard.”

Rose stepped forward and hugged Bonnie Sue gently.  “I will be going back to your college with you Bonnie Sue, but we can discuss that later.  First we need to get you cleaned up.”

Roy smiled knowing that Bonnie Sue would make a good addition to his pack.  “Come my pups it is time to get home.”

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